Kevin's Tip: How To Cope with BlackBerry Bold Cravings (and BlackBerry Bold Release Date Updated Info)!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jul 2008 02:13 am EDT

The Cure for BlackBerry Bold Cravings!

Buy Bold! Fruit-Flavored Tic Tacs!!!!! BlackBerry is a fruit...ya got Bold on the package... this is totally the CrackBerry "patch" while we wait for our BlackBerry Bold fix. It might not have 3G, but at least your breath will be TASTY & FRESH! Seriously, I've gone through 14 packs of these this week. :-)

Humor aside, lets move onto BlackBerry Bold RELEASE DATE UPDATED INFO. Let's start with Rogers. While we were *hoping* to see a press release today announcing the launch of the Bold next week, that hasn't come through (press releases are just a tease anyways!), but it DOES appear that our July 29th hypothesis is holding true with Rogers now firmly set on that date. According to BB News, we're looking at the following:

  • July 29 - Rogers (firm)
  • August 1 - Vodafone UK
  • August 4 - T-Mobile Germany (firm)
  • September 1 - AT&T
  • In September - O2
** Update on Rogers - WOW... things are nuts today. While BBNews reconfirmed the 29th release date as "firm", all day long we've been hearing various things from Rogers-connected folk. We must be close, as the dates are getting thrown around like crazy, but range from the 29th through the 7th or even later. It's not that necessarily the info being put forth is "wrong" (people reporting it are confident in the dates) and old info reported (25th announcement/29th release) was at least "right" at the time it was reported (and things change), but info around the Rogers release date is just alll over the place. I give up... you win Rogers, I've gone crazy!! Will report when the Bold becomes available. Till then I'll eat some Bold Tic Tacs and play on my KickStart! **

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Kevin's Tip: How To Cope with BlackBerry Bold Cravings (and BlackBerry Bold Release Date Updated Info)!!!


LOL That's awesome. I am on Verizon... so I keep watching the weather hoping for the chance of a ThunderStorm :)

14 packs huh?

Given maybe 50 mints per pack at 2 calories per mint, that's 1400 calories roughtly. Almost enough to sustain you for one day. :p

I think this confirms what I heard last night from someone at AT&T. She said that they usually get a notice of when something is coming a month in advance and she hadn't heard yet, which means that the last week of August to the first week of Sept sounds about right. I need a new phone, but I am not opposed to waiting.

Hm... that's odd. I just got cofirmation from my boss that it would be mid-August.

Where did they get this information of a "firm date"?

We still cannot order it directly from Rogers, which means that there is no way I would have it in by the 29th by now. I call shennanagins.

I read in that article that AT&T is having a contest. Is that only for AT&T employees? Does anyone know about the contest?

I just called 5 different Rogers stores and they all said that with in the end of Aug into September is when the BOLD will be released...I'm so dissapointed to hear that :(
One rep even said October....What the hell!!
Hey Kev, How reliable are your sources???
I hope they are right about next Tuesday!!

when it comes to Rogers Release Date sources, I'm not sure any sources are reliable anymore... :)

we're reporting the info above as it comes from

But it sounds like it's all over the place.

Ya know, when dates are reported, at the time they are reported the info is likely "correct"... but then things change. So it's not necessarily that rumors are "wrong", but only right for the moment.

this one is driving us all nuts.

"My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at the AT & T store last night after he asked about the Bold's release date."

I'm just going to practice my patience and wait for the Bold to show up on AT&T's website as available for purchase...

My cousin works at AT&T and she said it isn't on the horizon. She said they haven't even seen it on the release calendar.

I hope next week she'll have a release date for it.

I work for two major Canadian corporations with about 200 and 2,500 Blackberry users respectively.

We just negotiated new corporate rates for one of those companies along with a contract for new devices. As some of our employees are still using the 7200-series Blackberrys, we will be replacing the majority of the devices to the latest model. We were told by our Rogers representative that the Blackberry Bold will be available August 6. Unfortunately for us, we are primarily a seasonal/summertime operation and will not be able to wait until August, so we opted for the 8820. That, and it's probably going to be more expensive than the Bold (but he didn't divulge any details regarding costs.)

Speaking with our Rogers representative for the other company, she also confirmed the August 6 date as the day that my employees can get their hands on a Bold.

I was at the Rogers Cup Women’s Tennis Tournament in Montreal today and I saw and used to bold...I was told by a the rep in charge of the booth that he spoke with his guy at RIM before setting up for the Tourny and that Rogers will be releasing it by the end of next week (i.e. Max Aug. 8th) and that it definitely wouldn't be for tomorrow...I'd like to think the guy wasn't feeding me BS, but who knows. Let's hope he's right!!

According to this morning's National Post and the Seeking Alpha blog, Canaccord Adams Channel Checks (which apparently monitors carrier channels for product sell through information) says the Bold launch has been delayed a couple of weeks. So the August 8-19 dates appear to be the most reliable date range for a Rogers launch.

After a week of evaluating the iPhone 3G (and having seen a Bold in operation) my suspicion is that RIM is still trying to get the browser right. Just a gut feel from all my network of contacts, which includes some app developers.

At today's analyst call Rogers refused to provide a release date. Notably they only mentioned two devices by name: iPhone and Bold and talked about how they are depending on these two smartphones for their wireless revenue growth.

I am watching the Rogers Cup and I noticed that Marta Domachowska's trainer was rocking the Bold, She had it in a holster, How did her trainer get one?!?!
It's not even been officially realeased, How are celebs and sports figures getting their hands on them and we the commoners are forced to wait and when it's out we have to pay top dollar for it....I'm pissed off!!!
I want it but I'm pissed off that it's taking this long...Get your asses in gear Rogers!!