Kindle For BlackBerry Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2010 03:12 am EST
Kindle For BlackBerry Now Available For Download

Been waiting for the Kindle for BlackBerry app? Sure you have. Now, provided you live in the US you can now head on over to the Amazon website and download Kindle For BlackBerry for free. The feature breakdown looks like this:

  • Search and browse more than 400,000 books, including 101 of 112 New York Times® Best Sellers.
  • Find New York Times Best Sellers and new releases for $9.99, unless marked otherwise
  • Get free book samples - read the first chapter for free before you decide to buy
  • Books you purchase can also be read on a Kindle, computer, or other Kindle-compatible mobile device
  • Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not currently available for Kindle for BlackBerry
  • Kindle for BlackBerry is available to U.S. customers only 
Have to admit that I am disappointed that it's only currently available for the US. But, that said glad to see it arrive for those that can use it and surely, it won't be long until we see a Canadian release as well. Go grab it, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments folks. Can't wait to see hear what you all think.

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Kindle For BlackBerry Now Available For Download


I'd be happier if they skipped this release of idiotic software to allow one to attempt reading a 1,000 page novel on a teeny tiny screen. Instead focus on releasing useful software like the Amazon MP3 store for the Berry like they have for Android.

I guess to Amazon folks, Blackberry people have no interest in frivolous things like music. ;-)

Isn't it more likely that they have separate teams developing software for different parts of the company, not to mention the obvious fact that the core business for amazon is still that of books.

As far as reading on a small screen, I agree most wouldn't want to do that, but the plus to the kindle app is it will synch how much you have read across each device so you could read a few pages on your blackberry when you don't have your kindle with you and then carry on from there when you get back to your pc or your kindle.

You know this is meant to be companion software to the actual Kindle device? Also, that there are full screen blackberrys...

I don't like in the US and I just downloaded and installed the software and ordered (free book) and am reading a book on my BS2.

For some reason, it works for me...


I would've preferred to view this on my Storm2 but since I've given it to my fiance, my Bold 9700 would just have to do. Still, I'm so glad this app is finally available!!

can't wait to download this and start using it.
I bought the small world edition kindle for my wife for christmas and she loves it. She has a coorporate tour and can't install any software (they even have many sites blocked through the browser!). I have the tour as well but it's my personal (and only) phone so I can install and crack away.

Here's a gem of a website for you kindle software and hardware users.

All the free classic books that are legitimatly FREE....over 10,000 of them. So read up on your Homer and Balzac.

I was trying to figure out why in the world I would even want to download Kindle, when my only reward is that I would get to pay to download books, for the dubious pleasure of reading it on the minute screen afforded by my Tour. Especially when the Viigo app provides quite a few free books, most of them classics. But you've given me a reason. If they have free classics, I am willing to try them out, just to see if I'll become infected by the prevalent Kindle hype.

Amazon also has free books, I just downloaded "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine. Google has free books as well.

Installed easily and downloaded books from my Amazon archive without a problem.

Turns pages with space bar or trackball on my Tour. Lots of keyboard shortcuts.

Browse and buy books from the app. No need to open browser like the iPhone app.

I sold my Kindle a while back but Whispersync syncs with my iPod Touch. :)

This is not available for non-us customers.

I cannot understand the logic for this.

I have bought kindle books from Amazon.
I can read them on my kindle, on my laptop with kindle for pc but I cannot read them with my blackberry.
It cannot be something to do with publisher or region.
It cannot be something to do with whispernet.
Can anyone explain the restriction?

They probably wanted to get it out to their most important market first, if there are issues then its easier to sort them out for a single set of regional restrictions I would expect.

I agree. Why no Pearl version? The Barnes & Noble reader software works on Pearl, and it is quite usable.

It works perfectly! Great quality on my Storm2.
I wonder why it is not downloadable from the BlackBerry App World :( this installation would have been easier.

Any idea how to read free kindle books .mobi files that you can download from

I just tried this out. The application will read .mobi files from this site (an presumably others). Just make sure when downloading a book from this site to save it on your memory card under /kindle/eBooks/.

One thing to note, you need to close and re-open Kindle for BB for the new book to appear in the list.

This application in really, really nice. An excellent companion to the Kindle.

