Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage service gets an official BlackBerry 10 app

*UPDATE* - It looks as though PlayBook support was not intended for this app and BlackBerry World is showing it in error.

By Bla1ze on 27 Jan 2014 03:51 pm EST

If you're looking for some additional cloud storage for your BlackBerry 10 device, you'll be pleased to know the official MEGA app has been released into BlackBerry World. MEGA developers have taken the Android version of the app and ported it over so it all plays nicely on BlackBerry systems. 

MEGA is a secure cloud storage service that gives you 50GB for free. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by the client devices only and never by us.   Your data is accessible any time, from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. 

A lot of folks in the BlackBerry community have been advising the somewhat controversial owner of MEGA and active Twitter user, Kim Dotcom, that the app works perfectly fine on BlackBerry 10 for several months now. It's nice to see someone (@Kyle27_) got through to them and ultimately their developers to help get the app submitted. MEGA is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices according to the BlackBerry World listing, though you may need BlackBerry 10.2.1.

Download MEGA for BlackBerry 10 & PlayBook

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Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage service gets an official BlackBerry 10 app


hahaha are you kidding me Observation Junkie!? The government tried to shut off this dude for not playing ball with NSA and corporations! Mega is the MOST secure cloud service available for anyone! BTW don't trust Wiki it's 99% "official" history which differs A LOT from REAL history. Kim Dotcom is a hero and future generations will remember him as a freedom fighter without killing anyone like Mandela who killed innocent people!

Would you really trust having your information in this guys cloud services??????????? The following from Wikipedia " He rose to fame in Germany in the 1990s as an alleged hacker and internet entrepreneur. He was convicted of several crimes, and received a suspended prison sentence in 1994 for computer fraud and data espionage, and another suspended prison sentence in 2003 for insider trading and embezzlement."

"In January 2012, the New Zealand Police placed him in custody in response to US charges of criminal copyright infringement in relation to his Megaupload website. Dotcom was accused of costing the entertainment industry $500 million through pirated content uploaded to his file-sharing site, which had 150 million registered users."

Good luck blackberry users, and what a disappointment even mentioning this guy in crackberry.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Well didn't the government take on a large blackberry order?

Geeeeeeez, we are heading towards the wrong direction, so much for pro security and promoting blackberry with the right image.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Yikes! I didn't pick up on any disrespect in OJ's tone. Just like different devices suit different needs, so does security. If you don't have anything to steal, guess it is a non-issue. Some BB users, however, have security requirements. If I were to be careless with certain data, I would lose my licenses. So even tho I hate it, and it is time consuming, I have to be careful.

Sometimes you wonder if it is even their opinion or that of the side they feel they belong to. Like just rhetoric they spout off because that's what they've been programmed to say even when it has little to do with the current conversation.

This government has done way more good than bad in my opinion. Certainly more than the previous regime.

Back to the actual article...

If you have no reason to fear cloud storage then it should make no difference as to the history of the founder. If you have need of security then you don't use free cloud storage to begin with. Common sense.

Posted via CB10

"f you have no reason to fear cloud storage then it should make no difference as to the history of the founder."

The only fear I would have is loading up stuff onto this site is they could get shut down again and you loose everything. Could happen, but then again, I guess that could happen to any cloud storage service. That's the risk in cloud storage.

Completely agree, his prosecution is more honour than shame.

Let's see who is hunted by the free western world for data espionage and copyright infringement!? Snowden, Assange, Manning, Warg ... not the worst company ;)

Maybe you should read more than just Wikipedia when forming an opinion about someone or something. The man has kind of a cult following among Internet users for being some kind of freedom fighter.

Go check out the facts. Of those cases you mentioned. Just the names of the charges make what actually happened sound much worse than it really was. As for the megaupload conviction, give me a break. Ever watched a tv show online? Up until it was shut down there is a good chance that was where it was coming from. With Hollywood posting record year after record year I don't feel too bad for them when people use services like that to catch up on an episode or too.

