Kindle App for BlackBerry A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2010 12:55 pm EST

The long awaited Kindle app for BlackBerry is finally here. While not the biggest screen to read on, most of us carry our BlackBerry everywhere we go, so being able to read a book at any given moment is definitely welcome. The app has a fair amount of features (it could still use a few more options) and everything loads super fast. You can store and read Kindle books, as well as browse and purchase from the huge selection in the Kindle Store. Check out the video above for a look at the app, and head to to download it free.

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Kindle App for BlackBerry A to Z


how excited i was to read about the free kindle download for the blackberry! then i see that it's not available for my curve 8530. what gives? now i'm new to blackberry, but after comparing the curve 8520 (for which the kindle is available) and the 8530 (for which it's not) they seem like the exact same phone to me except for the gps availability.

Didn't work on my 8530, and when I asked amazon for assistance, they told me my device wasn't supported.

What is the error you get when you try to download it? Are you on Sprint or Verizon with your 8530?

Great addition for the Blackberry. I had been bringing my Kindle to work to read during lunch. Today I left the Kindle at home and just read off my Blackberry Storm 2. Obviously not great if you want to read for hours, but perfect for short durations. One more reason for my iPod Touch to keep gathering dust.

just threw it on my bold 9000, and it's actually quite enjoyable. it's gonna be great for those bus rides and times, where you've just got 10-15 minutes to kill.

and hey, another good opportunity at reading all those books you've been wanting to...

I am so happy this finally came out!!! I think that they did a very good job on the app itself very simple and easy to use. Also my girlfriend has a kindle so all I have to do is login with her stuff and steal her books that I wanna read!!!!

I am stoked about this app but bummed that it doesn't yet sync my newspaper subscriptions. What gives?!?!?!

i reported to kindle support last night that switching to landscape does not work (for me at least) when using the kindle app. and also found that if you leave kindle open and switch to another app you cannot use landscape then either.
otherwise a nice little app.

and oh yeah, their support people got right back to me which was cool.

were you ever able to get your BB Torch to run the kindle app in landscape mode? If so, can you tell me how you did it? I'm stuck in portrait mode :( thanks!

For those who think that reading on a handheld is only relevant for quick reads or '10 to 15 minutes to kill' - I beg to differ. I've been reading ebooks in one form or another since 1999 and I'll never go back to printed books. No way. just too much hassle to lug around and carry them, etc. And no, I haven't gone blind or had any major eye problems, at least none that my seeing eye dog has told me about - yet.

I do ALL my book reading on my Storm 2, and it's great. I probably read a book a week at least. I started on a Palm V back in the late 90s, then used a Kyocera 6035, then a Treo300, then a Treo600, then 650, then 700w, 700wx, 800w, and now the full screen greatness of the Storm 2. Can't ask for anything better.

I am still scoing out the Kindle app (I obviously don't own an actual Kindle device, so some of the syncing coolness is wasted on me) but the app is very nice overall.

I think that even though there are numerous ebook-type alternative apps out there like eReader (which I use faithfully) and MobiPocket, etc, having the Kindle app for BB will do more to bring the masses to reading ebooks on their BlackBerry devices than anything else.

Nice job Amazon and RIM!

I agree totally! I've been reading ebooks for almost as long as you and love them. Started with eReader on an early Palm device, then an hp iPAQ, and was so glad they finally came out with eReader for BlackBerry (Curve 8310 and now Bold 9700). I've read at least 200 or more books this way. Didn't think I would like it at first, since I was such a big reader of "regular" books, but now I don't see any turning back! Looking forward to how eReader updates their software . . . and hopefully now that B&N owns Fictionwise, who owns eReader, they can get everything synced up to one software, bookstore and program.

Well I'm not sure about this yet. Seeing as Amazon bought out Mobipocket and this looks a lot like mobi's reader but without any support for mobi books. I am a little upset as I have 100's of mobipocket books. Will just have to see I suppose.

yay! a proprietary app with proprietary purchased property! i can't wait to download this then pay for books that i can only read on my blackberry....wait, nah i'll just download a pdf for free, sorry amazon.

How does anyone think they can get 10 dollars of electronic non-psychical copy of a book? Seriously! I could easily go to the library and, find the book, and read it for free! I think, the most expensive book should be around 1 dollar.

I have tried to download pdfs to my Mac and so many are formatted for Kindle and it costs a chunk ... this is great ... just sent eMail and will pick up on BB.

Thank you !!!!

I've been coveting a Kindle for ages; and when I read on they were going to do a BB edition, I was thrilled. I was already reading books on Viigo, but this was an even better prospect. I signed up at Amazon to be notified when it was available, and I happened to be online when the email came through so I went straight to the site and downloaded it right away. While I agree that it's not as great as reading on a big screen like a Kindle, it will be nice to have some of my favorite books available for those "reading emergencies."

