Kevin O'Leary dumps his iPhone for the BlackBerry Z10

O'Leary & Lang
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Mar 2013 06:20 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 received a HUGE endorsement yesterday from Kevin O'Leary on yesterday's episode of the Lang and O'Leary Exchange. If you're outside of Canada you may not know the show, but you'll likely know O'Leary. He's one of the Dragon's on Canada's Dragons Den and Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank.

A super successful entrepreneur, O'Leary is one of those guys who pulls no punches. He always has an opinion and he's not afraid to voice it. He doesn't really care who he pisses off. To some, he can be pretty annoying. In other words, I like him - he reminds me of me. Maybe it's something about the name Kevin. :)

If you're a BlackBerry fan, hit up the video above and you'll like O'Leary too. Agnostic when it comes to technology, O'Leary has knocked on BlackBerry in the past, but now he's gone ahead and ditched his iPhone for the Z10. All it took was a compelling real life demo. 

Apparently David Chilton -- the Wealthy Barber -- showed up on the set of Dragon's Den with a Z10. Previously, Chilton said he wouldn't switch to the new BlackBerry platform until there was one with a physical keyboard (the Q10). After a little demo of the Z10's keyboard in action, O'Leary was sold. 

We've said before over the years that the best way to sell a BlackBerry is to put in a person's hands. With BlackBerry 10 this is more true than ever. O'Leary notes that it's this type of word of mouth and real life endorsements that are going to a long way for BlackBerry.

Hit up the clip. Props to O'Leary. Way to #SELLLIKEHELL!

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Kevin O'Leary dumps his iPhone for the BlackBerry Z10



This is generally the style of the show... Kevin O'Leary is known throught Canada as a big ass. If you think money is king then he'd be your best friend, but the is no loyalty there, He'd as soon son as throw you to the wolves. Amanda Lang usually has to bring Kevin's big head down to earth with his inane rebuttals with sensible discourse.

Kevin is not a stupid man. I used to dislike his views. Over time I came to respect his way of thinking. To be clear, both of them have big heads and equally big opinions. They wouldn't be on the show if they didn't.

Hahahaha. 'I always have the best.' very true now that he has the Z10. Love this man, has a clear mind. I'm assuming he's on at and t, so for a week or so he didn't have the best with the iphone!

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The Co host seems like she is trying to find an argument why it is a bad idea. But can't find a good reason that would make sense except the nobody is using it one. Which of course is a logical fallacy.

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She (the co/host) is actually the one who has stuck up for BlackBerry over the last few years while Kevin has been cutting them up.

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No she hasn't in my view. She may throw a few positives, but always ends on a negative, and her facial expression is one of doom and gloom. The CBC is so anti RIM/BlackBerry its mind boggling.

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Not true. When all the other channels would use a laptop on the anchor person desk during new broadcast CBC was using a PlayBook. Most notably the Peter Mansbridge show. Also they had many BlackBerry apps for the z10. Ctv global and city still don't have any for the Z10 or the play book but the service other platforms!

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I actually just clapped. No word of a lie just clapped, and wooed of course. As I flick these words to the comments box, I only wish more people would give it a try.

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Great news! Now let's get it in the hands of the rest of the doubters out there.

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I posted on the dragons den website that he was a hypocrite. He referred to BlackBerry as " the Dead" on cfrb. I called him a hypocrite for having BlackBerry as a sponsor. I also reminded him that he said, when BlackBerry stock was about $7 that he said people would only make "A buck or two" on the stock.

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That's his whole persona to make himself be the guy everyone loves to hate. I wonder if people will have such nice comments about him when he switches away from the BB at a future date. :) .

Well, when the BlackBerry A Series is available at the end of the year, I'm sure he will pick that one up as a his replacement. This is clearly not the BlackBerry of old.

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Or when the new Galaxy comes out or iPhone. This guy after all pretty much wrote off BB, & people called him an idiot. There was a forum post not too long ago about a panel on the CBC discussing Blackberry and how most of the panel were dissing it, except Amanda. Now Kevin says he switched & comments say he's a great guy, Amanda on the other hand is annoying etc. I guess because she still uses her old BB, & called Kevin out for being easily swayed which IMO he was. I find it very funny how quickly opinions change on here :)

I think that she has the hots for Kevin. Look at her eyes when she is looking at him. There is a sparkle in them.