As for trusting him, I would, much sooner than I would trust governments that value the corporate bottom line more than individual freedoms. If you trust your government and live in any country involved in negotiating the TPP, go give it a look. Wikileaks has some documents u should probably read

Posted via CB10

Yea, I guess you're right, what the he'll, it's only piracy, just stealing material.

I mean come on, who needs to pay for it, especially where you have new record artists and actors trying to break into the industry.

Heck, you're right, those corporates who gives you jobs, pays your wages hell, they should be giving the stuff away for free. Geeeeeeez the guys a hero, yes...

Bull shit

Catapulted from my Z10.

As I said, Hollywood is doing just fine even with piracy, better than ever actually. Some studies have found that piracy actually even HELPS the music industry (i know, shoddy research done by a little outfit known as the London School of Economics). So I'm not worried about new artists or actors trying to "break into" the industry, there will be a job for them if they're good. Or know the right people.

And while most corps are just fine, there are MANY that do whatever they can to offload costs and shirk their responsibilities to the community at large. I won't bother going into that as it is a large topic, forums at CB aren't the place for it. Trying to protect your rights as a company is fine, but there are other legal principles involved other than just the facts, like proportionality. A woman in Minnesota downloaded 24 songs and ended up having to pay $240,000. How would you like it of you came home one day and your kid was on the hook to the tune of a few hundred k because of what was on his/her ipod? A little intense no?

Anyways, back on topic, love seeing this app in BlackBerry World. I would use this cloud storage service (if i would use any) much before drop box or the like.

Posted via CB10

Well, buy local, or should it be steal local :)
My heart bleeds for the woman who got suckered for downloading 24 songs. Multiply that by hundreds and thousands, the amount stolen.

Well, I'm sure if your home was broken into and your paid music and movies were stolen, heck I'm sure you'd help the guys load the car. I doubt you paid for it in the first place, so let's try another example, say they steal that phone of yours, maybe your entertainment system, you'd be okay with that, I mean you can live with that, yea?

I'm sure you have a good excuse for that too. :)

Catapulted from my Z10.

Microsoft Windows was leaked and intentionally put to pirate to maximize exposure and market dominance by Microsoft.

Piracy is a part of the ecosystem. Deal with it.

Posted via CB10

I still remember those days when you could simply fill with 1s or 0s the authenticity key field. If that's not tolerating piracy, I don't know what it is, really.

First off you think you know what you are talking about but clearly do not. Many "artists ", and I use that term loosely release their own stuff online free to gain exposure.

Some filmmakers want to only release online. HBO just last week in open media wants people to borrow or whatever means accounts in hopes of greater exposure to a new audience.

Bottom line anyone with an IQ of over a sock, will use and promote online activities no matter how they are obtained because it will in fact create a bigger draw. And yes, Hollywood year after year achievs new records. And as for musicians, 85% of their pay is through touring, not album sales

Posted via CB10

Agree with everything except the 85%. You earn 15% from sales if you're big already. If you're new try more like 2-5% depending on how you distribute.

Posted via CB10

Knowing the law doesn't = thinking it's just. I guess it's difficult for some people to see the difference between physical theft of something that has been manufactured and the theft of zeros and ones, many times zeros and ones that should have entered the public domain long ago if not for the changes to IP laws to push out rights holders monopolies much past the time those laws were originally intended to protect. IP was originally supposed to be for people to be rewarded for their work for a set period of time. Not indefinitely.

Posted via CB10

Doesn’t matter if Hollywood is still doing fine in spite of illegal downloads, it's the's all wrong. Where do you draw the line, when is it okay to steal, and when do you say stealing is wrong?