Thank you for that, I was trying to figure this out for the past little bit. Using file manager while connected to PC doesn't work, at least I couldn't figure it out if it does.

That sucks! I've been trying to decide what e-book reader to get based in many variables. I was welling to try Amazon without the espense of buying a Kindle, because I want to be mobile and I happend to live outside of the US. Now this? How long will I have to wait to go blind trying to read a big book out of my 8900??

Anyone can pull up this app (COD and JAD or ALX files) and send me via e-mail? Its not available in my country but i would like to try if it works. Maybe just cant download app and all this service will work? Just curious :)

Am I the only one with one like I am apparently am a rare Zune 30 owner? Waiting til July to get a Droid, Pre or Iphone. Agreed on the Amz mp3 support on non-BBs. I couldn't believe it on the Droid! I'm tired of being a red headed stepchild! I wanna be one of the cool kids!

Am I the only one with one like I am apparently am a rare Zune 30 owner? Waiting til July to get a Droid, Pre or Iphone. Agreed on the Amz mp3 support on non-BBs. I couldn't believe it on the Droid! I'm tired of being a red headed stepchild! I wanna be one of the cool kids!

Am I the only one with one like I am apparently am a rare Zune 30 owner? Waiting til July to get a Droid, Pre or Iphone. Agreed on the Amz mp3 support on non-BBs. I couldn't believe it on the Droid! I'm tired of being a red headed stepchild! I wanna be one of the cool kids!

I am from the UK and it downloaded no problem, I tried to download a book, and it said I was from an invalid country, so I logged into my account and change my country to America, now I can download! Easy fix!

It doesn't look like it gives you the option to save books to the SD card. Do all book downloads go straight to the device memory?

I hope its not being saved to our program memory but I cant find any answers to where else it would be going.

Look in the root directory under kindle. That is where it saves your books. I've even copied my own MOBI books in that directory and it works fine.

I've had a Kindle since it came out for Canada and been waiting for this for my wife and I. Amazon better bring this out for us soon, this is ridiculous. It's available for the iphone itouch up here!

Read up a few comments. User Vectrec19 is from UK and uses the Kindle app. He changed his amazon account country to the US..

I've been a long time eReader user, so I'm hoping having more mainstream players in this space will benefit us, the buying consumer. by driving down the costs of the books.

I've installed the app on my Storm 2 and do really like the ability to preview the first chapter. Main question for me will be - between Kindle and eReader, which one will end up with the lowest book costs? I know they can only go down so far, but every little bit helps.

Great app except you can't read in landscape, strictly portrait. Since I read in bed, laying on my side, portrait doesn't work too well. But, that being said, where else can you find 400,000 books reasonably, er uh, almost reasonably priced?

were you ever able to get your BB Torch to run the kindle app in landscape mode? If so, can you tell me how you did it? I'm stuck in portrait mode :( thanks!

Wow, I'm surprised how many people have it already :) My wife has a Kindle and I've been a bit jealous of her ability to get books at will. But now I can get them just as conveniently and on a device I will have with me for reading at all times! POW!
Program works well and text is crystal clear on my 9550.

i was just thinking about it in the shower this morning...why is there no kindle client for the bb? and there it was on crackberry! my wife has the kindle 2 and i set up my itouch to check it out there. of course i've turned off synch on amazon so i dont mess up her reading but i still think having it on my 9700 is very cool. im reading alice in wonderland (free!) and now, since it's on my bb, i can grab a few pages of reading wherever i am! my wife said she'd never use it on her bb cuz it's too small and hard to read. i told her not to worry because it won't work on her 8330! #FAIL

only to find that they don't support the 8330. That's disappointing. I can read on my Kindle, read on my iPod touch, but not on my BB, which is the only one of those 3 devices that I have with me at all times. Sure hope they expand to include the 8330 soon!

DLed and working fine on my Tour.

I have to admit, even on the tiny screen I find it quite readable. I don't know if I could see myself reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the small screen. But books from, say, comedians or the like that are shorter, or the type of books where you might read a chapter here or there (you know....the "reading room" kind of book") may do just fine.

I have to remember to set a bookmark as (unless I am doing something wrong) I don't think it will automatically set a bookmark when you exit the app. I'll try again and see. Perhaps it does and I just didn't notice it.....