She really has the hots for the Z10. Her words may say "no", but the eyes give it away. ;-)

Hell, I don't know the show. I'm from the US, but I like this line of thinking

She's great. And a BlackBerry lover.

They have a deliberate confrontational style and always talk over each other. The best news show on Canadian TV by far.

This story feels vaguely familiar. like I had seen it on the forums somewhere last night... or something... ;-P

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I agree with him on the word of mouth. As long as all of us are big proponents BlackBerry will make headway. You don't see other phones getting support like this except the iPhone, maybe the S3.

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He is a busy and productive and values the time savings that the BB10 brings. Lets hope more people get concerned with saving instead of wasting time.

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This is exactly the thing that's going to really help BlackBerry in the future. Kevin is an influential businessman.

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Enjoy the celebrations while you can, he's known to change phones/platforms frequently. When the GS4 lands, he'll be pumping that.

"When the GS4 lands, he'll be pumping that."

Only if they beat the BlackBerry in terms of efficiency. Not likely.

And judging by the devices he had, he was carrying the 9900 as well as his iPhone/Z10 etc.

Let's be fair about Amanda Lang...She luvs her BlackBerry...she just doesn't like the way Kevin used to chide her for being a loyal Blackberry user..and suddenly it's manna from heaven...She wasn't knocking Blackberry so much as she was trying to get Kevin to admit he bounces around a lot and he should have apologized to her for his past rude comments about her affection for her BB (see previous episodes).....In the same vein, he owes Arlene Dickinson an apology also for being so negative on Blackberry last season when a Blackberry cover was introduced on the show...Arlene was the only one to stick up for was only a few weeks ago he wouldn't look at Blackberry unless his kids in the basement would take notice OR RIM/BB owned 5% of the convert...good on him...same as Cramer...just don't forget their apathy in the trenches...

I watch the show every night. I was pleased to hear his comments. Amanda is usually the nice one on the show and usually the BlackBerry supporter. Kevin seems to enjoy new technology whenever it is released and quick to point out that the publics purchasing decisions are not always rational....dependent on teenage girls etc.

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That really was some endorsement. I like when he said "I always have the best and this is the best "

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It's really true that this publicity is the best type of marketing.

It's the reason why I try to give people a great demo of BlackBerry 10 when they ask about it.

Right now. Most people don't even know what BlackBerry 10 can do. They still have BlackBerry OS 7 still stuck in their minds.

We need to unite and help change the perception that BlackBerry has in the market!

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I think some people think of OS 5 or 6. The ball is rolling, friend. You, me and the rest of these CrackBerry addicts will make this one of the best come back stories in tech.

Kevin is awesome apart from being my favorite shark, this guy knows where it's at and he tells it like it is
And the reporter /anchor sitting there trying to poke holes in Kevin reasoning..... only a fool would go up against Mr. wonderful !!!

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i watched shark tank and he's a beast and wants to make if he complimenting and verifying the absolute new technology of BB, that means a lot, especially from a investor standpoint

The host is obnoxious. Telling him that he is impressionable. Obviously she is anti blackberry. But like everyone who owns a Z10 know. Get one in your hands....then comment.

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I know I just said Lang should shut up lol But they need someone like her to counter him, he's sooo obnoxious. And she said she's just waiting for the keyboard, so I don't think she's anti Blackberry (even if she thinks they're not a good investment)

It's humour. She was laughing at him because he's the last person in the world who is "impressionable".

She loves BlackBerry by the way. She just wants the physical keyboard.

I couldn't understand a single word that woman has said.

Great endorsement for Z10 though.

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The best part about this is I can guarantee this is not an sponsored endorsement. Kevin doesn't NEED the money. nor does he care about the contracts. He is in a position that he gets what he wants when he wants it...
Score 1 for blackberry

Don't really like the guy. That being said, this is an amazing endorsement and may influence many Canadians' decision when looking for a new phone.

