Kevin Spacey - BlackBerry Bold User and Twitter Addict; Win BlackBerry Stuff with our Ongoing Twitter Contest

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jul 2009 11:23 am EDT

Now I'm sure David Letterman knows all about Twitter, but he played dumb on the show a couple nights back when he had Kevin Spacey on a guest. Kevin busted out his BlackBerry Bold and educated David in the ways of Twitter. It's funny clip, be sure to watch. And if you're wondering what Twitter client Keyser Söze himself is using, by his description from sending a tweet it sounds like TwitterBerry.

Ongoing Twitter Contest: We just gave out another free app this morning in our Ongoing Twitter Contest. All you need to do for your chance to win is follow @crackberrykevin on twitter. It doesn't get much easier than that - I want to give a lucky follower a new BlackBerry Tour (or other device of choice) soon, so be sure to follow and spread the word.

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Kevin Spacey - BlackBerry Bold User and Twitter Addict; Win BlackBerry Stuff with our Ongoing Twitter Contest


Sweet! That would be awesome to win a Tour. I'd have one already but I can't afford $500 to upgrade early without the discount at Verizon. Gotta wait until April....that is gonna kill me.

Kevin Spacey is indeed using twitterberry, I just checked his twitter page, the tweet is still there...I think he should switch to ubertwitter personally...

err Kevin.. this was in the forums months and months ago...


its old when twitter just started getting big..

Well, by Twitter's own account of the event:

Dave says hi. On letterman.2:03 PM Jul 21st from TwitterBerry

Wow, sleuth-like indeed.

i have never seen so many people willing to enjoy the fun of a phone like i have with BB...almost more than the iphone ...

i must say i wanted the BOLD but i just got my TOUR and its my 1st BB and i am enjoying every moment of it...oh yeah twitterberry is the best

Follow me

and KSpec is the

For the great Contest convinced me to try out far i am a little slow catching on, but i am starting to enjoy it!!

Yes, the description sounded like TwitterBerry but there's an even more obvious sign. Go to his twitter and you'll see under his tweet from the show that it says right on it that it was from TwitterBerry.

That was funny. I love Kevin Spacey and Dave has been one of my favorites since my college days in the 80's. That was typical Letterman, not knowing technology and being a dork....
We need to help Kevin and get him to use something other than TwitterBerry (Ubertwitter, SocialScope, TweetGenius). Someone needs to get him up to speed. He's missing out on a lot of good features.

First I was looking at the BB Storm, but I heard too many complaints, so I turned my eye to the BB Tour... ohh, how I would love to have that as my new phone... i'm waiting for my 2 years to be up, VZW, So that I can get my new phone... but it would be fun to WIN it too!!! I've had this crappy LG Env, and it only did it's job the 1st year, no wonder they came out with an env2 a couple months after I got mine, psshhh...