Football news straight to your BlackBerry 10 device with Kick Socca

By James Richardson on 23 Jun 2013 11:49 am EDT

Here's another great news application for you football (soccer) fans out there. Kick Socca, which is available for free for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, is essentially a news application covering a small selection of world leagues. Currently supported are the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Major League Soccer.

Kick Socca has clearly been made using the BlackBerry App Generator but that's not a bad thing if the content is good - and it is. The news articles are updated regularly - some days every hour or so and it provides you with all the latest from the world of football.

The user interface is kept clean with black writing on a white background but the Active Frame is pretty sweet with the news stories changing, so you are constantly seeing a new image in the frame. Apart from that things are basic. If you have the app running there is a refresh tab at the base of the display and its just a case of scrolling through the articles and pressing on the one you want to read. You'll get a decent image at the top followed by the news story itself.

Kick Socca is free to download so if football is your thing why not give it a shot and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Reader comments

Football news straight to your BlackBerry 10 device with Kick Socca


Dude, James, even the appmakers themselves *"Kid Socca") use a variation of the word soccer, rather than the incorrect reference to a difference sport that you misleadingly used in your headline (football). I dont care that british people use this erroneously to refer to soccer. For clarity's sake, when writing articles and especially article headings, you should endeavor to be clear rather than misleading. The word soccer is clear to everyone what sport is being referenced. Football is misleading and unclear what sport is being referenced, and many people from different areas probably came here looking for an app about football like I did, only to be realize that you failed to use proper word choice. Not a big deal, but worth noting for future avoidance of misleading your readers.

Not everything has to be written in strictly American terminology. And I don't believe it's an "incorrect reference" or that "british people use this erroneously" just because it's not common in the US. It's different, yes, but not wrong. (Note: In case it matters, I am from a small town in Missouri and am speaking as an American coming to this myself.)

Also, Kick Socca is in the article title which can help with confusion. If not, it states that this is about soccer in the first sentence, so you can always back out of the article with only losing a few seconds if need be.

I don't mean this to come across in a bad way. I have just run into so many people who want everything written or said using "proper" American terminology, and it's just annoying that they want things catered to them only.

I understand your concern but Football is actually the more widely used term worldwide in reference to what you call Soccer. The world governing body of soccer(football) is FIFA or Federation Internationale de FOOTBALL Association.
The term Soccer is really only used in the US to differentiate from American Football which is popular there. But to the rest of the world football refers to one sport alone. Also keep in mind American Football is only played in your country..while football, as the rest of the world knows it, is played across the world and may arguably be the world's most popular sport. So i actually think this website having such a diverse following is actually being more accurate by saying football as opposed to soccer. My 2 cents

Thanks for your post, jdm joe. Much better said than mine, which was coming from a bad day and frustration, I admit.

Thanks for the heads up, James! It looks like quite a good app to keep up to date, and it's very clear cut and crisp in its layout.