Kik For BlackBerry To Offer DRM Free Music Purchases Right From BlackBerry Smartphone

By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2009 10:43 am EST
While at the BlackBerry Developer Conference last month we all got a look at a new BlackBerry music app that is forthcoming called Kik from the folks who released Unsynced. Kik was part of the BlackBerry Developer Challenge at DevCon where they announced they will be launching their application offering up DRM-Free MP3 downloads right to your BlackBerry smartphone. In addition to being DRM free, Kik will also include three free plays of any song which you download, so if you just want to quickly listen to a song you can get it out of your system and move on if you do so wish with no purchase obligation or if you wanted to keep the song, you can listen to ad's and it's yours for free. 

Yesterday, those who signed up to be notified of Kiks release were emailed a newsletter outlining the details of the Kik launch. The newsletter, confirmed a launch timeframe of January for Canada and the US to follow not long after the Canadian release. And it looks as though we'll be getting some sort of desktop application to go a long with our BlackBerry version as well. Excited to see what Kik has in store for us all.



Wow that look really awesome. I'm excited to play with it when they launch the app.


I don't understand the significance on DRM Free since iTunes is now also DRM Free? I purchased PushLife a few weeks ago and now have automatic synching with my iTunes library - which is awesome. Is Kik iTunes compatible as well? Thanks.

Kevin Michaluk

lol.. i never knew this video was out there. that's still early in the show - before i get up to several bottles of heine :)


Guess you'll be missing out on Kik, video came in their newsletter lol. ;)


Hey guys i you want free MP3s with no ads at all then head over to BEEMP3.COM in your device browser. I've never seen a problem with that site and downloads directly to your SD disc or wherever you save your songs.


Hey Guys,

Ted from Kik. Just wanted to say thanks very much for the post!

We are really excited about Kik, and wanted to let everyone know that what you saw in the video is probably 40% of the experience. That said, I do want to set the expectation now that we will launch in Q1 2010. It could be January, and this is what we are shooting for, but a big opportunity has come up that might delay the release a touch.

We look forward to getting beta feedback from CrackBerry users soon!



I was thinking when someone would develop this sort of app. Works great! I'll have my iPhone buddies on this in no time! :D


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