That's the problem with society as a whole, lines continue to get blurred, right & wrong becomes less of an issue, people as a whole start to lose basic morals. Starts out with stealing a grape at the grocery store, not to taste it to see if their good, but just because your hungry and who cares, then it's a handful. Next it's buying cheap from a five finger discount, but that's not wrong, cause your not the one who actually stole it, we just pretend to be naive to make ourselves feel better. Next we're stealing music, movies, TV shows, etc. It's not our fault, people have enabled us, people make it so easy to do :/

Dripping with sarcasm, people are only hurting themselves and the everyday people when they think it's ok to steal. Bottom line, just don't do it, it starts off small and seemingly justified and harmless. Don't start and you'll never have to feel guilty. I'm done ranting.

Posted via CB10

Is it ok for big business to have unlimited profits for digital content? Some may argue it's akin to stealing too!

Posted via CB10

The LSE note was very shoddy research - done by a Pirate Party supporter who specialises in "transnationalisation" and "social change and counter-hegemonic strategies of resistance". Not really a maths guy :)

What you are forgetting is that Kim Schmitz/Dotcom is a business man, he makes huge $$$ from art just like Hollywood does. Only he doesn't pay the writers, the camera crew, or the actors. He only pays himself.

By supporting Mega you are giving your blessing to unethical business practices, and supporting one of the biggest sleazeballs in the world.

Cassette tapes and VCRs were supposed to destroy Hollywood and the entire movie and record industries.

Posted via CB10

I'd put my trust in someone who knows what he's doing. Though he may have had problems he sure sounds like he knows what he is doing.

Posted via CB10

I'd trust him to keep anything I don't need forever :) Perfect for short term storage. I don't really trust anything outside of my country and out on the Internet that I don't manage.

Just encrypt your data if you need to store anything secure on Mega.

Wait, some stranger wants to give me free (puff, puff) cloud services? Well, I hear Colorado is an awesome place this time of year, so sign me up!!

Posted via CB10

hahaha are you kidding me Observation Junkie!? The government tried to shut off this dude for not playing ball with NSA and corporations! Mega is the MOST secure cloud service available for anyone! BTW don't trust Wiki it's 99% "official" history which differs A LOT from REAL history. Kim Dotcom is a hero and future generations will remember him as a freedom fighter without killing anyone like Mandela who killed innocent people!

Sure, I'll trust him to store the kinds of things I would store on MEGA, or any other cloud service.

Like backups of drivers, BlackBerry related files, DJ mixes, other assorted things that it can be a pain to track down again. If I'm paranoid about some data, I wouldn't want it on a system I didn't own and control anyway.

Posted via CB10

Wired had once done a story on him. U should read it and decide for urself. But like Blaze said this is one guy u can trust over everyone else. That's the reason the establishment had been after him trying to ensure he doesn't don't what they don't have control over. But like I said investigate for urself from proper sources (not wiki) and decide for urself.

Posted via CB10

Just heard this morning on a major news outlet in the US that NSA is tracking people through google maps and angry birds. They are gathering info on demographics. I don't use either so I don't know how they achieve that.

Hey Bla1ze, can't seem to install this on the Playbook. What version are you running? It says 'this item is not supported by your current device profile' yet my Playbook is up-to-date with the latest OS.

It says unavailable for this device in BlackBerry World . I have a Z10....what gives?

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

Hello All,
For some reason it is not available for my Z10 in the BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and installed on Z10.
Pity it's an android port.

From CB10 with Z10 STL100-1 on

Wow...I disagree with b1aze. You wouldn't be much fun at parties!

Criticize Android all you want. BlackBerry would be dead by now and will have no future without it.

You should be called non-observational junkie.

Posted via CB10

Why is that?

Because I have been stating facts?

You have a problem with piracy when the corporate world uses it to gain market share. Its all a game. They want us to believe that it's a problem for them.

Piracy is part of the business model and it accelerates market share. They know that a percentage of people do it and will continue to use and eventually purchase.

I never get the people that compare software or video piracy to stealing physical goods. If they wanted piracy stopped it would be. Trust me. Some industries have put stops to it when they needed to.

Really you should try to be more observant.

Posted via CB10

he stands for the good old internet. where you could see a crime when the fuck1ng dialer went off on your modem. not that kind of pussy-crime where they steal all your personal data and you yourself think it's all fun and games...

