Kisses for Keian

By Team CrackBerry on 17 Jul 2012 09:39 am EDT

Last week the CrackBerry family received some sad news. Ryan Blundell, long time CrackBerry writer, let us know that his son Keian was diagnosed with Leukemia. We were all deeply saddened to hear this and of course asked what we could do to help. Friends hosted a local fundraiser for the Blundell's this past weekend, but for those of us who couldn't attend, a PayPal account has been setup for anyone looking for a way to help. Obviously we don't typically post things like this, but Ryan is a dear friend of CrackBerry and we'd love to help out his son and family any way we can.

If you are willing and able, you can send along donations of any amount via PayPal to kisses.for.keian(at)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Blundell family.

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BBA Brian

will be a pleasure to help.... firing off to paypal now!


wishing your family all the best Ryan.


Prayers for Keian and the family!


I live in Memphis, TN. His family should absolutely contact St. Jude's Children's Research Center. It is the BEST IN THE WORLD. No child will ever be denied care because of inablity to pay. I believe the website is but obviously one can search the site on the internet. Prayers are with the child and family.


thoughts are with your family. i unforchaniftly know the pain and suffering of losing a child, my daughter Angelina Elizabeth Bianco passed away just over one year ago at the age of 4 and 1/2. my only child.
life for me is no more and it will never be the same.
I will be sending a donation in, hope you are able to get the treatments and help needed.


Prayers and best wishes... donation sent...


encouragement and very strong, speedy recovery


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.


I don't have much money as I have a family of my own but I have prayers for you and yours.


Ryan, I have a 4 year old daughter with ALL leukemia. She was diagnosed just over a year ago. I will tell you, the hardest part is the first 9 months, then things will gradually become routine in your life and your childs life. Get ready for a long road ahead, ask a ton of questions, demand the answers and be supportive to the rest of your family as times can get tough. We are looking at another year and a half until we get the green light. Doctors have come a long way with the treatments and the success rate is through the roof. I wish the best to your family through this hard time.


Thoughts and prayers with you and your family Ryan! Donation sent!


Our prayers are with you! Donation sent.


Donation sent... Mr. Blundell, your family will be in our prayers.


small rivers make big oceans. Please receive some overseas positive vibes, Keian.


hope the best for ur family sir...i just can give my pray...


My thoughts are with Keian and your family Ryan. Stay strong!


My prayers are with you and your family.


prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery, donation sent..


Hope for the best for you and your family....sent


Just a week ago, I received a notice that a nephew, Pedro 9 years of co-worker was in ICU in a hospital in Brazil with leukemia. In this case the recommended treatment a bone marrow transplant. I wish strength and luck to the health of Keian with a normal treatment.

To all, I recommend finding a blood bank for voluntary donation of blood, to characterize their compatibility for bone marrow transplantation. If anyone needs in the future, you may be asked to voluntarily donate their marrow (completely recomposed in 1 or 2 weeks). I did the voluntary blood donation, after the news of Pedro.

Keian Good luck and health. My prayers.


I hope the best for you and your family.


My heartfelt good thoughts go out to this gereat family. I will help late this week, when my cash flows.

doxa sub750T

Will be firing my funds to help shortly. I hope for the best with my best prayers.

Updated: Donation sent

Sir Miyav

Good luck with all. Donation sent.


Best wishes and prayers for you and your family. I will donate soon.


Hey, the e-mail link does not work for me.
kisses.for.keian [at]
What am I missing?


Please remove the email address from your post. It is written that way in the article for a tons of bots don't pick it up and start spamming that email address.

The address worked for me...donation sent.


Best wishes. The little man is the cutest baby ever!


Sent. Hugs to the little one.

Context Cube 3D


prays and hopes for keian. may keian have a bright future, amen. i have a nephew who's been diagnosed for leukemia (after few weeks after his birth i think). i hope the dad can make/get another income to support keian. that's what my brother did.



Thoughts and prayers for Keian! Donation sent!


Prayers and hope for Keian and family...

Matt J

Just sent something along....


All the best for you and your family.
Donation sent.
Greetings from Greece.


Ryan, my thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
Donation sent.


As a fellow parent I can only imagine the helplessnes you must feel . Always remember their are people who care and are willing to share . Whether with their love or prayer. I hope this little bit helps and my families best wishes to you and yours.


Petit soutien de la france
Dans les moments difficile un peut de soutient , don envoyé se soir Pascal

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Michael L#CB

May g-d hear our prayers. I hope your son will be ok...

Donation sent...


All of my most best wishes are with the entire family. Never think about the negatives, only think about and look forward to the positives. Have faith in treating it in the long term and NEVER EVER give up on love! :)


My father 54 years old, marathon runner and engineer, was diagnosed with ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia) last year, first week of July, 2011. He received intense chemotherapy right away. It was tough, it was really difficult on my father, my mother, my brother, my family and myself. But being positive, and believing in the technology that is available these days, the process that these oncologists go through, is meant to save lives; and it does. A year later, my dad is in remission, and feels great (physically and mentally); he is continuing with his maintenance phase of his chemotherapy as this is a two year process!

The best thing I can say to the Blundell family, and especially Keian is:

Stay strong, never give up, believe that this is a process that will eventually end in success, and especially believe in the fact that technology saves lives!


Thoughts and prayers for you little one.


My thoughts and prayers go out to Keian, Ryan and Family. Hang in there, be strong, and remember the community of people here sending our well wishes. Team Crackberry, thank-you for posting this to give us the opportunity to help out.


My son was diagnosed with stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma a year and a half ago. I will definitely be praying for you guys. It's a long tough road ahead but you'll get through it. I will simply say don't be timid with the doctors. They are just people though they are doing their best. If your experience is anything like ours was, all the people in the medical profession will be great and they are open to your input.


Best wishes for little Blundell.

Anyone interested in helping for such cause can check

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My stepdaughter was diagnosed with leukemia when whe was 2 years old. Everything was experimental then. It was a rough couple of years, but she went into remission and stayed there. She's now in her 30's, graduated from college and happily married. Expect the best for your son!