Is Kobo on the BlackBerry PlayBook no longer working for you?

Kobo PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 10 Nov 2011 01:07 pm EST

*Update* - I'm recieved info that this issue, on PB 2.0 is an internal one for RIM being investigated but this doesm't explain why people not on PlayBook OS 2.0 are having issues.

While I can't say I've used the app for more then 10 minutes, it seems as though the Kobo app for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been causing a few PlayBook owners some grief for the past few days as noted in the CrackBerry forums. Many users are no longer able to connect to the services, view paid for books nor download new ones.

A few forum members also went ahead and called Kobo customer service five days ago and were advised there was an issue and that it would be 'fixed in a few hours' but yet, even today the issue is ongoing. Interestingly enough, this issue arose as Kobo announced they had been purchased by Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce firm, for $315M

So what's the deal here? Why isn't the PlayBook verison working for users? Sound off in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums if you're having issues with the app. I've tried the app as well, and it won't connect -- just sits there loading forever.

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Is Kobo on the BlackBerry PlayBook no longer working for you?


Mine appears to be working fine. I tried everything except to buy a book. The ones i brought in the past work fine.

Here's how to get it to work (for books you have already purchased and downloaded):

Step 1: turn off wi-fi and bridge.
Step 2: read.

Basically, you can read your books when you're offline but you're out of luck if you want to buy new books or download new ones.

i was able to download a book preview, but had to go off line before it would let me open it.

I use this app every day. I love reading on the playbook.

and now it is gone......

My MOM has called me three times now to complain about this - she loves reading books via Kobo on her PlayBook.... NEED IT FIXED, ASAP!

Try turning off wifi then opening the app. It worked for me that way. Although that was yesterday.

Update: Oops, just saw another postq saying the same thing.

I have heard from a reliable source that Kobo maybe dropping support for BB. I asked if that was BB phones or PlayBook.

He mentioned that BB is just a pain to develop for and that they were getting that dev team to work on the App for other platforms. I am trying to get some more information.

Unlikely they would drop. Playbook was their main non-reader platform and the Vox tablet is a mess.

They do need to fix this though!

Mine has been down for 6 days. Finally got through to KOBO help desk. Useless. "A server problem which may be fixed in a few days". Problem began during a new book download. Uninstalling and reinstalling KOBO software has led to my library disappearing on the PB. (still exists online) Attempts to sign in to KOBO on PB gives only "spinning wheel". Oh, and they've charged me twice for the book which never downloaded.
Where is RIM in all this?

Mine works but i have had to re-install. It's been problematic and no updates. I sent a complaint actually a few days ago and got no reply so far.

Maybe I will just go buy a Nook reader if they can't get it together!

Been using it a couple of months but have not bought books in several weeks. Started having trouble reading and decided if it did not improve would not buy any more. Damn thing freezes up, loses bookmarks and will get to the end of a chapter and not go any further. Have to go back to table of contents and jump past frozen point. Pretty annoying. If RIM can't support and KOBO doesn't might as well start using my Sony reader again or buy a Kindle. WIFI makes no difference and turning off bridge is not up for consideration.

"Damn thing freezes up, loses bookmarks and will get to the end of a chapter and not go any further. Have to go back to table of contents and jump past frozen point."

This is what has been happening to me too!

This kind of stuff is really embarrassing. I love my PlayBook, using it now to post, but they need to get this stuff in order. especially since Kobo is still the ONLY ereader/book store that has a native app. WTF

I hadn't opened it since I loaded OS2 beta, and now I can't sign in to view what I had. I was considering getting a book through it too (the Steve Jobs book, of all things).

Noticed this a couple days ago. The problem is when it tries to update, so yes, the offline method works if you only want to read what is already there and you don't need to sync your bookmarks. That doesn't really cut it for me because I read on other devices, too, including buying an important book a couple days ago on my PC that I now can't view on my PlayBook. I downgraded to 1.0.7, but as pointed out, the problem is still there.

This issue is annoying and hope it is resolved quickly.

Has anybody had issues with the Kobo app jumping to the start of the next chapter when you navigate away from the app? Has been happening to me for months now.

After much sneering on my part about Amazon dropping the ball on a Kindle app for Playbook, and how I'd simply use this. FreddyE- yes, I've had the chapter jumping thing for a long time. It seems to be worse on long books with many chapters. I have been hoping for a Kobo update to address bugs...looks like we're going to get screwed over instead.