You guys keep saying not available for my device but it's available for ALL BB10 devices, though you likely need 10.2.1.

Thank you for restating this for those who can't read though it probably won't help. Lol

Posted via CB10

Never does but whatever, I tried. Ever since BlackBerry World removed the OS requirement section nobody can tell what apps require what OS so you pretty much have to guess and as for support, you can only go by what BlackBerry World says is supported. If it's not right well, we find out soon enough lol.

I'll update it but not because of that. It lists PlayBook support which is secondary from needing 10.2.1 HOWEVER, it appears the PlayBook support was listed in error.

The Playbook is BB10 now! I missed that. ;)
Checking for the update now.
Hmm got it it runs 'snappier'.

Posted via CB10

Available for my Q10. Those of you who initially can't get it should try again in a bit. New apps in BlackBerry World can take a bit to fully show up as available.

Posted with my Q10 running

Must be only available for 10.2.1

I'll snag it once I snag an official 10.2.1 as I don't do leaks & yes I know it's not difficult to do.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I've got a Z30 in Canada with 10.2.1 and it works great. So like Blaze mentioned you may need 10.2.1

Posted via CB10

Mmh. Strange, I have just downloaded the app for a Z10. Works just fine. Maybe it's restricted to some region?

Posted via CB10

This is not a Global release, not available in India. Anyways box now has 50gb after the recent ios update

Posted via CB10

Great! I have it on my Z10!

This must be because I'm running 10.2.1.... too many trolls out tonight.

It's great to see news like this, I wish there were more stories of devs helping get apps onto BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, this was my sarcastic sense of humor. I knew it wasn't available for my device ...I just wanted to play along. Yes, people: for future reference, pretty much ANY Android app, sideload or port, will need 10.2.1 if it is a newer app such as MEGA. So if you are on 10.2 like me, or lower, bookmark this in BlackBerry World for when you DO have 10.2.1.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Whatever, I can wait for 2.1.
Even though it's a port! YES YES YES! Push it out to BB10! It's so easy!

Thought I'd be clever and download it onto my playbook as that's what the link says. But guess what on opening in BlackBerry World it says "this item is not supported by your current device profile"..... guess I'll have to wait for 10.2.1. On Z10
Sob sob boo hoo :-(

Posted via CB10

I have a vague feeling, emanating mysteriously through the ether, that this app might only be available for software version 10.2.1925. Just a hunch, probably wrong.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Meh. I still do not see the point of 'ported' apps, if the .apk works totally fine. Even more so when the .apk version gets updated much more often and reliably.

Do not get me wrong: I think it is wonderful so many Android apps work. But when you post articles like this and talk about "finally an official BB10 app" I honestly expect at least a newly written app, not a port.

10.2.1 will basically make porting obsolete anyway, for .apk that work 1:1.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Maybe, just maybe, all these articles that promote an app should start the article with a headline that says ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 10.2 OS so people can stop complaining they can't get it.... also, why would it say it's available for playbooks if that os is not 10.2??

Posted via CB10

Because PlayBook support has always been a secondary listing. It really has nothing to do with the OS if BlackBerry World lists PlayBook support then it is assumed it will work on the PlayBook, as was the case here. Look at it on the BlackBerry website. It clearly shows PlayBook support.

The implication you needed 10.2.1 on your PlayBook was never there considering the PlayBook hasn't an update in forever and even if it did, it would still be a 2.xx release. The majority of people (especially PlayBook owners) know that or I at least would hope they do considering the amount of posts people have left cussing the fact their PlayBook was never updated to BlackBerry 10.

Even though it may be on blackberry's site showing playbook support it is possible that was an automated listing that they did not test since on the playbook bb world it shows up as unsupported...but if they plan to, great. I wouldn't mind having a total of 100g on my playbook.

Posted via CB10

Read all the comments! It's only available for 10.2.1...

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

I'll pass on this one. Still can't wait for 10.2.1...

