Kim Kardashian Proves That BlackBerry + Bikini = Hot!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2010 12:41 pm EDT

It's been a while since we've done any Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting posts here on the CrackBerry blogs -- I think we just forgot about it somehow -- but these pictures of Kim Kardashian and her BlackBerry taken last week in Miami reminded us we'd better get on it! Yowza!!

Kim Kardashian has been a longtime BlackBerry user. Last time we posted on her she was sporting a Curve 83xx but by the looks of it has now made the jump up to the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Good choice Kim - shoot me an email if you need any tips on what apps to install or accessories to pick up. Three more photos after the jump. Try not to get any drool on your keyboard. :-)

Source: Egotastic

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Kim Kardashian Proves That BlackBerry + Bikini = Hot!!!


I can't confirm that I am the only one that sent these photos to Keven and Adam almost two weeks ago, but since they won't give me my props (like they do for other Crackberry faitful) for pointing them to the Hip Hop web-site these photos originally came from, I'll just give em to myself. At any rate, Happy Birthday by way of Kim Kardashian.


Haven't you seen the show?? It's definitely the Bold that is the best part of the picture. I'd push her overboard :)

I was wondering if it was weird that I was spending more time staring at the BB and trying to figure out which device it was instead of looking at the girl.

We've seen her a thousand times, but one good time with a good BlackBerry isn't too bad...

What's with the ridiculous Rosie Perez earrings? And do we really care if some "celebrity" uses a BB? Actually, I am surprised I just wasted time to make this comment, I'll go back to work, that is more entertaining.

could be a way better spokeswoman for RIM than Tara Reid and way better than T-Mo's selection for the myTouch 3G commercials.

Of couse shes beautiful but what i want to know is whos the hottie in the back?? Looks like she sporting a BB aswell.

Riiiight !!!!!!!!! IMO you can take those same pics with her holding a brick or even a turd bag and inevitably she'll look HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the BBerry would be the icing in the cake................


Your backdoor (er...battery door) looks loose. I can fix that for you.

I think a little will do just fine.

ok, ok. 12 y/o pervy comments out of the way. Now back to work......

She's definetly hot but also gross. She has banged every one on the New Orleans Roster that matters, and Ray J celebrity Blank in my book

ok, just a few more.

Kim, let's play addictive tower defense. Now, you go defend my tower.

Kim, if you press the right button, you will access QuickLaunch!

Kim, you give me a BerryBuzz.

Kim, let me Poynt you in the right direction.

At least these were BB related.

i saw these a few weeks ago on egotastic. i've been rockin the first pic (cropped) as by BBM image since last friday lol. :)

can someone paste a CB logo to hover over her in the first or second pic? that would be awesome. kim is awesome. her bum is even awesomer.

I've been reviewing these photos for an hour or so. I still don't see a phone in them. Could you circle it or something?



I don't normally post about celeb pics with their Crackberry but she is one hot woman. For all of the haters out there how many of you would turn her down if she was hitting on your or giving you the time of day in a bar.

Plus the fact that she is a little thicker makes her even hotter in my eye.

Any ya, If I did not read the comment about her and the earings I would not have know she was even wearing them.

Go Kim go !!@!!!!!!

You know things have to be a VERY slow day when pics of of the likes of someone like Kim Kardashian occupy the home page for more than 10 seconds! Hey, I'm all for sexy photographs, but please guys..this is NOT TMZ!

What's even worse with this is when the comment appears twice and I see no way of deleting it...she was not even worth the first post, let alone the second. Let's move along, please!

You know things have to be a VERY slow day when pics of of the likes of someone like Kim Kardashian occupy the home page for more than 10 seconds! Hey, I'm all for sexy photographs, but please guys..this is NOT TMZ!

Shes easy on the eyes for sure - but that family is famous for what????? cuz kim was in a homemade porn??? gimme a break. Ryan Seacrest pimps that family out. They're a bunch of morons w/ money. As far as Im concerned theyre the same as the Jersey Shore cast. I cant believe Lamar Odom married the ugliest one just after 6 weeks of meeting her.

Hot Pics of Kim and her blackberry thats what I'm talkng about a sexy female with a blackberry what more could u ask for
Blackberry Rules !!!!!!!!!!!

Since when the hell is that considered thick??? Her figure is incredible. I don't want a woman who looks like she just walked out of a concentration camp.

All I see is tits,ass and cameltoe. I didnt even see a berry, what is this like "where's wally" ???

Keep them pics of this hot ass comin' ! :)

Some of you dudes are either gay or need to get out more... commenting about her earring.. really? is that what you are looking at?

by the way I see chicks like this in NY all the time.. she is really not all that special.. but still hott..

Dam I always liked Kim shes very hot, and looks very sexy in those pics, and WOW never noticed the earrings, I went back up to the picture to see if she really was wearing any earrings

Went through it BlackBerry anywhere in site. May watch again in the future...just to be sure :)

Kevin, thank you so much for posting this. I had a crappy day and seeing the pics posted and the hilarious comments pouring in made my day. Kudos!

So what. THis seriously gets them all giddy with delight? Lots of people use Blackberries, is it really all that newsworthy?

She said no implants but looks that way in the first and second pics...interesting. Now that's bigger news than her holding a BB. Lyndsay Lohan uses one too....lets get those pictures up becuase surely that is also worthy of crackberry news!

She is smoking hot but lower body is HUGE! Only looks good from the waist down at certain angles, but waist up she is nearly perfect.

Yep, Kim prefers The Crackberry. She was defending her choice of smartphone on Twitter a few weeks ago to Reggie Bush. He's an iphone fan boy

In the olden days there were sticky magazine pages. Now with the high tech world me got sticky keyboards, with a body like hers. I don't see no berries, other kinds of fruits yes. Melons, grapefruit the list goes on when describing things that are big round and edible that u want to put into your mouth. XD