Just curious if this is an issue for those who've downloaded the 2.0 Beta or is this issue affecting "stock" QNX also?

I'm having problems with bookmarks on Kobo too. I thought it was just me. I prefer to read on my PlayBook, but I like the ability to jump from device to device. A little while back, while waiting in a long line, I tried to read a few pages of my book on my Torch and I noticed it wasn't synced to where I had last left off. The Kobo app is one of the most used apps for me on the PB. I hope they fix this issue soon.

I think the issue is they just really give a cr^p. The were just bought out, have an infusion of cash and they're pushing their own products

Having the same problem here. Need to download a book and get the spinning wheel. Anyone know what the current version the Kobo SW is for Playbook. I did not upgrade since I got it 4 months ago.

I'm visiting in China and my PB is off wifi so I am not having a problem. But GeZus! where is RIM in all this????? The PB as a reader is about all it has going for it (ya some good games lately but...).

I return to the US on Sunday, If I open the PB and this doesn't work I'm ordering the Amazon Fire. Crap RIM how can you let this happen. You think you are going to switch from Kobo to Amazaon? Not on your life.

This just shows no one give a crap about the PB after such lousy sales, But really kobo.. don't they know the PB is the new QNX phone. RIM will sell millions of phones with QNX on them so Kobo is a bit short sighted giving the finger to the PB platform.

Halifax,my kobo is working perfectly. No issues. Remembers three different page stops. like it very much. also love my Playbook.

Also very annoyed about this. I purchased a new book last Saturday night, but it wouldn't download onto my PB. I left it until the morning, but still no luck. Yes, I could read books I've already purchased and read in my library....but I've already read them, that's why I purchased a new book! It still wouldn't download the new book by Sunday night, so I deleted the Kobo app, reinstalled, and now I have NOTHING in my library. I use my PB a lot as a book reader, its the perfect size/weight/convenience, but now I can't. It's been almost a week now and still nothing, not acceptable really.

Also, not sure if this is just me, but even though I can load and bring up all books on my 9930 through the Kobo app on there, the formatting is off, and the app doesn't seem capable of displaying apostrophes (it instead puts an A with an accent over it, and then a Euro (currency) symbol) which makes it impossible to read.

Anyway, it needs fixing, and NOW!

Kobo reader not working on my PlayBook either. Stopped working about a week ago. The library will not refresh. Nothing will load or refresh. I contacted Kobo support from my PB. No response....

BlackBerry should be pushing Kobo into fixing this problem...its been ongoing for over a week and I'm sure we won't see any kind of a fix over the weekend....
Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

I just spoke to Kobo customer service. They said it is a problem with their server. Said it should be fixed in a few hours. I asked for a free book. Might get it..... kobo app working on my Torch 9800. Not working on my playbook. I also just see the wheel spinning. Was having probs with new chapters last week and then today totally dysfunctional.

The Playbook App seems to be working again. I am able to refresh my library now.

This is great news, however it was down way too long.

Thank you Kobo, but please be faster next time.

I have both the Kobo Vox and the Playbook (OS 1.x) and Kobo seems fine on the Playbook. It is syncing nicely, as well, with the bookmarks on the Vox. But perhaps that's only good as far as the current library goes ....

Update: Still fooling around a bit. The bookmark worked, the store worked (live updates, new titles showing, search works). But the library view was stuck in "Updating ... Oct 27". However, turning wifi on and off a few times, and restarting kobo a couple of time, restarted the process and it is now updating with the current day ... Nov 19.

It must have been some server database error as suggested earlier; there was a problem with Kobo generally around that date (Nov 8 of this thread) which was also the day Kobo Vox went on sale in the US.

Final update: Never mind. I'm toast. No books are showing up. I deleted the app, tried to reinstall. Nada. Previous version of app was 1.25. Only 1.0 is available at Blackberry World. What a joke.

I just bought a PlayBook 2 days ago, Nov 17, on sale for $199. The PB KOBO app will not access my KOBO library account at all. Now searching through Crackberry and anywhere else to find a solution. Any help is appreciated.

Is this fixed? I just bought a playbook and Kobo app won't let me sign in (just spinng wheel to wait)..

It's January now, hard to imagine this is STILL going on...

Not working for me. After 9 hours of supposed download still no book. I expect I'll get billed with out a problem though. Pure crap.

I'm facing the same issue, but only when PB is offline! When connected to a wifi, it works fine!