Kindle For BlackBerry Coming Soon

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2009 10:13 am EST
Kindle For BlackBerry Coming Soon

The news itself really isn't that new. As good friend of CrackBerry, Al Sacco mentions in his article the news of Kindle on BlackBerry is rather old now having first shown up on CrunchGear back in October. What is new however, is the fact Amazon has now updated their webpage to show that it is indeed "coming soon". Not exactly sure when that means it will be released but we know it's closer now then it was back in October. As Al points out, there is other apps out there such as eReader and MobiPocket but the Kindle services are more widely used then those offerings and they do not support the Kindle format. Will be exciting to see how Kindle on BlackBerry will be, as we know it has really taken off on the iPhone platform.


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Kindle For BlackBerry Coming Soon


I've been waiting for them to release this app for the blackberry.

The article is actually incorrect, MobiPocket is a subsidiary of Amazon, and both use the same format, which is MOBI. It's their DRM that is not compatible.

If you buy books from DRM free sites like ORiley and Baen books then you can read Kindle books on your MobiPocket.

The real winner here is that BlackBerry users can buy Kindle books which are usually cheaper than most Book stores.


I love both of my Kindles and occasionally even use the PC version. The Kindle app on the phone will not be that great for readers simply because it will be hard on the eyes, like the computer screen. However, it's great if you already have a Kindle because you can use the phone on the go and the Kindle at home while reading the same book. As long as you remember to sync your Kindle when you set it down you will be able to keep the same spot on the phone.

I have the Sony PRS-505 and a Storm. I've read books on both, and can tell you this is not true, reading on the BB Storm does not cause any more strain that reading on a PRS-505 or a paper book.

I do prefer my 505, but in some cases reading on a Storm has proved a better experience than the PRS 505 because the MOBI pocket software and RepliGo PDF reader are more robust software. They allow for zooming annotation.

So for casual reading I prefer the 505, but for more complicated layouts I prefer the storm.

I second _X_'s experience. I am an avid user of MobiPocket reader and have even read a number of 1000+ "traditional page" books on my sstorm 9530. No eye strain once settings re tweaked and the backlight is golden. In the grand scheme of things, most of us read thousands of pages every year on BB's considering email etc.

Protip, on backlit screens, use an inverted color scheme (white txt, black background) and BBalpha Sans font. Makes all the difference in the world.

On point, I look forward to checking out kindles app but if it I can't load open formats I'm not going to use it. I can read kindle books on mobi, can I read other books on Kindle?...

Amusing to watch the newcomers rebuilding the wheel with these latest round of eBook readers, as all this stuff was old hat in the mid 90's. Still using an 1998 NuvoMedia Rocket eBook, which has a backlit screen and I never found it to be hard on the eyes, and you don't need a light to read it at night, which is something I wish the newer eBooks designers would at least consider. Kinda limited on content though, unless you like Gutenberg Press ... :)

My girlfriend has a Kindle so if I get it on my BB I can steel all of her books YAY!!!!!!!!! if you have more than one kindle on an account you get all of the books on both of them or however many you have!

I've written to Amazon's CS 5 or 6 times about this. I already use the B&N ereader app but felt conflicted about buying a Kindle when there wasn't any BB love. Yay!!!

I always wonder how hard it is to read books in the tiny screen of BB even in Storm?? Kindle should be read in Kindle, I would think.... or will they allow us to read books in two devices at the price for one? Trying to everything in one device is a bit overrated, I think...

Yes you can read both on your BB and Kindle, if you have one. Amazon allows 6 devices per account. The nice thing about the Kindle is they sync the device over the air so what you read and annotate on your PC/BB/Kindle will be the same regardless of where device you use.


I've been using the BN eReader exclusively since it was released and wistfully checked out the Kindle at BN over the weekend. I just really can't justify ANOTHER electronic device JUST to read my books when my BB does just fine. This is FANTASTIC as I've found some of the books that I want are evidently under exclusive license with Amazon/Kindle.