Ok. Doesn't actually set a physical bookmark, but it does remember where you were.

My bad if I worried anyone.

On the storm you have to press on the top right corner and it shows a rabbit ear bookmark (like every other reader does)

Krispykrink, if you don't like it then maybe you should be on another post, but for the rest of us, it's nice to have.

I have the 8530 and installed it, no issue, I see all my archived books and opened the one I was currently reading on my Kindle.

I was unable to download it for the 8530 using the download link amazon sent me via e-mail. Is there another way around this?

Downloaded and installed on my Bold 9000 with no issues. Immediately downloaded my kindle books through my Amazon account. Everything I need is in this app! I've read numerous books on Mobipocket. Now I have the Kindle app! Many, many more titles! Thanks Amazon!

Maybe it's too early in the morning, but I cannot find the link to start the download. I go to the link in the email, and it just takes me back to the same screen to click for an email and does nothing.

I'm feeling like an idiot at this point, but where is the actual link to send the download to my Storm? I've been anxiously awaiting this app since it was first announced. Please help!

Gee, I'd love to read a book on my 2.44 inch screen with a trackball to scroll through the pages....

Not for me. I"ll read a real book.

on my Tour I clicked on the link in the email they send you and it keeps going back to the amazon website log-in page. Where is the download link?

I just got off the phone with amazon, he said they think the link is acting up and their technical team is trying to fix.

I have tried the link several different times with all the different browser configurations on my phone, as well as e-mailing myself the link. Nothing works!! It keeps on taking me back to the main Kindle for Blackberry page! Someone please help :)

sweet!!! I probably won't use it very often as I always have my Kindle, but it could come in handy at those times where you just can't put a book down and only have a few paragraphs left but you're already at work and you need to sneakread...

Looks good, I am very impressed. This won't stop me from haunting my local library, but it's great to have when I am stuck in an airport, or don't have a book on me for a variety of reasons. And, the Kindle site has bunches of books available for free or less than a dollar.

- From your Blackberry, download & install Kindle For Blackberry:
- Plug your Blackberry into the PC
- From the PC, (best method) Go here to download 1000s of free, classic books:
- Save them to your memory card in the /kindle/eBooks/ folder
- Open the Kindle app (Close & reopen if it's already running) and whoila

You can still purchase books from Amazon through the App as well, and you can still sign in to download any books that you've previously purchased for the Kindle.

I would've been so excited a couple of months ago. Now that B&N and Apple have their own ebook stores, I'm not going to commit to Amazon's proprietary ebook format.

8:30 PST and the link is apparently still not fixed. I can't get my BB to download it.

On a side note, does anyone know if there are more titles available than the eReader from B&N?

I just downloaded the Kindle for BB. It is great. I have a Kindle and it is nice to have it on the BB and not have to always lug it around. Having it on the BB is just nice for those few free minutes while waiting in line somewhere and you can continue your book.

I've been waiting a long time for the BB app.

As of right now the MobiPocket client is still better for reading books ( but the Amazon store is much better and Amazon plans to add the missing features to it's reader.


You didn't have any problems with the download? I tried it a few times last night and was not able to get it to run on my 8900 (even though amazon lists it as a supported device).

Trying again now - I keep getting a verification error. I really want to try this app! If you have any advice or had to do anything different with the DL, please advise.

Thanks! :o)

Can not download the Kindle App. Sent the link to my email from the Amazon page, clicked on the link and it sent me back to the same page I sent the link from.

Anyone else having trouble? Anyone have a good link so I can actually get this?

Can not download the Kindle App. Sent the link to my email from the Amazon page, clicked on the link and it sent me back to the same page I sent the link from.

Anyone else having trouble? Anyone have a good link so I can actually get this?

WTF! Downloaded the app twice, re-booted, wrote to Amazon, still nothing. Every time I try and log in o download a sample I get invalid email or password. Tried the free ones and it won't let me save as /kindle hell it won't even let me put in the /. This really sucks I've wasted an entire morning of my vacation trying to make this work. So much for Kindle for BB on my Tour!

Anyone have any luck putting it on a 9550?

I needed to use BB Master Control to revive my phone. I've tried both OTA and cod - and get the same result...

