Kim Kardashian really is a BlackBerry addict [video]

Kim Kardashian is a BlackBerry Addict
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jul 2010 12:32 pm EDT

Ok, I'll admit it. Ever since we posted those Kim Kardashian BlackBerry + Bikini pictures a few months back (images re-posted above and below for your viewing pleasure) I've been spending a little more time Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I mean really, it's part of my CrackBerry job duties now. Suffice to say, I was really happy to see the video segment (posted below) where Kim's BlackBerry abuse comes to a head. She's totally my kind of girl! Think you could go 48 hours without your phone? Enjoy the video. Happy Monday! 

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Kim Kardashian BlackBerry
Kim Kardashian BlackBerry

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Kim Kardashian really is a BlackBerry addict [video]


i know im late but my cousin has her pin. i swear. she worked with kim on a 3 day photoshoot in miami 3 months ago. small fee i can kidnap that BB pin for you in NY. lol

what would you do w/o idiot/can't RTFA people like me??!?
should've known better than to question the all mighty Kevin :P

Kim is popular because she is rich, pretty, and a sex tape of her and Ray J "accidentally" got released. You can watch cameras follow them around in there everyday life while they try to cause drama and get more attention on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

You know, she has a vagina, just like every other woman on the planet. She's nothing special. Especially if you seen the video of her and Ray J. Its not made of gold, and frankly, its rather busted. But if your wanna fap off to her, be my guess.

My white blood cell went up watching that video. Please pass the penicillin.

These skanks are completely hollowed out.

I have people respond to me the same way when I'm out I have to text, tweet, or facebook someone. People don't understand its the new way of life for most

too lazy to read all of the comments:

1) Is it me...or did I find it really hard to notice a blackberry with her in the pic.

2) Anyone have her pin :)?