I already bought a ton via eReader (Border's subsidiary I believe). Not excited about any reader that won't let me use the books I already have, and don't see the wisdom of 2 separate platforms.

My wife and I both have Kindles. I have to say I really enjoy reading on it and have probably done more reading since I got it.

I also have used MobiPocket for several years (back even on my BE-300). Previously, my 8830WE screen was not too bad for reading, and I still use it now and then to read Mobi books. I also have some eReader books and read those on my BB as well.

The Kindle Reader for BB is something I have been waiting for as well. It will be nice to take ebooks from the Kindle and read them on the go on the BB.

I use the Mobi, Barnes & Nobel and Audible on my BB and iPods. I've been looking for an eReader and I fell in love with the BN nook. I guess I just need whatever reader be able to use all 3 programs. I think that the nook will but I like the feature that everyone is talking about, the sync for last page read. To many choices.

love the kindle but will really love access to my books on downtime around town -- on bus, subway etc. traveling light is my favorite way to go.

My mother is getting a Kindle. This app would really put her experience over the top. Crosses fingers. Hard to buy for those that want for nothing really.

Since early this year Indigo Books and Music (Canada) has offered a Free APP for smartphones to download books for reading. This was run through an entity called Shortcovers. It has now with other Financers such as Borders Group (USA)and a few other larger corporations across the world been rebranded as kobo. The App is still available for free at and because it is made available to you by book sellers they know what they are doing. So there is an alternative for smartphone users.

It really will be nice to finally be able to buy other ebooks from somewhere in addition to Barnes & Noble. Nice to have price competition when you are a ebook worm. I had been anticipating going to an the Droid except for no real ebooks reader. However with Amazon coming online, it will give me a stronger reason to stay a while longer with the Blackberry Storm....which does a fantastic job with the 20+ books I have already read using B&N's reader and the RepliGo PDF reader currently on my Storm..

I started looking at the Kindle before Thanksgiving and I recall seeing the same notice on the Kindle page back then, so I don't plan on getting too excited till I actually see it has been released.

I have a Kindle and use the iPhone app more than I ever thought I would. I now prefer to use my iTouch to read after I go to bed without having to have a lamp on. I turn the brightness way down and it does not hurt my eyes at all. Just the opposite, it's very easy to see and quite comfortable.

If I can get this on my Storm, I won't have to carry around my iTouch for reading on the go. Very excited about this prospect! Hope it's as good as the iPhone app!

Edited to add: I love my Kindle2 BTW!

Its a nice perk, but its also frustrating in that it suggests ways in which the Kindle could be made better. I have all 3 versions of the Kindle and like them all, and I sometimes,but not often, access Kindle for PC. One surprising thing, which Amazon has been touting all the long, is how comparatively good the Kindle is at what it does -- display text in an eye-friendly manner. Even when I open Kindle for PC on a hi-def wide-screen monitor, reading a book on it is nowhere near as easy on the eyes as the kindle itself.

It will be nice to be able to log-in on my Blackberry in a pinch, or just to reference something, but as an actual reader? That little thing? Would you like it if someone took a scissors to your favorite tome and cut each page into fifteen pieces, and then carefully piled them up in sequential order?

What would be really nice is if the BB handheld could speak directly to the Kindle -- if you could use the BB to input text instead of the dreadful Kindle keyboard -- if you could cut and paste text from the kindle to the blackberry and then use the text as a cite or a quote as a reference for some drafting that you were doing. That would be nice and it would also be in keeping with what people do with things they like that they have read -- they want to share them with others, not because they are evil textpirates, but because they actually value and appreciate the IP that writing is, and they want to let others know about it, so they can have the benefit of it, too.

I have a BB 8320 that's getting close to being full. Can I put this app on my BB and then put books on my media card in the same way that I do with movies, pictures, etc?