Kidnapped Woman Saved By Misplaced BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2009 03:57 pm EDT
Lost BlackBerry saves life

Here's a good Friday afternoon pick me up.  Have you ever tried to explain to someone all of the uses of your precious BlackBerry device?  Well now you can add "saving lives" to the list.  Turns out a misplaced BlackBerry (not sure what model, and in true addict fashion I'm upset the report doesn't tell us) helped to save a woman who was kidnapped, and had been trapped in the trunk of a car for 2 days.  Police were able to use the BlackBerry to track down the vehicle, resuce the woman, and all was well.  Check out the full video for moreThanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Kidnapped Woman Saved By Misplaced BlackBerry


How does one track down a location of the blackberry?? Law enforcment only needs your number to track exactly where your phone is??

It was a blackberry curve. Everyone knows that the storm would have been done after 24 hours of non use. This phone lasted more than 48 hours.

Police were able to use the BlackBerry to track down the vehicle, "resuce" the woman, and all was well.

weird things bug me....RESCUE


I saw this story just this morning. When I heard the words BlackBerry I jumped for joy! I was like yes! Berry saves the day!

Oh good for her! I bet the followed the GPS signal. This is why I make my bf and my parents keep a Google latitude request in their email inboxes incase I ever need to be tracked down!

Props to law enforcement for capitalizing on the technology. I hate to think what would have become of that woman after being in the trunk for days on end. If only we could be prodded to leave our 'Berrys in cars when necessary. Further proof that everybody needs one!


2 days?!? ....... She should not have been in there 2 hours. Proof that law enforcement needs to learn about technology that people use everyday.

Amazing. The features continue to blow me away BlackBerry's SAVE lives!

I almost became part of the 405 freeway blindly crossing it today, so it is true. BlackBerry = lifesaver. Show me an iPhone that can do THAT!

Yes definitly I always brag about what my phone can do vs. yours lol, most of the times I convince ppl BB is better.

Yes it happenend in Harrisburg PA, I live 15 minutes away in Lebanon PA, Im not sure what Phone it was but it did locate her and she was found.