Kicking the CrackBerry and Technology Habit for Seven Days

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Nov 2008 11:19 am EST

Got seven minutes to kill? If so, check out the short movie above by Stewart Kershaw. After leading a technology-dependent life, Stu decides to quit using his BlackBerry for seven days. Not only that, he takes it one-step (more like 100 steps) further and tries to avoid using all technology that relies on electricity for the whole week. What a nutter :-)

The vid is well produced, but the ending is a bit sad... he trades in his BlackBerry for a P.O.S regular cell phone. Come on Stewart... seriously... that's not going to make your life any better. It's not about kicking the CrackBery habit - it's about getting it under control!

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Kicking the CrackBerry and Technology Habit for Seven Days


I've been on vacation all this week, and have been really disappointed in my tendency to check my inbox when my Curve pings at five in the morning, or to send "reminder" emails to my (capable) staff.

Now that I've become accustomed to the way of the Crackberry life, I (like most of you) can't imagine my life without it, because I can speak so readily about how much more in touch I am, or how much more productive I am, and let's admit it- how much cooler I am, because of it. But what I can't speak to, and don't know how to measure is how much more relaxed, happy and connected (to what really matters) I might be without it.

It is, after all, a very interesting theory.

Forget it!! I couldn't have made it 7 hours. That would be pure torture. Then to give up your Blackberry for a normal boring crappy old cell phone. NO WAY!!

I do agree that a lot of us are addicted to technology way to much but there's also a reason we use technology. That guy made his clients quite mad because he was late and he couldn't even call to let them know. I think we live in a society that is now heavily integrated with technology, which makes our lives easy and less hassle free. Almost all industry's use technology to pull their jobs off more smoothly. It's not a crime to use technology, it's just harmful if you let it consume you to the point of addiction.

To give the berry up was to extreme, he could of just learned when to put it down and all would be well.

i like this video gives you a insight on life kinda

also the music and well made video has a warm feeling to it

I hope a dumbphone is the middle ground that works for this couple.

Even the most basic phone has a clock with alarms, contacts, instant messaging (can receive from email addresses) and, most likely, a calendar. My kids worked the h*ll out of their first basic phones. A resourceful adult, a career guy...just imagine the possibilities.

Best wishes to the lovebirds!

Speaking from the female side (also a crackberry user however not NEAR addicted/abusive as my significant other!) i wish more guys/girls would do this. They might better understand how much time is actually spent with there so called loves or "addictions" that maybe more time well spent doing other things. I have contemplated removing my boyfriends berry for instance just to see what happens. Some have said his addiction to his BB is "unhealthy" Maybe not having the crackberry would allow him to get back to the so called reality (yea right and what reality is that, without a BB?) maybe it would just drive him crazy (im thinking he would go insane and id have to put him in the NS w/ a hug me jacket ROFL)... id be willing to see the results. lol I know he will see this and he may laugh or he may get mad, sorry lol you know your on it 24/7. Now i wouldn't expect him to trade it in cuz that's ridiculous it has to many good uses and is handy. That's just what i think, a week of "DETOX" ha ha ha

i dont think it would be bad for him to get an iphone

i mean after all, the iphone is practically worthless, its nothing compared to a blackberry!

i wouldn't wish an iphone on my worst enemy. After all the issues i have seen with that phone its not worth its weight. I know there are ppl out there that love the iphone but its not worth it... spend the 200-300 bucks and get a blackberry!!

I couldn't do it, tried when I left nextel for vzw, didn't get a blackberry, hated it needed my crackberry!!!

this was posted Nov 28th, a day after Thanksgiving, and he quite electricity "cold turkey". This was a well done short. Now we need an update in about a month. Did he get that regular phone, or that pretty white iphone he was eyeing from the store window? Did he fall back into old habits? Yes, a well done short that has me asking my self more questions. Waiting for part two.