Kindle on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Get it working using the Android Player

Kindle for PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 19 Oct 2011 05:48 pm EDT

Now that the developer build of the PlayBook OS 2.0 is out, many folks have been also testing the Android Player Repackaging Tools. There is a great guide in the CrackBerry forums showing just how to convert Android .APK files to BlackBerry PlayBook compatible .BAR files and one app that a lot of people are being drawn to is the Amazon Kindle app.

Since we know Amazon will be releasing the Amazon Kindle Fire soon, there priority of launching a native PlayBook version of Kindle is probably pretty low on the list but no matter. When converted to a .BAR file, the Kindle for Android app instantly becomes a Kindle for PlayBook app that functions pretty flawlessly. You can login, see your library and read books as you would expect.

If you're looking to try it out, you'll need the developer build of the PlayBook OS v2.0 installed and since the conversion was already done in the CrackBerry forums, you'll be able to install it easily without the need for doing the conversion yourself but the guide is there should you wish to try out other apps. You'll find Kindle and many other free Android apps already converted for you.

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Kindle on the BlackBerry PlayBook - Get it working using the Android Player


I hope they look at this & descide that YEP there IS a lot of playbook Kindle demand out there & they SHOULD release it to BlackBerry AppWorld

Not yet. I'm a huge fan of BlackBerry and would never trade my Playbook for a Kindle Fire but to answer your question, the Kindle Fire still has movies you can download and store in the Amazon Cloud.
However, Mike L. announced during the last conference call that they will offer BB Movies with 10k titles. This could be a big game changer. I believe at this point the Fire will come out of the Kindle.
The Kindle is cheaper and I have yet to see an or Overdrive app in the Playbook but the specs are just worlds apart. Would you really not want to do video chat? Even if it turns out that we can chat with androids as well?

Lastly, does anyone know if this app will have the buy button built in? Apple took it off their kindle app so if you use it you still have to go browsing on the web to buy a book. Totally a cheap shot to try to push the iBooks.

Just my view.

There is already a very cool list of amazing "andriod" apps that have been successfully ported to Playbook OS2 Beta Release ... see DEVCON!!....

exciting things ahead for Playbook lovers, and the upcoming Playbook OS2 production release should be amazing!! ....

It's great that they can do that, but given Amazon screwing over Playbook users, I've decided to support companies that have been there from the beginning i.e. Kobo.

Someone should set up a site/blog/forum where you can download already converted android apps for the playbook (and in the near future BBX phones). That would be brilliant.

I am glad for those who have been waiting for Kindle. But have to agree with some of the above, I have no interest in Kindle. If they can't be bothered, I can't be bothered to use them.

its a good thing crackberry doesnt condone app piracy and that none of the apps in the linked post are paid.......oops, they are.

expected better from crackberry

They shouldn't be. The post says that they are collecting only free apps & ask for anyone to tell them if any of the apps that are listed are paid

its not what you say but what you do that matters.

to clarify i checked and the last time the forum post had been edited was before this blog post went up, so isnt like was added afterwards. and yes theres still paid apps in there, but lets not forget the SDK agreement states you sign your own apps, so technically they all break the term and conditions.

Is anybody else bothered by the fact that RIM"s tablet strategy is pretty much to get Android Apps to run on RIM hardware? If I wanted to run Android apps on a tablet I would have bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1......

I would say it is irksome, but in a sense this is a great strategy to get apps on the playbook FAST. Developers don't have to go back and rewrite entire codes for a new platform instead they get their apps available to a new platform with minimal work..everybody "wins"

Android Player on PB? Hardly a win, just a kludge from RIM to get some apps. If you try running converted Android apps, you'll see what I mean. Slow & buggy.

From users point of view the Android App's are no different than native apps (meaning they are installed from App World just like any other App). This just gives more options to the users and developers.

If the Android Apps have performance issues or are otherwise limited than yes, it is bad for users since they get stuck with android ports when developers don't want to rewrite, but from my experience with leaked I did not feel that way.

All of this rocks! BTW, the Kindle app works great. If you press and hold a word, the dictionary works too! :)

As everyone knows RIM is a Java shop but I never expected the Android player to be so smooth and seamless and right backed into the OS, the cool part is that it feels native to the playbook OS rather than using a Android OS app. Excellent Job RIM..keep it up and keep improving the good stuff.

Wow! I got the PB primarily for reading ebooks and amazon said they would be releasing the PB kindle app (earlier in the year), then they became shifty with the release date and then the fire! I use kobo and book reader, but the kindle app is by far better even the cloud reader though not very convenient is better, i really didn't want to mess with OS2 yet but with people running kindle already I am seriously considering it!

Black J.H.C.!!! Does anybody know the proper use of there, their, and they're anymore.

"Since we know Amazon will be releasing the Amazon Kindle Fire soon, THERE priority of launching a native PlayBook version of Kindle is probably pretty low on the list but no matter."

Should be "their".

Cool. Hmmm... I wonder if Netflix could be ported over. I never watch it but my wife loves it. Exciting times for BlackBerry users. I hope they release 2.0 soon.

So lets get 2.0 out to the world so we can start using the Android Player then! Great that it works on a beta build, but that isn't going to sell Playbooks.

I'm new to this feed and to the blackberry playbook but I do have eboooks on that I'd like to read on my playbook. Can someone point me to an easy guide to convert them so I can read them on my playbook? Help!