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Signed up as soon as it posted.
Trustworthy for sure............................... (as far as pirates go)

Arrggg. ;)

Posted via CB10

Hey man no one's asking you to be here.

Hit the bricks if you don't like it here.

Do you even own a BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10

I'm baffled by the amount of persons who do not READ ABOUT THE 10.2.1 OS VERSION REQUIREMENT.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

It never said it was a requirement in the post, it says it may be needed. I read the article and missed it myself. Have 10.2.1 on my Z10 not on my Z30 (until tomorrow fingers crossed)

Posted via CB10

Because they don't know or don't care that they can. Although it all sounds rather easy, not every app can just be ported instantly. There is certain situations where apps need to be adjusted and for some, the time, money and support spent on in it... well... just isn't worth it to them.

Then of course you have the small bevy of BlackBerry users who hate Android ports anyway and will just download them so they can say they hate them. You know them. They're the ones who head into BlackBerry World and leave reviews like 'Shitty app, should be native!" or "This app blows... make it native!" and then really expect developers to actually build a native app after they've been so 'welcomed' with their ports.

No more feeding into the troll. The entire thread is completely uninterested in any insult or snide comment he makes against you, CrackBerry, or BlackBerry. You're one of the favorites and I assure you anyone in here would give him a beautiful hockey smile for saying such things, but then again, it's a system of firewalls and anonymity that feed trolls like him. Like a ignorant teenager prank calling someone who doesn't gave caller ID. How eighties of him.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Installed on my Z10. 50 more free GB.

To all you feaking about security/piracy etc..then don't use it, or don't put stuff that your worried about there.

I've been trying to have it connect to my SD card to upload pics/vids since I've set it so that my z10 has them all go to the SD card. Has anyone managed to designate that camera folder to do the uploads? I've tried but it seems to k ly ne accessing my device's memory instead

Posted via CB10

Just tried it.
It seem to set up ok.
But does not seem to update.
Give it a night to see if it syncs.

Unavailable in France, but available in some french territories (french Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc). WTF?

Posted via CB10

Ok after a rereading of the post I see we MIGHT need 10.2.1? That's odd, but means that the release is imminent!

Posted via CB10 via the power of " Q "

Download the sh*t out of the apps that are new due to the 10.2.1 update and they will get native! Devs listen to numbers.

Posted via CB10

Pretty good offer by Mr. DotCom, but being in the States I have no desire to setup an account there and be further examined by my public servants; or as it is today my Masters.

Posted via CB10

Its for BlackBerry os 10.2.1 only I think

And is it really reliable to use this cloud storage?
Not the security prospective but you government can shut this service any time becouse its very difficult for NSA to spoof in so they might for shut it down within few years?

Posted via CB10

Hollywood, where all the movie producers went to avoid paying royalties to Edison for his camera equipment. I have never downloaded movies or music, legally or otherwise but I don't feel sorry for the producers or distributors. I feel for the artists. I remember long before the Internet, artists suing producers and distributors for ripping them off. I will support Mega on this, drop and drop box claim ownership of your files, would never use them.

Posted via CB10

It's quite controversial about what's happening in MEGA (former MEGAUPLOAD).
Kim Dotcom has apparently breached some law and government agents are trying to put him behind bars. However, it's hard to say if Kim was accused or he was in the wrong.
Nevertheless, it's a good step by MEGA for this app!

Posted via CB10

Mega has nothing to do with megaupload. It's a totally different system and nothing like it use to be.

Being fully encrypted they eliminate the so called risks of knowing what is where.

Not avaible for my device it says wen i want to downloaden it BlackBerry Z10????? Do i miss something

Posted via CB10

Running, BBY World says not available for my device... Anybody having the same issue?

Posted via CB10

Blackberry is on a just 3 days?
BB World update..check...
iGrann officially released on BBW...check...
Calculator update..odd but check...
Evernote update...Check....
BB10 OS official...Double Check....
now Mega on BBW?? someone please wake me up...i can't take this anymore