I'm with you on this one. Not a big fan of the man either but a valuable endorsement for BlackBerry.

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I spoke to Kevin personally when I met him at an investors conference he told me they were dead on arrival no hope and I said I have high hopes and was going to invest. I am incredibly happy he is jumping aboard to bad he didn't take my advise a year ago could have made the big bucks.

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Why are people unhappy with the cohost? She represents many BlackBerry fans...she said she's "waiting for the keyboard" aka the Q10. A BlackBerry is a BlackBerry, she just knows what she wants.

He's kind-of a tool... and did he declare whether or not he owned BlackBerry shares when he gave this endorsement? Also, does he have any enemies (I'm sure he has lots) that happen to also be short on BB that he wants to screw over?

He strikes me as the kind of person that you just can't take him at face value... my distrust of people like him is such that I always suspect an ulterior motive... even though BB10 is a superior platform, I'm just saying his endorsement of the platform may not be as simple as it appears to be.

I agreed. I'm not surprised if he pick up some shares recently. However, being a television personality, he does have some influence when he speaks for a product like the Z10. So it's all good for Blackberry.

I'll say this much, the man knows quality when he sees it. Mr.
Wonderful keep on rocking your Zed10, especially during shark tank episodes, the more exposure south of the border, the better it is for BlackBerry.

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Settle down, BlackBerry a big sponsor for Dragons Den. Let's not have a sponsor orgasm.

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Me gusta! It's awesome to see these on screen testimonials. I love seeing these vids and hearing people's positive reviews. Keep it up BBRY! The best is yet to come!

Thumbs Up! I shared this video to my Facebook page, most of my friends are IPHONE users. I will promote Blackberry.

I've really never liked O'Leary. Or I guess more accurately the persona he puts out there. I so enjoy their show though. For me watching him is like watching JR Ewing used to be (ya dating myself there eh?). He's a guy you just love to hate. It doesn't hurt that Amanda is soooo intelligent with the smoking hot looks to go with that brain of hers.

I certainly warmed to O'Leary after seeing this though. I don't recall ever seeing him change his mind like this in all the time I've been watching.

CB's Kevin is still much cooler though. He sips a beer while praising The z10. Heh.

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Who needs commercials, just air this EVERYWHERE. I watch Shark Tank all the time and Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O'Leary) is brutal and tough and he literally only wants the best. This says A LOT!

Excuse me major sponsor of Dragons Den is BlackBerry. Which is great We all love our Berries . careful

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If anyone has been watching their show for any length of time, and heard how Kevin has been going off on BlackBerry for a long long time, they wouldn't be trying to paint it as advertisement pressure or the like. He's been on DD for a long time.

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Wow ..... that is HUGE.
Kevin knows many many people ... and he will ORDER people to switch .... that is his MO. And people will listen to him because they know that he knows his stuff.

I agree with him.
After a few days of using the Z10, I can't use any other phone. Other phones are boring ... any I feel the need to always "Back up" ... never move forward.

The Z10 will sell by word of mouth .... and everyone knows it. I must have converted at least 10 people myself.

Leary 'O Leary come down to the crick there's an Irishman there who's washing prick. Dragons Den. Sponsored by Blackberry.

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David Pogue is the American Kevin O'Leary to a certain extent (not in term of personality, but in terms of their endorsement of the Z10 obviously). Walt Mossberg actually gave it a thumbs up too.

But I love Kevin O'Leary... fault him for being the poster child for capitalism, but you have to admire him for being perfectly honest about himself and what he is all about.

Now if we can get super smart and vivacious Amanda (his co-anchor) to sport a Z10 that will really be something..... She's the brains of the operation! ;)

Not really surprised here, I'm sure BlackBerry paid O'Leary for this. Not saying it isn't a nice bit of promo for BlackBerry, but Kevin O'Leary is so full of sh*t his eyes are brown. Also, doesn't BlackBerry partially sponsor Dragon's Den? Or possibly this show as well? It's really difficult to actually listen to this guy talk and not call B.S. on 90% of what comes out of his mouth.

