Kevin Pietersen Rocking a BlackBerry Bold 9700 ... and the Cricket World Cup

By Adam Zeis on 17 May 2010 12:12 pm EDT
Kevin Pieterson Bold 9700

Being from the good ol' USA I really don't know much about cricket, but I know a BlackBerry when I see one. This image has to be one of the best in recent memory for CrackBerry Sightings. Seen here is England's Kevin Pietersen after winning the final of the World Twenty20. In one hand he's sporting the Cricket World Cup, and in the other a Bold 9700. Any way you look at it he's in good shape. The image is from the latest issue of Metro UK. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!



Congrats to England! I love Blackberry! I love Cricket!
Thanks for the great picture!


i am just glad that australia lost! Congrats england for defeating them.


He's took some stick in the UK media here in the past. Well done to him and the boys!


Yes and rightly so....for one he turned his back on SA, his country of birth along with a few other SA cricketers who are now playing for dont forget Morgan, Irish born player who now plays for England.

To be honest it wasnt really a fully english team that won it...more like SA b team won it.

Congrats to SA B team though...well done on surpassing the A team who were knocked out by Pakistan lol.


now its been a long time since I have seen a cricket pic on CB! woohoo congrats England


Nice one England! You were awesome! I keep wondering if he's that happy because of the trophy in his right hand, or because of the Berry in his left hand?!! I know i'm that happy each time i pick mine up!!


Mi blackberry Bold 9700 es el mejor teléfono del mundo, gracias RIM!!!!!!!!!!


the colonies saved the colonists...LOL


Well, he may be using a Blackberry but I don't think he's a true Blackberry fan like some of us are. I wouldn't hold my Blackberry that hard.


That guy has enormous hands.

Coffee Addict

Even lara was holding one and signing autographs at the final. Don't have a pic but saw it during live coverage


The English captain is in good company, the Blackberry is widely used in Barbados


Damn England! Congrats to them, and in particular the SA boys that won it for them... :P


he can't decide between holding the Cricket World Cup he just won with both hands or texting everyone that he knows who wasn't watching it, Haha..


They're all British Empire. We've owned everyone at one time or another.


Congratulations England on T20 .. this is the first time they won a big title in cricket history. Keep up the good work.


Was right there with him and Dwight Yorke and Lara rocks a Pearl Flip 8220