Kobo eBook reader to be pre loaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Bla1ze on 29 Sep 2010 05:51 pm EDT

BlackBerry and Kobo have just announced a pretty awesome partnership. In addition to Kobo adding BBM integration to their BlackBerry application, they have now also confirmed the application will come preloaded on the all new BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, looking back at the BlackBerry PlayBook video one could have guessed that this was coming. As you can see in the above pic from the video, the application is there and running on the device but to outright comfirm preloading of it shows that developers are certainly onboard and highly interested in what the BlackBerry PlayBook is bringing to the table. No press release has been issued as of yet but, the confirmation came through the BlackBerry Twitter account.

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Kobo eBook reader to be pre loaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook!


I have never been able to get Kobo to work on my 9700. Have tried three times to load it and end up deleting it. Wish the Kindle app worked in Canada.

I had the same problem when downloading from app world. I went to the website kobobooks.com. Then to modile apps.
From there I selected Blackerry, and entered my email address.

Using the link they sent was the only way I could get it to work.

I have the ereader, now I buy my books and send them to my ereader using bluetooth from my phone.

This is a good match. Both are innovative Canadian companies, and it may help give kobo an edge over kindle. I'm excited to see what other partnerships come out of this.

The way this thing is looking, I'm down with whatever partnerships they're coming with. Never heard of Kobo before this but now I'm intrigued so I think I'll be looking into them more. Can't wait til the Playbook hits the market!

Kobo eBook one of the exciting features of blackberry.But there are rumors have been circulating around for more play and fun the Blackberry Blackpad. The keynote speech at Blackberry's DevCon today may very well officially declare the Blackpad. Some news sites are reporting that a fully functioning machine can be previewed. Others say the Blackpad is still in initial development and won't even be discussed. Blackberry / RIM could not come close to the audience of an Apple Developers conference, however the headline is nevertheless highly anticipated.

*confused look*

The one thing the iPad tried to be is an eBook reader but to be honest, it really hasn't done much to maintain that - still prefer a kindle over it and its not particular much of 'aggressive' multimedia device considering its a got a half arse mobile OS on there and its just a large iPod touch.

The playbook is differentiating itself as business companion to that of the blackberry phone with an emphasis on multimedia and plug and play (no proprietary ports).

This Kobo partnership does look interesting and anything the iPad can do with ebooks, the playbook is right there with it and perhaps even surpassing it with the internals it does bring.

in short, the playbook may not be a laptop but it certainly has a niche and specific goal in mind whilst the iPad doesn't know what it wants to be. Unless being a large iPod touch was the goal in the first place... then its not worth its money!

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