Kevin Bashed BB in the past. Those are really is words. He LOVES the Z10 phone, and wouldn't risk his reputation on a bad product.

Do you not agree that the Z10 is awesome?

I don't currently own the Z10, but it certainly is a great big step in the right direction for BlackBerry. I've spent to little time with it to really determine whether it is awesome. I would just take what O'Leary says with a grain of salt, money determines his opinion.

Amanda don't wait for the Q10 jump on the Z10. You will be glad you did. I used BlackBerry keyboards for 14 years and very happy with the Z10.

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People are passing their iPhones onto their great grandmothers because they are old and buggy. ( the phone that is )

Enter Z10 ..... and believe .... because ..... they will SELLLIKEHELL!


that's huge publicity for BlackBerry on its new BB 10 OS! That's exactly what Mr Heins said and wanted "word of mouth".

The word will spread like wildfire about this mobile work horse computing beast. And as contracts come up for renewal, people will switch. It will take some time, but it will happen.

We are switching EVERYBODY at our workplace onto BB10 as the contract comes up for renewal.

FYI - The phones are a mix 40% iPhone, 60% BlackBerry.
Within 18 months, everyone will be on BlackBerry.

Amanda ... uses the BB9900 .... she loves the keyboard. You should see how fast she types. She is a TYPING MACHINE !

Agreed ...... but she wants Kevin. He has 300 Million dollars .... and can buy her a new Z10 or Q10 every single day of the month.

This is huge. People outside of Canada wouldn't really understand. He is on two different shows here, plus radio everyday. He has been hard on BlackBerry for awhile now. Never thought he would switch from his trusted iphone. Massive endorsement.

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I showed my Z10 to an I Phone user who switched from a BlackBerry 9800. The typing demo gets them every time. There's a million little things that add up to an amazing experience. You know you have something when iphone users get defensive. I actually like it better when they are smug. Envy is such an ugly emotion.

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This is the best endorsement I've seen for the Z10 so far. This guy doesn't give out shout outs or compliments to anyone or anything except himself.

O'Leary is quite a bull when it comes to business. I initially thought him to be an a$$ but I came to respect his no nonsense approach. He really is honest and straightforward when he says something. To have him endorse BlackBerry is quite something. It's good to see. Hahaha... seeing a Z10 as I type this.

I heard him on CFRB on the way to work,in his Cold Hard Truth commentary, saying basically what he said in the video, very enthusiastic in fact raving about the typing experience.

Great to see and great for BlackBerry. Some people in this thread are so right. More people need a hands on demo for just 5 mins with a Z10 and they will want one. I don't know how many people I have converted to/back too BlackBerry from letting them play with my z10.

I mentioned it before on crackberry that my goal is to get 100 people into a bb10 device. So far since I gort mine on Feb 5th (Canadian launch) I am up to 16 people that I have gotten them to get a Z10.

Anyways, great to see Kevin is supporting BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Mr O'leary has always used BlackBerry, he has been using two phones for awhile now. BlackBerry for security and the other phone for the rest. O'leary has been down on BlackBerry because of the lack of innovation. This definitely is a good endorsement.

BlackBerry Z10-Go Leafs Go

Geez, Amanda should have let Kevin talk. He was selling it like crazy and it was all she could do to shut him up.

I'm pretty like Kevin is when the subject is blackberry. My country Brazil is completely blind about anything else than iPhone or Apple stuff. The brand is so deep in people's mind that it's being hard to anyone introduce new technologies. I'm one of the few Brazilians that had the opportunity to acquire a Z10 at launch on February 5th. What I can say is that anyone who sees me using my phone, even to the carries' employees get completely amazed with the features built in out of the box. Unfortunately all carriers have to follow what the market wants as their technology. I was informed by an employee of Vivo that blackberry is being discontinued. You should see everyone's face and the little audience formed behind me to see my demo. My wife is known as the one who has the best cellphone at the University, I assume 90% are iPhone users and the rest Android. When shooting a photo or making a movie of any event, the colleagues ask her to assume the job with the Z10. I lived many years in Montreal and I know O'Leary well. When I saw this video I realized that I'm right once again with my choices. He doesn't need to lai regarding the commercial part. I'm like him: I ALWAYS HAD AND ALWAYS WILL HAVE THE BEST!!!

