Kobo Books coming soon to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2013 10:15 am EDT

In some more app news today, Kobo Books will finally be making its way to BlackBerry 10 very soon. If you recall, Kobo was the only available reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook when it launched, making for many Kobo-converts. Many users (including myself) went all-in with Kobo as there was no Kindle app available for the PlayBook - so many sunk their libraries into Kobo instead for the ability to satisfy their bookworm habits on the fly.

With an Amazon Kindle app already available for the BlackBerry Z10 however, Kobo may be a bit late to the game for BlackBerry 10 users who have already moved over to Kindle. 

Are you still a Kobo user? Or is Kindle where it's at? Sound off in the comments!

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Kobo Books coming soon to BlackBerry 10


I'll still use it as I have quite a few books I've already bought. Will compare them both to decide what I will use going forward though.

On the kindle app, if you have carrier billing do purchases go through that? Probably not I guess.

LOLL, any dev can build a better app than this laggy port. even the android port i converted myself is better than the one on bbworld :O

I'm one of those converts, however not from the Kindle or Nook to Kobo but from printed books to e-books. Still prefer the thrill of reading a softcover book over an e-book, but happy for the lightweight of the PB in hauling 20+ books around.

Would love the 4.1 JellyBean RunTime update so I can get the newer Kobo port running on my PB until OS10 drops =D

I use both Kobo and Kindle, but do tend to favour Kobo. It will be good to have them back.

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Thank goodness, better make it to my Z10 soon!

On another note, the PlayBook is just a better size for reading on, so I'm fine in the meantime.

Already started a Kobo collection on my Playbook and its served me well. I just might sit put and roll with Kobo.

This is great news for me, sorry amazon. I have so many books in kobo that i was just reading them from my PlayBook. Any way I'm glad that it's coming.

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I have been using Kobo for a while! It took them forever to update their app for OS6 so I'm not surprised they are late to the BB10 party... I'm currently using an android port for kobo on my Z but it's an outdated app. I'm def looking forward to an official release :)

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Is the Kobo app gonna be native? If so, the article should read "With a Kindle Android Port already available".

I have books on both. I kinda like that Kobo is taking it's time. Maybe we'll see all the features they offer in other platforms come to BB10...

Well I am Glad to see more apps like this making it over. I unfortunately use the only system that Seems to have no interest in making an app. Thank B&N Nook

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If it's a native app and not a port it will have been worth the wait. I've had such a terrible experience with the Kindle port, I won't be using it again, so I'm excited to welcome kobo in my BlackBerry life.

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Yay! Downloaded Kindle but deleted it right away, can't wait for Kobo so I can read all the books I've got on there (mostly from having used the Playbook)

Does this mean they will now spend time to fix the broken App on earlier devices? It hasn't worked for months!

As good as it is to have more app support, I will leave the book reader experience on my PlayBook with its much friendlier 7" screen. I have not downloaded Kindle on to my Z10 even though it has been available for a few weeks now. I have Kobo and Kindle (sideloaded) on my PlayBook and will continue to read books that way.

If it's native (suspect it is) it should have a leg up on Kindle.

That said, I have a Sony ereader so I will likely stick with that for the most part.

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I had to leave Kobo because their legacy BlackBerry app sucked.
Now, it's Kindle FTW! (I hope they get make their BB10 app native)

Nice. Looking forward to it. It shouldn't be that problematic for Kobo to finish the app as their PC desktop software is created in Qt. They have to make UX/UI but core stuff should be partially compatible.

I never used Kindle, so I have purchased some books through Kobo. Also, since Kobo is affiliated with Chapters and Indigo, I have a certainly loyalty since I frequent the local Chapters with my daughter on the weekend.

Finally! I now have a few free books on Kindle, but it will be nice to access my full library on my Z

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I had a Kobo eBook only library due to the PlayBook app at first but Kobo rarely set out updates. Kobo on my OS 7 device also broke and stopped working (couldn't open anything on my library - just a blank screen). I eventually got the iPad mini and the Kobo app is much better but the lack of support I saw with the PlayBook &BB7 left a bad taste. Who knows where their shifting priorities will move next, right?

More recently, I've started to build up my Kindle stash but still use both. Any new purchases have been through Kindle though.

I know plenty of people who hate using the Kindle app because it's a slow and buggy Android port. If Kobo goes native, they'll have no problem converting people.

I can't say that I'm all in but I can say I'm 90% committed. I'm already vested. If their is a book I can't find in one ill get it in the other.

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I've a feeling we'll see a native app from Kobo that will put Kindle to shame.

