Kisai Labs introduces Trapeez - A Tumblr app for BlackBerry

Trapeez Promo
By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2012 02:31 pm EDT

An official Tumblr app has been MIA for BlackBerry 7, but thanks to Kisai Labs we'll soon have a fill for the void. Trapeez, a full Tumblr app for BlackBerry 7, the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10, is on the way. The app will let you view your blog, post photos, quotes, videos and more right from your BlackBerry. Trapeez will be entering the first beta in just a few days, so if you got in on the action already you'll be getting an invite soon. If you haven't yet, you can register for updates on the Trapeez site.

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Kisai Labs introduces Trapeez - A Tumblr app for BlackBerry


Yay and right on time :) Tumblr stop working for me since 2.1 update. I can view my dashboard but thats about it... if i try to view someone's blog the Browser crashes. I can rest assurred that this app will be good! its from the makers of Blaq!!

Can't wait for for this! It's typical gorgeous kisai labs styled app!! Looking forward to a Blaq update as well, ,,hint hint, nudge, nudge :)

This is great new because the lack of tumblr on the Playbook sucks and the app on the phones just sucks period I could never post pictures

Holy crap, it is...

I guess I could never see past the unsightly bar code. I guess the "iPhone copy" claims wouldn't be totally unfounded, though there's really not too much you can do with a slab of glass.

I've reached out to @Tumblr quite a few times and those bastards never gave me the time of day, fell on def ears I reckon. At least Tweetdeck (when it was still beta) gave me the respect to respond to my questions; even if the reply was simply put "we will not develop a Tweetdeck for the Playbook." I got an answer and I was satisfied.

Tumblr on the other hand....damn them.

Kisai Labs, I thank you.

I wonder if they will sell the BB 7 version and almost immediately stop supporting it the way they did the Blaq phone app. That was pretty lame.