Kik for BlackBerry updated - UI changes, bugfixes and more.

By Bla1ze on 15 Jun 2010 12:27 pm EDT
Kik for BlackBerry updated - UI changes, bugfixes and more.

Kik for BlackBerry has been out for a while now. Many users have adopted it as their cross platform messaging service as an alternative to BlackBerry messenger. Today, Kik has updated their BlackBerry version with some nice enhancements and improvements. The list is as follows:

  • Improved the UI
  • Made it even easier to invite others to join Kik
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced battery usage 

In addition to the BlackBerry version being updated, the iPhone release has now rolled out of beta. And soon, Android users will have a version available to them. From now until, June 22nd the mobile version is free to download. The mobile download of Kik will link you to the newest BlackBerry version.

Reader comments

Kik for BlackBerry updated - UI changes, bugfixes and more.


KIK is only availible for the US market. Perhaps Crackberry may like to be reminded that there are other countries in the world apart from the USA, and check b3efore offering something to all and sundry.
Ron, Wales, UK

Yeah, it's currently only available to Canadian and American carriers at the moment. Maybe it will launch over there soon?

I've already got unlimited SMS so what happens to me when I go over the non-Kik user limit of 50 SMS? Will it start charging me?

Other this this question, I'd say it's really cool. I get free unlimited SMS to/from US but a lot of my American friends have to pay, so we usually use WLM or Yahoo or Gtalk to converse. This would be much better since it's always on.

Hey, Ted from Kik.

First off, sorry about the lack of UK availability. This chat product will be tied to music, and we will only have licensing for US and Canada. That said, UK is very high on our list!

Second, I want to introduce the CrackBerry community to Tera. Tera is our community manager, and is a die hard Kikster. She made a video explaining the product at Definitely check it out.

Finally, and most importantly, our marketing for this has been way off. Originally we marketed it as "free SMS" because we wanted to go above and beyond other chat apps, but that has backfired. What this really is is "BlackBerry Messenger cross platform", so that now you can have that BBM experience we all love, but also have it with iPhone users . But why not just GTalk/ WLM/ or even just text? Check out my forum post at I take a shot at explaining it there :)

Please excuse us while we get our marketing right, and thanks Bla1ze for the post!


Is this only for BB and iPhone?? I have a few friends with Android phones. Can they take advantage of this app as well?

It says that download is free from now until June 22...does that mean that it will cost money after June 22? I'm trying to get my friends to install it right now, but if its going to cost them money I dont think blackberry users will want to pay.

I'm from Canada, I have a BB Tour 9630. I also have a friend from the Philippines whom I chat with a lot and she has a BB Storm (Pre-paid minutes). It costs roughly .35 cents a text(give or take .20 cents) for each of us to reply back and forth. I downloaded KIK on my BB and I know its only supported in North America. I have 2-3 questions I can't find, or they're not quite clear.

What I'd like to know is is there any advantage for either of us were I to text her using KIK (knowing its only available in NA)...

Having not used KIK yet myself, would this free 50 texts a month work for me in this kind of situation (texting her from Canada to there in the Philippines)?

Would she see a reduced charge when she is texting me back (.35 cents right now she pays)?

We use our computers a lot but sometimes texting is the only way for us to keep in touch and it can really cost us. *sigh* If this can be clarified for me, I'd appreciate it SOOO much. Thanks : O)

Hi! I'm the Community Manager for Kik :) I have great news and pretty good news.

First, Slimjimp, the app for BlackBerry and iPhone will continue to be free for the time being. We really want as many people using it and submitting feedback so it makes sense to keep it as a free download. We will communicate in the future if the app will ever cost money.

Second, T.A.F., currently Kik cannot be used to send messages to international numbers. So, if your recipient has a North American number then they can receive the messages BUT - this will all change very soon. Our iPod Touch app will be released and at that point Kik will no longer use phone numbers - and it will be possible for Kik users to message any other user no matter where in the world they are :)

I hope this helps everyone! And it would very much help me if anyone is looking for a way to get all the upcoming information about Kik to join our Facebook ( or Twitter (@kik) groups. I really appreciate having a way to communicate with all our lovely Kiksters :)