A possible life saving application - KiddieDial for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 Feb 2013 12:14 pm EST

Is there an emergency? Not currently -- but what if there was and you couldn't make that life saving phone call? Fear not - KiddieDial to the rescue. KiddieDial is a simple application for BlackBerry 10 which will allow kids to make a phone call to a predetermined number even though they may not know how to use the phone. The idea here is that you load the application with a number of your choice and then teach the child to open the app and just press the picture of the ambulance on the display - simple - and most kids already know how to tap an icon, right?

Clearly there are dozens of scenarios where this could come in useful. Maybe you or your partner suffer with an illness? If your child knows how to use KiddieDial they may well save your life.

The application was actually designed for the iPhone however Apple didn't want it for some bizarre reason. Us folk on team BlackBerry are sensible so we will have it for sure. It may well be one of the simplest applications available but it could be oh so precious.

You can download KiddieDial for £0.75/$0.99. A small price to pay for what could be the most valuable phone call of your life.

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A possible life saving application - KiddieDial for BlackBerry 10


Eh, I think the issue with Apple was likely due to either the legality of having 911 or equivalent on speed dial, or creating false hope that the Ambulance icon would call for help, when it's set to call a relative who may or may not be home at the time.

Actually, it's because Apple doesn't let you supplant the default dialler app. I didn't realize you could on the Z10.

Any parent out there who is going to by a Z10 for their kids, please know I am putting myself up for adoption. Thank you. :-)

Another useless application... Coming one by one...For the obvious reason Apple did not approve it. I wonder if this crap is going to stop. Better nothing than this. Are they bringing in Skype finally or not...

Whether or not this is a useless app is open to debate, but I say the more the better. Everyone else plays the irrelevant "app numbers game", unfortunately it's what most low-information users look at. Personally, I'm finding I'm not missing a lot of "cloud" apps from my Android phone when using my PlayBook (stock browser), because I just use the full website version which has more functionality in most cases anyways. I assume the Z/Q 10 is similiar.

Hoefner just in case you are not aware, 'Skype' is not a life or death app. KiddieDial on the other hand could potentially be one.

A useless app is as useless as you want it to be. I would personally find Skype and/or Netflix to be useless because I don't use either one of them. Would I like to see them in BBW? Of course, but for the people that would use them.

An app such as KiddieDial may be useless but that is because I prefer if it doesn't get used.:) However, it could become pretty d@mn useful very quickly if you were in the admits of a heart attack or something. Skype isn't going to call an ambulance for you on the tap of an icon, now is it?

Hey this is a great concept, but the app is poorly executed. I don't care if its for kids, graphic looks terrible.

And James how do you select these apps? With all due respect, these app features are kinda, well weak.

Fewer features, focusing on the killer apps or great examples of design and ideas would be make these articles more valuable. Having 3 apps to one post might seem more organized too.


^ CB should try to compete with this. Better lighting, more editing, more PRO, to show BB10 in all its dopeness. Spend time on some of the good android ports like 8Tracks or Expensify. People need to know BB10 has them, and how well they work.

Feel free to disagree with me though. But I just want CB to compete with the best blogs out there

You do realize.... that's a stock image from iTunes... right? LOL


This looks like a great app, though I have one concern: Given that this app is clearly for children to use on their parents' phones, wouldn't those same phones typically have a password on them and thus make it impossible to get past the lock screen?

I think if BBRY opened up the API to allow the dev put the app icon on the lock screen and let users hold it (like the camera app) to open after a few seconds then it would be even more useful. This could be something the user chooses to put on their lock screen or not, but either way the child would have to have access to the app to use it properly.