I have a Curve 8330 I got it BRAND NEW a year ago and now the Kindle App will not work for it. All apps made by, for, or with use of a Blackberry should be kept current for duration of product circulation. I contacted Sprint to see when my next upgrade was up and its A WHOLE NOTHER YEAR AWAY!!!! Sprint and other carriers are still selling this phone as new. Why bother with and obsolete product? I'm canceling and going Apple.

I was really excited when this app came out because I could finally have it on my BB. Now I am disappointed to find out that it is not supported for my phone. When they come out with these apps they should say it's not for all BB's instead of Kindle now available for BB.

As in owner of a Kindle 1 and Kindle 2, I'm really glad they finally rolled this out for non-iphone owners. The best way to experience it is when you already have an established Kindle library; seeing all your books show up, page synced, is pretty darn cool. Despite the small screen of my Tour, it's got surprising ease of reading. I can say this after reading countless books on computer screens, an iRiver H340, a Palm TX, a Nokia N800, and finally a Kindle. Especially at night in bed, when I don't feel like keeping on a light or hooking up an awkward book light to my Kindle.

For the user that has tons of mobi books, those should work on your Kindle if they're not encrypted. I recommend Calibre - it's a free ebook library/converter that works on Win/Mac/Linux. I have hundreds of books in all kinds of formats and I usually convert them to .mobi for my Kindle.

I'm sure Amazon will roll out a fix/update for older models eventually. It sucks to not work for everyone, but hey, I'm a linux user - if I had a dime for every time something didn't work on my OS... :)

I am a current Kindle 2 owner and I love that it is now available for the BB. However, I have tried to synch the page location that I am at on a current book on my Kindle to my BB and it doesn't work. What gives? Anyone else have this issue?

i was psyched when i saw that the kindle BB app was finally out...then i was extremeley dissapointed when i found out that my Curve 8330 wasn't supported...such a let down

kindle app on Friday and downloaded on of the free books to give it a try. I love it! I have a Storm2 and it works fine on mine. Hubby has a Tour and I'm going to d/l for him for those times he needs something to read.

if you have a kindle or kindle for pc you can buy the books there and sync them to your BB - i've done it.

I'm already running Mobipocket and BN Reader. Why do I need Kindle app? So far it appears that the Mobipocket Reader is the best app. It has many font/color options, and you can even create your own books for the reader. Mobipocket books are expensive, though. So that's why I have the BN Reader, which has been out for a while, now. BN ebook prices are competitive, comparable to Kindle books. So I don't feel any desire to install the Kindle app at this time.

When I downloaded and installed the bb app my tour with os 7, it got the infamours reload software 553 loop message. I'm thinking it does not work on OS 4.7, but have not heard confirmation from Amazon back yet.

Any help? I've installed Kindle app 4 times. Seems in a loop when I try to save the permissions; I view the permissions but they won't save. Amazon tech didn't know other than remove/re-install. TMobile tech doesn't support apps. RIM wants $ for tech support. Any ideas? Tnx :)

I have not been able to find anywhere the file size of the books for the kindle. I am just looking for an average file size. Are we talking MBs or KBs?

Is Amazon going to provide information on if/when they will expand to include more/all BB's?? I literally just got mine in January and would LOVE to add it, but it's currently not supported. :(

I keep getting this error on my phone each time I try to browse by category:
"Uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointerExcecution", what gives? Was really excited but now my expectations are dashed. Sad day :(

Found the info to upgrade to OS 5.0 on the forums here. Then I found the link to the direct download in the forums here. Delete the vendor file and bam! I've got Kindle on my Curve! It stores the books on my memory card, footnotes work (unlike B&N), has a lot more books available then B&N. You can change the font size to make for very comfortable reading although being able to adjust the colors would be nice. I read a lot on my blackberry and find it to be a very comfortable, convenient, and portable device. I have it with me all the time anyway. The synch even works. I don't have the Kindle device but I have it on my laptop and it synchs with the BB version wonderfully. In the future, I hope the phone developers will be coming together on a platform that makes apps like this available on more than a couple phones.

Installed Kindle directly from Amazon and got the reload software 553 message. I tried various things to recover, but in the end I had to reinstall 4.7 and start over. Downloaded it again and it seems to be running normally now. One of the forums mentioned a "too many apps" issue with 4.7 or Tour; don't know what ultimately caused the error but it's the first time that's happened to me while downloading or installing an app. Looking forward to trying it out.

OK, so when will the "other" devices be able to use this? I was very excited to see it finally available, but dissapointed to see the 8330 wasn't supported...

I'd like some opinions on which one everyone thinks is better, the Kindle app or the B&N e-reader app. Anyone have opinions?