Many converted to Kobo as it was the only book app on the Playbook, looks like Kobo has been converted to BB10 because when it first launched, I asked if they'll be bringing an app to market for the Z10 and their support said no.

I use both Kobo and Kindle and welcome a native ( I hope) app. I find Kindle has a much better offering of independent authors, but Kobo usually has better pricing for Canadians.

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Nice! I don't care personally but just talked to someone yesterday who said they'd be moving to SG4 specifically because of Kobo. Sadly I think in our consumerist society this is more the norm than the exception.

I change phones rarely and I'm extremely happy with my Z10 but not everyone is accepting of a few flaws and app shortfalls.

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The app for PB was terrible and they never updated it, they allowed you to download (buy) books you couldn't read on the PB. Once I'm done with the one book I was able to get to work I'm done with them.

I use a Kobo ereader, so have been hoping a native app will make an appearance. It a little surprising that Kobo wasn't on BB10 on day one since it was on the PlayBook out of the gate.

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Mobipocket on my Style was heaven, though on the Z10 I gave been using the side loaded andoid kindle (the port wasn't available when I got the phone in early February) . I still use the Windows XP version of Mobipocket to read the e books on the laptop off the Z10 shared folder when I'm in the recliner with the phone charging, but would love an alternative to kindle when reading on the phone if it can do what Mobipocket for legacy BlackBerry could do (like control over fonts and colours to name a few). So I will definitely give Kobo a try.

I also reached out to the Mobipocket people to create a bb10 version of their app (their website still states all blackberries past os 4.x are supported), but I didn't really understand their reply so not holding my breath there.

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Respectfully, with Kindle for BlackBerry 10 already there -- even if it is a somewhat slow and possibly buggy Android port -- we already have access to most of the books the Intarwebs has to offer. So this isn't really adding value, except that Kobo's oing to be native.


Where's Skype, where's Spotify?

Have had a kobo reader almost from day 1 (I have no desire to tie myself to a propriety format) and am thrilled they are making it to the z10. Better late then never.

It will be nice to see KOBO come out with a native app. It's too bad that they dropped support for their app on the Playbook quite a while ago. Initially I had used their app exclusively, but since then, side loaded Kindle on the Playbook and have been using that. I will go back and forth between KOBO and Kindle on my Z10 as I maintain accounts for both. Now if Sony eReader came to BlackBerry as well, then the trifecta would be complete!

Love Kobo on my Playbook and was one of the converts from printed media to Kobo. I just sent them a message yesterday asking if they were going to support BlackBerry 10 as they have a great app with PlayBook. Glad to hear this news. Thanks. I'll wait for Kobo. Reall don't want two readers with different materials in two different accounts.

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It better thave a built in disctionary etc. not bear bones like the one on Playbook. That was fine but the Amazon App ups the bar for the Z10.

I hope the Blackberry 10 version brings more advanced features than the PlayBook version. The PlayBook one, although one of the best looking, seemed to lack some of the great functionality of android and ios counterparts including the ability to use your own files. But still waiting :)

I will always root for the underdog. Since Kobo supported the PlayBook. They have my support for the Z10.

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I've been using both but mostly Kindle as I can send my own docs over and they get converted. Also using Overdrive Media Console to access my community library.

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Will be good to have. Anyone thinking of moving to the platform will have one more reason to move, especially if they already are Kobo users.

Get me my kobo! Looking forward to that.

I hope it is a better implementation than on the PlayBook. While it had a few bugs, I'm happy they are making this available to BlackBerry z10.

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I've been using the Kobo .bar file Android port, and it works really well, so if the app comes out as an Android port on BlackBerry World you won't be all that disappointed that it's not native.

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Hoorah!!! I made a few purchases on my PB and it will be nice to finally have access to them on my Z10. Will be abandoning Kindle once this is released as it is an android port and so far so good, the limited Kobo library fulfills my needs

About time. I mostly read on the PlayBook but it would be nice to access my books from my z10 occasionally as des

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Finally!! Good to see that it will finally be coming to BlackBerry 10. I hope it will have features like Reading Life and Kobo Pulse that are found in the iOS and Android versions of the Kobo app. Most importantly, I'll finally be able to read eBooks that I have in my Kobo eBook library on my Z10 wherever I am.

Meh....... I have KoBo on my PlayBook so I tend to do my reading there, but it may come in handy to have for times when I don't have my PlayBook.

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I have never used Kindle. But used kobo a lot since it was available on PlayBook. Nice to see them making their way onto bb10

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I'm afraid I'm a Kindle convert however the fact that I have far more books in my Kobo library means I will be getting the app. Kobo takes PayPal too so that may help but I really enjoy the Kindle app on my phone over the Kobo app on my playbook. I will continue to use the Kobo though. I own a Kobo ereader and with summer beckoning.... I hope.... ereading is much nicer on the beach or deck with an ereader over a phone or tablet. Although a new Kindle does sound appealing.

