Kobo for BlackBerry 10 now available

Kobo for BlackBerry 10 now available
By DJ Reyes on 9 Jul 2013 08:11 am EDT

It was announced earlier in the year that the Kobo app would make its way to BlackBerry 10. If you have been waiting patiently for it to arrive, the wait is finally over. The Kobo app is now available to download for BlackBerry 10. Having been the only reader available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, it was only right for it to make its way onto BlackBerry 10.

Just like the Amazon Kindle app, however, it is a port (but runs pretty smoothly). A bit of a shame since the PlayBook version is native, though it is still nice to see make its way to BlackBerry World.

With the Kobo app you can:

  • Pick up right where you left off. We’ll sync your bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can keep reading across all your devices.
  • Customize your reading experience. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer; try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading; and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode to read how you like.
  • Enjoy first chapter previews for thousands of select books.
  • Experience the rich, colorful environment of our magazines, cookbooks, children’s books, and comics.
  • Make your reading a social experience with Reading Life™. You can track how long it takes to read a book, earn fun and surprising awards, and much more.
  • Add books to your Library from email, the web, or your Dropbox account. You can even read books from your local public library.
  • Share ideas with Kobo Pulse™. Find out who in the Kobo Community is reading what you are and discuss what you've read with them.
  • Post your activities to Facebook. See what your friends are reading and share quotes, notes, and book reviews to friends.
  • Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.

I am glad to see Kobo finally on BlackBerry 10, my collection is still bigger in the Kindle but I did purchase quite a few books on Kobo due to the PlayBook app. I would still like to see Kobo bring a native app though, since they did for the PlayBook. It is available to download for free and is available for the Z10 and Q10. 

Are you still a Kobo user? Did they wait too long to get their app on BlackBerry 10? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download the Kobo app for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Kobo for BlackBerry 10 now available


Should've been included with the release of BB10. It is a very good service and I think they lost some customers due to not been available in all devices. Glad they are back with a BlackBerry App. Finally I can read on the go again, all my books are from here.

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Ya I'm done with this. As soon as I can I'm picking up an iPhone. I was promised quality and I get glitchy and choppy. Not to mention my phone still reboots randomly. ...not keeping me moving...

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Yes, finally it comes to my Z10. One of the few reasons left to have my PlayBook with me was to read. If it works well and I adapt to the size, the PlayBook will stay docked.

It's too bad it's not native since they had a playbook app... better than nothing though I suppose.

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Could be better though... that's not acceptable when you are trying to make a come back.

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Between allowing you to download books that you couldn't read on the PlayBook and having already moved onto the Kindle app, too little too late.

The wait is finally, wait what's that... it's a port! the wait continues. All this time and the best they could do was port? Really? Too little too late

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It's odd they have a native PB version - surely the code is similar to bb10, even if not native, the underpinning code must be similar... why not port THAT PB code over?

Obviously it's easier to port android over - this relaxed attitude has me worried. Bb10 isn't android, why are devs not willing to code for it... but then again it's not selling so makes financial sense...

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This port works pretty well actually. An if you think all Android port are glitchy and choppy, sideload Flipboard and give that a go.

Wow, when BBM goes cross platform... why would I not just buy and android device. BB10 doesn't handle data the same as BB7 did anyways

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Because you would end up with a phone that crashes and gives your data away without you knowing it.

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But my phone won't reboot randomly and maybe I'll have a phone that lasts my three contract... wouldn't it be nice?

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I've never seen the issue with official Android ports. I haven't had an issue with any of the ones I've used. Side loaded ones, yeah but official ports haven't been an issue.
Maybe some people have had issues but sometimes I think, like with most things BlackBerry people are just looking for something to complain about.

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I find that they don't always run quite as smoothly. There is that lag from android running through the emulator. As well, the interface is not set up the same way, so actions you would normally use on a native app aren't there. I find the experience isn't as intuitive. In summary, ported apps can be good, but rarely great or gratifying.

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I agree on the interface not always being the same is a minus. I haven't had any lag issues but maybe I've been lucky. I haven't had any of the issues many people report in the forums.

To me ports are a good thing.

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I have. There are some really glitchy official ports that generate "Force Close" errors over and over.

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I'm not a fan of Android ports either. I've actually experienced my first random reboot after months of owning my Z10 because of an official android port. That happened this week.

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One of the reasons I sold my Z10 is because I realized that over 50% of apps installed were either android ports from BlackBerry world or side loads. That's sad.