BlackBerry for ever. SellLikeHell!!!

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Honestly its about time ! someone who's not afraid to say that "old technology" until someone surpasses this one ! I love it.

Great publicity BlackBerry is coming back. I also read a comment about how some iPhone users get angry when you tell them the BlackBerry is a better phone, that describes a friend of mine to a tee, he's so smug about Apple and thinks Apple is god. Pathetic. Haha

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.....and now the game begins. The game changer has been ceded into the mix.

It will be proved out once again that when a good product is brought to market the market will decide if it succeeds. Not analysts. Not critics. Just consumers.

Posted Via CB10 with my Z10

I love O'Leary. He will tell it like it is! Amanda Lang will keep him in line though. This is great news. A ringing endorsement from him is like finding a bunch of 20$ in your pocket that you forgot about.

Posted via CB10

Kevin is the BEST. He has earned all of our respect.

He deserves to be treated like a world leader. Hail to Kevin !!!

Im LOVING my z10 ... but....

BlackBerry needs to keep up the good work.. While the z10 is awesome it still needs polish and big name apps NEED to join the party. That to me is my only thing that kinda sucks at the moment.

Getting responses like "We currently have no plans to develop our app for BB10" really hurts. Though it is my understanding that the current OS just doesn't have the support for some apps.. those that need to run in the background for example.. leaving an app running in one of the 8 slots is not pretty.

Trying to keep positive..


I agree... Big name apps have to come right now. And Blackberry should also make some very "sticky" apps, not just BBM that can only be used with other BB users.

It has over 100,000 apps, and it is only 2 months old. Give it some time to mature.
Did you notice that not one single "app" word came out of Kevin's mouth?

He loves the UI and the OS ........ Obama loves his as well ....

Easy to dump the iPhone for the Z10 on impulse, but it is not easy to remain with the Z10 in real life day-to-day living because the apps are simply not there.

Willing to bet that there may very well be a story in the next few weeks on Android Central with the headline 'Kevin O'Leary Dumps his Z10 for the HTC One'...

Regardless of how CrackBerry spins the Z10, that there are no major apps on the platform is a HUGE problem for many.

I am sure that you will very soon start seeing a major push of IOS apps being migrated to the BB10 platform. The tools now exist to compile native ios/objective c source into BB10 apps. As doing this will now be almost effortless, IOS app authors will surely jump upon this band wagon and do there best to get their apps onto the BB10 platform.

Enjoy your in and out iphone. A cheap ipod can meet your toy needs. If you need a workhorse that can communicate efficiently, get a z10

Posted via CB10

No it gets more addictive as you go and you do more app work arounds because there's no way you are going back to any other experience.

Posted via CB10

Thinking the same thing as I played this back in my head a few times. As Kevin plays with it more he will love it more but the lack of certain Apps may get to him. Especially no major bank Apps. But he is a smart guy so hopefully he will understand it takes time on the new platform, be patient...* fingers crossed.

As soon as RBC gets their sh!t together my life is complete with my Z10.

If those missing apps are "Must haves " I'll be a monkey's uncle. Anyone can make a list of must have apps and stack the deck the way they want it to lead. Ask someone else to write a different report and they'll come up with something else. I've downloaded or side loaded over 75 BlackBerry Z10 apps in the past month.

Why on earth do we with BlackBerry phones have to 'side load'? Why??

If I want Android apps, I'll go get myself an HTC One - why should I have to endure an inferior experience of Android apps via the Z10? Makes no sense to me whatsoever. No sense at all.

Of those downloads five are side loaded. The BlackBerry World appmosphere is still in its infancy at 100,000 apps so for now I'm satisfied. Side loading and porting are not ideal in my mind, but one year from now it won't be an issue.

You've gone through all 100,000 apps, have you? Do you also know how many rubbish apps are on other platforms? You took the time to go through at least one other platform that has 700,000 apps? How many were rubbish? Go troll somewhere else.