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I used to be all about kobo but then I found book reader for. 99
It reads all types of ebooks files, and I am not bound to buying the books through anywhere in particular.
Try this trick
'name of book/author' filetype:epub
Or filetype:mobi

I am heavily invested in Amazon, but for books I haven't purchased in Kindle format, like all the free classics out there, I'm more than happy to use Kobo, particularly if it's native BB10. I also will take advantage of deals on Kobo, which is how I read the Hunger Games books.

I'm glad Amazon ported their app to get it on BB10, but I fervently hope they put the effort in to release a native one in the near future.

Well i am using Kindle app now but i'll keep using Kobo as well, i still have books to finish there :). Plus the PlayBook app is very good, way better than the Kindle port.

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I have the kobo ereader and the PB. Also have the Kindle sideloaded. I tend to purchase from whichever is cheapest of the 2 providers

The only problem I have with kobo is the synching between devices is horrible. I'll close books on the PB and sync to the server. the Desktop app after synching opens them again and then when the PB syncs, they open again.

your bookmarks are really saved either. If I sync to save where I was, the desktop or ereader don't match the new location. I have to search ahead.

Great news ! Have a Kobo Ereader and use the PB app (which i've never had any problems with) , actually prefer using the PB to the Ereader .

I have both Kindle and Kobo accounts and I buy ebooks at the one that charges me the least. Anyone else notice that the ebook prices are still way too high ? Darn publishers!

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What I like about Kobo is they support the standard epub format. Kindle doesn't. Book prices on Kindle are a bit cheaper on average though, but I prefer Kobo - ebook format standardization is key.

I'll be using both - just the way I like it!!
And any other ebook services that come along...
Hooray for options!


I use the Kindle App currently however I have a PlayBook and did get allot of Kobo offers and would welcome the addition to my Z10...

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I would like kobo back, but no rush as I un-drm'd my kobo books to play on spun reader. Is quite easy when you know how

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If kobo is native, then I'm officially back on the Kobo train!!

The Kindle app is horrible for me. I read a lot of mathematics texts and the equations are usually images in Kindle books and impossible to zoom in on without making the surrounding text enormous. This makes Kindle useless for me.

It's fine for regular books.

But Kindle is still slow and the book selection / search part is ugly html.

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I have always liked Kobo, but their excessive advertising is annoying. I think that I have enough intelligence to decide what I want to read, without Kobo making continuous suggestions every time that I use the app.

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No going with the company that stuck with us blackberry user not the company that said we weren't important enough. Same reason why all this Netflix coming don't impress me. When a company says f me I will never give them my money again ever.

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Can either app, lobo or Kindle, import ebooks in epub format? With and without drm.
Or pdf w/drm?

I like the option of purchasing my ebooks from a number of different sites... there is always good selection and always good prices. kobos prices are ridiculous. Kindle edition books cost more than paperback (even though with ebooks there is no shipping costs, shelf space used, non-sold return shipping, trees destroyed, or lost sales because of reselling of used books)
In a nutshell, there is no reason we should pay a premium for ebooks. So we need to hold onto the ability to shop around.

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I have books on both Kindle & Kobo.
I need both readers. Surprised that Kobo was not early to Z10 given they were already on Playbook.

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We use Kobo, why would I switch over to Kindle, especially as Kindle uses a proprietary system?

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Finally! I am so happy to hear this great news. Thank you Kobo and BB for moving on this. I have preferred to wait because I love Kobo - I've been a Kobo user since the first generation eReader. And I don't think it's too late!

I have both and need both readers. There should be one for Nook too. Not sure Barns and Noble will allow it.

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Okay so it is May 19th 2013 and I keep searching for Kobo on BlackBerry World but have yet to see the Kobo for BB Z10 yet. Any idea on a release date?

I just sent an inquiry to KOBO to see what is going on. On their mobile apps page they no longer have Blackberry at all. By searching one can find a Blackberry app for Playbook and OS 4.5 or later. That has terrible reviews and does not work on OS10.

I have several KOBO books and get emails from them frequently trying to sell more. But without an app for the Z10 I won't be buying any more from them. The Kindle app works pretty good despite being an Android port. So all recent books I have bought have been from Amazon.

Has anyone heard anything more about this? I was so happy when I heard the news but it's been 2 months and nothing. I tried sideloading the Kobo App but have errors when I try to actually open a book. I guess I go back to the Kobo Mobile site. Not great but at least you can read a book on the phone.