Kiwi Wonder for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new good stuff

Kiwi Wonder
By James Richardson on 19 Dec 2013 01:30 pm EST

We first took a look at Kiwi Wonder for BlackBerry 10 back in October (2013) and what an awesome game it is. If you picked it up then for your Z10 or Z30 you'll be wanting to jump into BlackBerry World today as an update is rolling out bringing some nice enhancements and extra features. 

As I stated the first time around - the graphics with Kiwi Wonder are absolutely stunning, as is the background music which has a kind of Hawaiian style to it. From start until finish the game is a real joy to play. 

If you didn't give it a go then, maybe now's the time to do so? It's a real gem and for under a buck a bargain if you ask me. You can catch our initial video review of Kiwi Wonder here

Update info for Kiwi Wonder:

  • Added new enemies
  • Re-balanced difficulty progression 
  • New animated backgrounds
  • A system to unlock new content
  • New Kiwi types and looks
  • New pick ups like the jumbo jet, or score multiplier 

If you're not seeing the update at the time of publication check again later. The Kiwi is making its way around the globe. 

More information/Download Kiwi Wonder for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Kiwi Wonder for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new good stuff


Another game that I would like to try, but as a qwerty user I (as well as many others) am left wanting. :-(

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I don't understand why qwerty users weren't expecting this.Game developers don't want to waste their time with such small screens.

It's available for the Q10! I don't know why the post only mentions the Z10 and Z30 but it's for the Q10 as well (dunno about the Q5). Do go buy it!

Posted via CB10

Yay!!! This is my endless side-scroll runner of choice!

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I get this mixed up with Fly Kiwi Fly. Anyway I'll have to try it.

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