FINALLY!!!!! I even tweeted them a couple weeks ago, and they were like "we are looking into a BlackBerry 10 app now, but no timeline available..." amazing!

I'm not complaining that it's an Android port, but I'm going to complain that it's less fluid than the version that I side loaded myself earlier in the year...

Kobo what have you been doing these past few months?

I'm also having the app go totally black for several seconds every once and a while..

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Hmm after about 10 minutes with it things are going a little smoother. Must just take a while for book covers to load in. Once you are passed that it's actually pretty good. Sorry Kobo I think I stand corrected on this one.

(native still might be cooler just because I love the BlackBerry 10 UI though)

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Yes, first time syncing to your account has to download all the content from your library. Only incremental after that. Like all things, first time boot/sync is the big resource drain.

Better than nothing, better than the sideloaded version I had been using, but I am also confused why they didn't port their PlayBook app. My guess is that there are more features they've already built for Android so they would rather release more features than the smoother and more consistent native experience.

It's all their useless reading life stuff that they've been forcing into their apps and their readers.
As far as I've seen with everyone I know, no one cares about reading achievements or sharing with Facebook.

The PlayBook doesn't have those features which is why it's still my favorite Kobo app that they have.

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I wish I had commenting when I was a student. I had to dogear pages on the PlayBook and then try to remember why I dogeared it when it was time to write the paper. I also really appreciate being able to organize into shelves. I don't care much either way about Reading Life or Pulse, though. So far I would basically consider it a toss-up whether I would rather have commenting and shelves or whether I would rather a native experience. Hopefully they see enough demand to give us both.

Finally! Hey as long as my library is there and I can read my books, don't care if it is a port. Although wonder why given the playbook app?

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Beaten to release by Kindle, and then the slap-in-the-face of a port when it's finally released? Guess who already lost my business and isn't getting it back.

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If they want me to spend and buy from Kobo then they need to spend on native. My $ have same value as from Android or iOS.

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Love Kobo, we have 3 of their readers, but my wife and I found the app severely lacking on our respective z10s. Needs to be native.

Confused here ... people are all "Kindle was first, bad Kobo, bad" and "but it's an Android port, bad Kobo, bad".

Have people forgotten that the Kindle app is also an Android port?

As to the app itself, I have a Kindle eReader and a Kobo eReader (I read waaaay too many books). I find the eInk far superior in every way to reading the books on an LCD screen. I've tried the Kobo Vox and Arc as well as a Kindle Fire and it's no comparison. I get a month of reading on a battery charge with eInk, perfect legibility and less eye strain on eInk and the reader is so cheap that if I break it or it gets damaged in my travels I am not heart broken.

That being said, I am happy to see the apps on my phone as on occasion I find myself with a few minutes unexpectedly and I can finish a chapter or two in a pinch.

As far as the Port nonsense ... yes, a port is inferior to a native app in both performance and from a BlackBerry pride point of view. But yes, a port is better than nothing. However, I'm not replacing my eInk readers anytime soon.

The difference is that kindle released their app very soon after launch of z10, maybe it was already available when z10 was launched in the us. So kobo took their sweet time, when all they needed to do was to port and sign the app, a process which takes a few minutes. Why did they need so much time? At least when whatsapp waited, they released a native app.

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Developers need to understand that BB10 users are fiercely loyal to the platform. We WILL choose a native app over a competitor. You see it time and again, one company gives us a port, another gives us native and we dump our accounts and go for the native app. It's actually awesome in it's own way.

I'm glad Kobo, at least, took the time to port the Android app, but I was really hoping for a native app (considering their Playbook app is/was native).

Seems to work okay, but just not as smooth as a native app would've been.

Hopefully Kobo will take the time to code a more fluid native app as so many other companies and developers already have!

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Crappy port. Was hoping for a native app given the long wait. Will stick with Kindle.

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All this time and it is a port?

The Kindle app is a port, and I'm wanting native, but I didn't have to wait three months to get the Kindle app.

Kobo hasn't given me a compelling reason to use their product.

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Why do you say it is not native? It seems like native to me. You do know that BB10 has multiple native development environments?

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I don't mind that it is a port. I mostly use a Sony Reader anyway as I much prefer eink.

However this idea of being able to use drop box or email to add files doesn't seem to work. That was my main reason for wanting this app.

Posted via CB10

"Add books to your Library from email, the web, or your Dropbox account. You can even read books from your local public library"

How exactly does this work?

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Has all the social sharing (my Reading List) features and comes pre-loaded with "A Calendar of Tales" from the Keep Moving campaign. Some thought and context went into this.