Guess I'll be waiting for the next version of the app...

Fell across this download last night while restoring my Amazon app. I own a Kindle, so I downloaded immediately. All my books were there, and sync'd my last page written. Works like a charm. Thanks, Amazon!

Unfortunately, I downloaded it, tried to open the app and I keep getting an error about permissions...which is not right because all the permissions are set right. I double-checked it. However, I've had this same problem before. I've had a couple of apps that I downloaded and tried to open with no luck and when I reboot, it ends up nuking the blackberry and I have to restore everything. I'm deleting the app before this happens again...

This app sucks! They only did it for the newer berries, what about the Curve 8300's and the Pearls, which aree the phones most blackberry users have right now? I don't think all blackberry users have

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't think most blackberry users have updated their berries to the new phones that have come out within the last year. As I understand, the Curve 8300 series is still the most popular berry and the one most people have so why not make the app work for it?


I'll have to check this out. The small screen presents no problems that I see, I read borrowed library books on a series of Palms for years until the last Palm went south. My wife still reads constantly on her Tungsten C. Integrating this into the BlackBerry is just the next logical step. Now If I can get it to open the library's EPub and PDF books. Dratted DRM. Oh goodie, another toy.....

I am in the UK, and I have downloaded the app, currently downloading some books too.

I have the Bold 9000. When I logged into my account it first said that it wasn't available in my country, but if I have recently moved to the US then go to Which I did, no challenge or anything like that. it accepted straight away, even recognised I had downloaded and had the kindle app registered to by B9000

for direct download to your BB go to

this seems like a great app
but unfortunately i don't live in the States and my bb is not supported. I wish all these developers wouldn't forget the older bb models.

Really? No, really Amazon? I find that freaking pathetic. 8330's are still heavily used. If it weren't for the fact you have the best prices in a lot of major categories, I would consider boycotting you on this aspect.

*Kicks Dirt* Even more the reason why I will have to supplement my BB with a iPhone xGx (whatever the next version is).

Why isn't it possible to make apps available via OS version rather than phone type?

I live the USA, have been an amazon customer for years and the app keeps telling me I'm not in the USA. Guess I don't need it then.

I've been waiting for Kindle for BB to be released and its finally here ,only to find out that my 8330 it's not supported :-( . I'm schedule for renewal by years end and happy for it, I have noticed a great decline in the number of new Apps being compatible with my Curve I guess she has become obsolete. Now my question is get an advance Curve or just go for the S-2 any suggestions????

I tried downloading and installing this applcation 3 different times on my verizon tour. The first two times it did not run. The last time it bricked the tour. I'm wondering if its only compatable with OS 5 (verizon is still running tours on 4.7) I had to jump through a lot of hoops to delete the kindle ap and reinstall the OS to get rid of the reinstall softwar error 552 error the Kindle software generated. Not fun.

Okay, I see that I'm not the only Verizon Tour owner that had a problem with it. I'm guessing the OS 5 then...I sure wish Verizon would get with the program and release us the OS 5...

I also have the Curve 8530 and it downloaded and works just fine for me. I have purchased three books already and they look great.

Maybe they need to update their site as to which Blackberry phones the Kindle for Blackberry is compatible with.

I use the Kindle for BlackBerry on my Storm 2 and it's great. Text reads well on the large display and purchasing books is almost too easy. No issues downloading and installing app. Very intuitive interface and easy to use. Users with smaller screens may have a different opinion though.

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Form of a BRICK!

I'm desparately trying to UNBRICK my Verizon Tour 9630. Very very annoying. Have many purchased apps on it and don't want to be left scrambling to re-obtain them all and then try to get them re-licensed under a new PIN. Grrr.

I didn't think I would want to read books on my Blackberry, but I tried this yesterday and I loved it. I read a whole book in one day, the "Time Bandit". If you are a Deadliest Catch junkie, I highly suggest reading this book. Quite entertaining.

Hi there, I am currently living in China, and I tried all the ways to download the app but failed. Is there somebody download to his/her BB and get the cod file then forward to me? My email, thx in advance.

So I installed the Kindle app on my Curve 8520 and I can't open the app - I get an error message. Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do? Thanks!

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