Kiwi Wonder gets updated for BlackBerry 10 smartphones as well as the and the PlayBook

Kiwi Wonder
By James Richardson on 20 Jan 2014 04:41 am EST

Kiwi Wonder has been around for BlackBerry 10 since Q4 2013 and luckily I've been able to play it on whatever BlackBerry device I happen to be rocking as it works on them all. The game has now received an update to version and as well as a bunch of fixes and and a few new features, PlayBook owners will also be pleased as their version is now identical to the BB10 one. 

If you missed our initial video review you can catch up here, but to cut a long story short it's all about making your kiwi fly as far as possible, avoiding numerous obstacles and collecting and bonus items. 

The game has glorious graphics along with some beautiful background music. If you haven't given it a go I'd certainly recommend it. The game is probably in my top ten, not because I spend hours playing it, but it's the perfect game for when you have a few minutes to kill and you want some high quality action. Plus things are just as good on the BlackBerry 10 handsets with a hardware keyboard I'm pleased to say. 

New in v1.1.4.15:

  • Removed funkoi game promotion popups
  • ​Fixed menu system bug
  • Kiwi Glider can now touch the ground
  • Fixed shop bug
  • Fixed mission bugs
  • PlayBook version is now up to date with BB10 version
  • Overall balancing

Kiwi Wonder is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices as well as the PlayBook and is priced at $0.99. 

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There's an update for bbm as well.

First, btw

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Johan Surya

Update for bbm?

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yup. got it yesterday as well as Kiwi... dunno how old the update is...

Johan Surya

What bbm version?

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on app worlds I see

dunno how to check on the app itself :/

ram ace

that's kinda old. i thought a "new" update has been posted. still, good thing that u got the updated version of bbm

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is there any possibility to check version on app itself?

strange enough that I got the update notification just yesterday.

Johan Surya

Maybe check from app world and See your version there

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Glad they got rid of the pop-ups at the start. It's seriously douchey to do that on a paid game.


Especially with the bug that they had. In order to even play the game I had to click on the ad, view the app, and then close BlackBerry World and return to the game. There was no other way to close the ads, and that stopped me from playing.

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Sorry about that. Since we had a chain of deals and free events for our games we wanted people to see our other games. Not being able to exit the ad was an unfortunate bug, one that many cynical people will likely assume was intentional.


Its good to see these companies supporting the PlayBook.


I assume you didn't RECEIVE a spell checker as part of the update? :)

Johan Surya

Why dont make Avenger Power and make all items purchaseable with in game Money(not real money only)?

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Only real money counts...

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I'm surprised no one talked about igrann receiving an update in beta? Just weird.

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What about Receiving a spell check for your device.

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Anyone know what the music is in this game. I have heard on some commercials too but can't figure out what it is.

The game is great and my 2 month old loves to watch kiwi fly.

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I know, it's driving my daughter and I crazy but can't figure out what it's from

...we are all connected...

Johan Surya

Same here, i even contacted funkoi about the game sound...

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Sorry can't tell you... I recommend leaving the game on 24/7 to hear the music.


I really like this game :)

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Love the game

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This game is awesome but beware, if you buy anything and restore your device without backing it up you loose everything you've paid for.

Purchased super kiwi or rocket kiwi... you get to buy them again. Instead of processing the reciepts string to return purchased content these guys are content with letting us repurchase everything. I contacted them about this and so far things don't seem optimistic towards this changing...

The worst part about this is, they have characters like Super Kiwi and Rocket kiwi that can only be unlocked by purchasing them and they're completely unwilling to restore the purchases (big disappointment)

Johan Surya

Not only that, there is only 2 power to purchase(not real money) and 2 power to purchase with real money..

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We tested the current system extensively and we thought that it worked with the same device. If you change devices we currently can't restore things (next update will feature a "Restore Purchases" button that will fix this problem.

Prem WatsApp

"as well as the and the Playbook"???

Oh bulit, did I miss something? LOL

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


Thank heavens they've removed that road block advert on start up. Kiwi Wonder is a cheerful little game diminshed by nag screens and constant plugs for sharing and micro transactions. It really disrupts the flow of the game.


This game was much cooler than I expected! I'm really impressed to the attention to the detail and it's style. I recommend!


"I" before "E" except after "C".


Disappointed that despite owning it on my Q10, I have to pay for it if I want it on my Playbook...

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