Kobo native app on PB is about as broken as the native FB app. They didn't support it much since I think they were trying to push the Kobo Vox at the time. Since then I've moved to the Android port of Kobo for the PB and readily look forward to the BB10 (albeit ported) version when I secure a Z10.

Yeah! I like Kobo because they use a non-proprietary format, unlike Amazon. I can find and install epub books from anywhere even from my local library, not just from Kobo. Thanks, Kobo. I love your eReaders too.

Wow, and it was only three days ago that I was looking for this app only to find it was on development. Awesome!

Marketing is everything

Android port! Noooooooooooooooo

I was looking forward to get the same smoothness of the Playbook app. Which definitely feels faster. Or more smoother and fluent

Marketing is everything

Give me a break....just buy a dam Kobo, geesh they're what 50-350, pick one.
Really gonna sit there and read a full book on your Z10? Really? These will be the same people that will complain the battery life isn't good, the same people that will say their eyes hurt, anything else to complain about? Prob the same people that complain about gas prices.
Why complain.

I haven't read any complete books on the Z-10 because the Kindle app is... not very good. That said I read lots of Kindle books when I had my Tour, no problem.

Before I got my PlayBook, I used to read most of my ebooks on my BlackBerry. I moved from a Bold 9000 to a Torch 9800 mostly for the larger screen size JUST so that I could read my ebooks with greater ease. Of course, I used my phones for way more than reading, but that was a significant reason for wanting a slightly larger screen. That's the beauty of smartphones: one device to serve many purposes. Different people use their phones in different ways.

Guys, Android port or not, if it works well, I want it on BB10. Don't knock them for at least making that effort. If the performance or interface sucks, then let them know. Certainly, I'd prefer a native app, but I'll take what I can get for free :)

This far into BB10 and if one or less made a native app from a port, then that's quite sad... unfortunately some still want us to pay for ported apps.

Maybe there's more. But it is sad. I wonder if the tepid reception and lack of downloads by the bb10 "purists" affects how developers perceive the demand for their app on the platform?

Yay!!! I've been waiting for this damn app for awhile now!!! It hopefully works and I can get my damn books again!!!

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Although I am glad to finally have Kobo on my Z10, the fact that it took this long for an Android port concerns me. It says lack of commitment. That means my commitment is also in question. After finishing the book I am reading now (Killing Lincoln) I will wait for a native app to buy more from Kobo. I don't want my library to disappear.

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Too much hate for an android port THAT WORKS.

For sure the app ain't perfect, but too say its crap is not fair. R

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I think it's odd that Kobo did this as they have a native Playbook app.

Very disappointed.

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If both Kindle and Kobo are ports, they are equal in that aspect. So whoever is first to market stands to gain new customers. If Kobo had put out a native app, they would have had a compelling reason for customers to come. As it stands, their business will probably be from existing Kobo users on other platforms or new BB10 users. Those who have had their BB10 devices from the launch have probably gone elsewhere for their ebook needs.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

It's just a port of the 4.10.10600 (or a similar variant) apk from what I can tell....

Which the z10 could run previously via debug.

Nice that it's in App World, but its still just an android port. Nothing to get excited about imo.

Why us it an android port? I refuse to purchase anything in an app that's android ported. There being lazy because the PlayBook has a native version. The android runtime is good and bad. Bad because I belive there are some developers who would've build natively if their wasn't an android runtime. And yes there's some who wouldn't have build at all

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I'm glad Kobo finally brought an app to BB10, but I'm disappointed it took this long, and it's an Android app. Don't get me wrong - it's better than nothing - but they could have released a port like Kindle at release. Taking this long to release an app would make one believe a native app was on the way. At least I don't have to sideload it every time I update to leaked OS builds.

Another Android port and another reason why I dual wield my Q10 and Galaxy Nexus and why I have a Kobo Reader.
Seriously hope that a native version is out by Christmas.
I'm waiting for the day where I can just use one of by BB10 smartphones.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

installed it, it's a port... and deleted. Try again Kobo, make a native experience that is a BB10 app and I might try again

I truly believe developers are limiting themselves by "just" porting... I can only imagine how awesome Kobo would be if developed native to BlackBerry 10...

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The goal of a sideloaded app is to make the app accessible to a platform it otherwise wouldn't be on. Furthermore, sideloaded apps will eventually become native. So what's with the bitching on here?... Just be grateful it's even available.