Mr Geezer, - update the list Open table is on Z10 and Subscription Bloomberg for the professional Investor is on Z10, Real time Stock quote App for $2.99 is on Z10 and is a gem , the battery life since the last OS upgrade has been awesome no battery issues here , NObix radio is all I need , The rest of the apps will come. Hey Spotify, free Bloomberg, Skype, Instagram and other APP developers I will pay you 25% more to get you on BB10 even if your free so there is my offer !, The Entreprise apps will come no worries. I have my folder called Manager with 16 key productivity apps add in the new update Adobe reader with Text Flow and edit feature is awesome, I am a very productive + a power email and messenger user. My buddies still pinch and zoom to read a 30 page PDF's on iOS and Droid are they lazy ?. My Z10 has the best messenger service period with HUB Peek & Flow + BBM & Whats App + Google talk + Social APPs integrated in the HUB are all great great feature's, The rest will come and would be a bonus only !, The Z10 LTE browser with Peak Flow and Share is awesome. Games, well I love my Chess, the best Shuffle board a few others . .... and Oh the Z10 / Q10 Keyboards ....well I rest my case !! Now can I make my BBM phone call please !!

I like Mr. Wonderful. See she was doing what just about all the media is doing. Someone says how great or just making a complement on blackberry and they try to talk over them.

Hopefully this creates a snowball effect. It's encouraging to see this level if support from influential people.

As far as I'm concerned, this is still very much within the business realm, which blackberry already has a decent foothold in. All BlackBerry needs next is to get more trendsetters using their device - bring in the cool factor.

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That was a huge endorsement for BlackBerry! Thus guy is my favorite shark dragon im glad to serve he's in BlackBerry now

Posted via CB10

This article claims that BB10 can have only 8 active frames and that ios and android can have much more. In 30 seconds or less I can show what true multitasking means and I can silence the most hard core iphone and android users.

Posted via CB10

Shark Tank is a biproduct of Dragon's Den (Canadian) , which is also a biproduct of a series called Venture. I've watched all of these loyally for years.

I saw the story great story, just as a suggestion, perhaps it exists but maybe it doesn't as I never found it. There should be a spot on this site where we can suggest/direct your fine team to stories? I reported this store 23+ hours ago from within the Thorsten Heins article, because I didn't know where else to do so..

Also perhaps a contest!!! Yah!!!!

He appeared on a much earlier broadcast on CBC NN with Heather Hiscox where he was able to make it clear that he bought and paid for the phone, some people are suggesting he's being kind to the Z10 because of some sponsorship deal. He also mentioned he'd be replacing his "US" phone, an S3, with a Z10 once he was able to buy one from Verizon on his next trip across the border.

He's completely right I felt the same way about the keyboard but I'm sold now I still may end up buying the q10 at full retail just to have it cause I always need to have the best new blackberry lol :)

Posted via CB10

Does she always over talk her guests? This is great advertising. "I have to have the best Amanda you know That" "Best technology out there until someone surpasses it"

Posted via CB10

None of the Dragons have ever promoted a sponsor of the show, which is several seasons old. Shark Tank is only a couple of seasons old.

The best O.S. in the world.
Kevin is smart and fun
Kevin dump ios iphone
I dump ios iphone.
You dump ios iphone.
We all dump ios iphone...
I like to dump it, dump it!
I like to dump it, dump it!
You like to dump it, dump it!
We all like to dump it, dump it!
No need to have 8 cores when you posess the best software
Already 100 000 Apps
The only smartphone in the world with whom you can make "Afters" when you finish cloud computing...
After only 2 month the already a great guy, smart, elegant and fun .
Comme back fom your summer camp with great souvenirs.
Come back from the futur with "Timeshift" to get everyone smile and use also this fantastic feature... The "Story maker"...
It's so fun with Blackberry

Now we just need Don Cheery to endorse BlackBerry and you have the Canadian market sown up!

Posted via CB10

For sure. I can't recall the last time I visited a Timmy's and there wasn't a large lineup either at the drive thru or when walking in. That kind of product placement/advertising would be a beast.

