South African football fans may want to take a look at this - Kick Off comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 25 Mar 2013 05:43 am EDT

Here's one for you South African football (soccer) fans out there. now have there own BlackBerry 10 application and although as it stands at the moment it isn't as in depth as I would like to see it - it does offer the basic news from the SA leagues and also includes a 'World News' section. With so many millions of people being huge football fans Kick Off will allow BlackBerry 10 users to get the latest updates from the football world straight to their smartphones.

Like many news apps on BlackBerry 10 Kick Off presents you with a clean cut news feed with a thumbnail image beside each story. Selecting an article will show you the basic details of the story with the option to share via any accounts you have integrated into your BlackBerry Hub. Where the app currently lets us down is that in order to read the full story you will need to select the tab which allows you to open the story in the browser. For some this may be irritating (including me) but I'm not into football so I'm sure you fanatics won't be put off too much.

I have a feeling that this first version of the native BlackBerry 10 application is just the beginning -  so watch this space in terms of updates, but in the meantime, due to the millions of footy fans out there I'm sure this one is going to get plenty of downloads - plus it's free which is always a good start.

More information/Download Kick Off for BlackBerry 10

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Nice to see the apps roll in. Keep them coming!

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Keep the apps coming!

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Sorry for double post. CB 10 app showing swirling circle continuously. Mobile site can't edit... says I don't have sufficient permission to edit... wtf, I am signed in.


Great stuff! Go Kaizer Chiefs! Ha ha

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Lol +10000000

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Prince Radebe

The league is ours... lol


Lol...Kaizer Chiefs boss!!!


Good to see footie apps appearing. Would like a premier league app.

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Altus Zyl

Go chiefs! Great news

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Don't think I didn't notice the share with Blaq option there... sneaky! ;)


Awesome. Downloaded. Local is Lekker

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Score Mobile FC please

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Now get a SA Rugby app please.


Nice to see fellow south African crack berry fans.
All rocking the z10 i hope.

Amakhosi for life

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Good stuff!!

P s. Up the Buccs!

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Woo hoo! It's available in Canada for downloading. I have a few business acquaintances that are native and living in West Africa that would love the Z10 & this app.

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