The longer an app takes to come that was on previously on playbook or BBOS I feel it shouldn't be a port. Because it's not like it's their first time with BlackBerry

That said I'm gonna download only cuz i have some purchases from the playbook on it. I didn't bother with kindle only cuz i dont have any actual purchases on it

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If dev's give us a port as a placeholder while they develop an awesome cascades version, that would be the fulfillment of the android runtime. BB10 users need to tread carefully. Give an HONEST review of how the app works, but it is fine to request a native app. It's not cool to give Kindle App 1 star because it isn't native. And if an app goes native, be sure to review it again! Support the devs!

Well Said. I totally agree. For many this is a way to get an app out while working on a native and then at least we have something.

I was using the html5 kobo website for reading books now I can do with the port wished it was native ... this silly bookreader business we need one good app that connect to all the ebook stores

Have installed and tried this. Very laggy. Have deleted and will stick to the reader web app which works great on the Z10 browser.

BlackBerry is doomed if this goes on... The Android runtime is at best a stopgap and if they are serious about sustaining BB10 as a mobile OS they should consider killing Android porting as an option. Browsing the apps in BlackBerry World is a depressing exercise.

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Are you kidding me? Ported? This is how they support their fellow Canadian company. As soon as I saw the spinning wheel of ported death I deleted it.

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That was a looooong wait!!
I figgered after waiting THAT long that it would be native!
Glad it's here, anyway...


Seriously stuff these ports in your ass. These people are so bloody lazy. Make a native app or piss off.

Posted via SEGA master system

If you are thinking of moving from Nook to Kobo you should know they have there Mini E-reader onsale until the 18th for $39.00. Time for me to move from Nook.

Yup surprised is not native or a close approximation of native anyway. The BlackBerry playbook app was probably In flash, so not sure why that wasn't ported over. Perhaps that was slower still than an android port.

Oh well... we'll never know. I don't really mind native apps, however, why on earth do they take so long to come to market?! It's just a question of repackaging your apk into a bar file and uploading to BlackBerry World no? And that took them 6 months?! Hmmm bizzare...

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963

I installed it, registered and tried it out.
It was horrible. Just turning pages was a night mare. So slow and clumsy.
Kindle is a pleasure compared to Kobo. Kindle is relatively quick and smooth.
Strange because in android land Kobo is way better than Kindle.
I thing given both Kobo and BlackBerry have Canadian roots, Kobo should make a native app. But I won't hold my breath. I'll continue with Kindle in the mean time.

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As a Kobo user, I was excited to see this news today. Only to be disappointed that after the months of time since BB10 devices were first available, Kobo releases an Android port. To be fair, the app runs OK, though is laggy turning pages. It's the fact that Kobo had plenty of time in the lead up to, and since, BB10's debut, to build a native app for BB10, yet now release a port. Maybe it's a placeholder for a later native version, who knows. Well, at least it's one less app to be sideloaded...

Strangely, I don't think the Playbook app was ever updated, or much anyway, so it doesn't have all the newer features. Yet it runs quicker and smoother than this port.

I applaud Kobo for at least making the effort to offer apps in the BlackBerry ecosystem, but after sideloading Kindle on my PlayBook, I plan on doing the same on my Q10. I just thought that the overall experience was better. Maybe that's just me though :P

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People, stop complaining about Android ports... At least its there and it can keep apple fanboys shut for a while... One of my favorite app on BB10 is an Android port, and it works great!!! So lets be happy with what we have... :D

Well not sure we should just make do to be honest. As mentioned previously, android ports were supported on BB10 so that DEVS could bring their apps to market quicker by just repackaging the Apk. But BB10 is almost 6 months old and Kobo is just arriving as an Android port When it probably took a DEV just a few mins (or hours) to repackage the apk as a bar file?!

Dude that's poor form by any standard.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963

I have both my side-loaded Kobo and the BlackBerry android port. The side-loaded one is snappier but I'm keeping the android port and waiting for the updates. Hopefully it improves.

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Since Kobo for BlackBerry 10 is a Google Android port it won't be installed on my BlackBerry Z10.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Thats fine. In my case, i have tons of kobo purchases and can only access them on my playbook. Tge drm bug meant, even on my playbook, i could not read all my purchases. I prefer an android port to no app, in cases where i am bridging a need. With more stratgic android ports, tgere will be less punishment for having srlected tge z10 platform. The BlackBerry device is awesome.

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We should take the apps we get and be thankful for them. Having worked in software development for a while and having made Blackberry apps before, I'm amazed that anyone even bothers to make even an Android port for our (pretty much dead) platform.