After a week of using the z10 i find it very difficult to go back to iOS. I gotta agree with Kevin. This is the best piece of technology on the market right now. Hands down.

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

ive been going thru the forums and dere is a decent amount of threads wid ppl sayin dat dere z10 keeps restarting randomly....

to all the z10 owners, is dis true or ppl just love to troll??

I never had that problem as well. It works perfect.
Can you video record what is going on, and send it to Kevin.

Are you possibly implementing the " Five Finger Flush " ?

Today is March 31, 2013 (Happy Easter). Bought my Z10 on February 5, 2013 (Happy Z10) and it never restarted on its own.

They cut each other up constantly. It's the whole dynamic of the show. People seeing it for the first time would question this understandably. It's usually Kevin cutting get her up about BlackBerry. She has used BlackBerry for some time now. You can one in her hand.

Posted via CB10

IMO he is the biggest donkey on the planet and his views on money is an example of everything that is wrong with the world. That said, this is pretty much the only thing I'll ever agree with that comes from this man's lips.

I love my Z10!

Posted via CB10

Everyone should be kissing the ground that Kevin walks on.
He is an out spoken man who always speaks the truth. Like it or not.

That's pretty cool but his co-host should learn not to over speak people. I had to re-play the video to hear his views.

The z10 is a good device, software is great but apps that I'm using on my iPhone 5 is not there. They need more dev support that much is obvious but without more users the platform is likely to be a niche product - the old chicken and egg argument applies here. No users no apps, no apps no users. That's the only way to win back and then some.

Endorsements are a start, eventually blackberry has to act and deliver a robust ecosystem. It's not enough to release hardware as anyone can do that. If apple is the bar then blackberry has to move that bar higher - there's no choice, it's now or never. We all know that after the dust and hype settles on the release of the much anticipated q10 people will wonder and start asking - how is this better than the iPhone ?

Just saying, cheers.

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This is awesome. He was so anti BlackBerry before, but once he got to see it and use it he was converted. He's got a lot of influence in the market. So for him to backing up the Z10 like that says a lot. He wouldn't be doing that If he didn't truly believe in the device, because his reputation would be on the line. This video should spread like wild fire. Already posted it on my Facebook. Let's see how many share it. I think in about 3 months most people in the US will realize what this device can really do and sales of the z10 and most importantly the Q10 which will knock blow records for sure, a lot are waiting for that. I'm curious to see Q2 results then. Loved the video but I couldn't understand why Amanda was trying to cut him off All the time. What's her problem, she is a BlackBerry fan from what I know.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10

Whatever phone is the best is the one he wants. I suppose he'll jump to Android next time if he decides that its better than BlackBerry or iPhone.

Nice segment, but she did say that Blackberry was burning through cash and that is simply not true. They still have 2.9 billion in the bank. He should have called her out on that.
I should clarify that wasn't on the youtube clip but the continuing conversation just afterwards.

What a HUGE Statement.

BlackBerry users only deserve the best. ( Forgive me, but you would not understand unless you have used the Z10 for a few days )
BlackBerry is back !

@Jimcmf Thanks Jimbo, good to know how much more advance BlackBerry security is compared to the competition. Awesome! Thanks for the link.

I did Apple retail store opening 10 years ago - at the time we tried to just get people to try the computers - once they did they were sold. We showed them the basics and they ran with it. Same with BB10/z10...

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“If you don’t like the shorts borrowing your shares, then put a limit sell order for them at a really high price set to expire in a month form now. They can’t use your shares if you have an order to sell them. Not everyone might know this,’’ writes Cookster in the BlackBerry (TSX: T.BBB, Stock Forum) post.

That was a funny April 1 joke lol, but what got my attention is this quote: "which will see the end of BlackBerry devices as it's likely they will be phased out of the market" yes and for what the iPhone? lmfho, that alone is classic and something that will never happen. iPhone whether it be 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 etc., will never topple BlackBerry 10's QNX. If Apple was to buy BlackBerry for anything over $80 Billion (MINIMUM), they would completely dump the iPhone and it's inefficient iOS in favour of QNX.