"Kevin Michaluk, Will BlackBerry Die or Will They Live?"

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2013 01:51 pm EDT

That's the question posed to Kevin in this get stuck in your head like crazy beat box video by member STV076. I really have no words aside from AMAZING.

And in response to the actual question? We'll have to wait for Kevin to get over the sure fame from this gem to find out.


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"Kevin Michaluk, Will BlackBerry Die or Will They Live?"


This question is a case study for business schools. In the meantime the organization known as BBRY will die yes. The tech will live. it's the cycle if life in this industry.

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Agreed. I am a huge fan but they are done. Tech will be bought and it will live on with Microsoft.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

Um, what? Microsoft has Windows Phone, and can easily buy Nokia (which now makes upwards of 80% of WP handsets) if they want to get into the phone hardware business.

They might want BBRY's patents but I can't see them wanting the whole company.

BlackBerry is more than just handsets - or at least it should be - and I wish people would realize that. Whether the Z10 and Q10 sell well shouldn't make or break the company - as a successful enterprise, BlackBerry needs to have more than just one or two products. Would like to see development of the QNX business made a bigger priority. As for the handsets, BlackBerry should keep making them. Keep innovating, keep improving. Turnarounds just don't happen in a quarter or two. Maybe a perceived turnaround can happen quickly but a fast change of fortune is rare in business. Don't be fooled by news cycles. Lehman didn't fail overnight. Read All the Devils Are Here or another good book about the financial crisis... they made their bed years prior with bad decisions. Same deal with Enron.. The company tumbled fast when the scam the people at the top were pulling was revealed, but that fall was years in the making. Similarly, BBRY has been heading downward for years. A turnaround will necessarily take time if it is to happen.

Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, iPod came out in 2001, but Apple really didn't hit their stride until the iPhone came out in 2005.

Well this is my 2 cents. With all the controversy with Heins, his 55 million pay day, the premature death of Playbook and countless botched dates, It's pretty clear to anyone Blackberry will be going out of business.

That being said I know there are literally millions of we Playbook and Z10 owners out here so I think Blackberry will be acquired by a super company and live on that way. Blackberry will still be profitable once it purges itself of this morbid leech Heins. The main question is will we Playbook and Z10 owners receive continued support on our devices, and my guess is yes.

Its all to clear that a management change at Blackberry will happen when they are sold. Heins has botched up too many things at Blackberry, and my guess is it was diliberately done so he could get his greedy 55 million pay day...at the cost of millions of loyal Blackberry supporters. I pride myself at reading people and I get a very bad vibe from Heins.

Heins, Stymiest, Bidulka & Boulben should all get their walking papers. Never in my years of investing have I seen such dismal performance of a chair person or executives when it comes to engagement of the investment community, shareholders or customers. I though Mike and Jim were deplorable on conference calls and then we have Heins and Bidulka. Their performance on the last call was worthy of the gong show.

Not to mention Roger Martin, whoever is in charge of U.S. Carrier relations and App developer relations.

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+1000 Heins has to go for sure. Look at it this way. This company has just under 3 billion in liquid cash with no debt. Thats a lot of money. There is NO reason Blackberry should be going out of business. Heins and his management team did this to Blackberry. Karma is a b*tch and Heins is going to pay.

Well said!!!!! Ichoose ypu as the next chairman of blackberry.. hopefully samsung will buy the technology.. or at least lenovo.. samsung need the backup os if google gives first option to motorola in android development. lenovo bought ibm's dying hardware business and turn it around. Except for those two, i cant see any silver linings..

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Samsung has Tizen, and Samsung sucks. Lenovo could by BBerry, Lenovo makes quality products and is a good brand.

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Oddly enough in the past 15yrs only Siemens has bowed out. So what cycle of life do you speak of? I honestly expect Nokia to go before BBRY if it wasn't for MS

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there is some merit to this. Look at Palm...most every feature popular and unique about webOS has been adopted by the other Competitors. From cards to unified contacts. The problem is that BB10 has very few features to copy. Maybe hubs and live tiles?

Please please let this be true, I need BlackBerry because they do what everybody stop doing... I know I troll sometimes calling Bla1ze not being a developer and Kevin being a conformist who would not criticize BBRY for the PlayBook Fiasco but I really love BlackBerry and I hate they cripple their opportunities. They had big chances of doing the z30 instead of the z10 with all these features it will have. They had the opportunity to implement Jelly Bean 4.2, they could have done a lot. Yet they cripple their efforts. I hate home buttons, they are stupid shit, and I hate not having flash. I do need flash because in Mexico not all radio stations have apps but they do have websites that requires flash. I love multitasking, we need multitasking, god dammit this shouldn't even be an issue or a missing feature in any phone! come on!.. we have had multitasking since old Windows machines! how can iOS keep doing their so called multitasking or how can Android have a low standardized OS navigation, some times you hit home button and the app is minimized other times it is closed, some times you hit back button and the app is minimized and other times is closed! And is not trully full featured multitasking as well, I get twitter to reload all over again after I spend a time in chrome.

And the hub come on guys!... I'm tired of opening a notification center and open app by app just to get my messages... I need from android or iOS to implement gestures to navigate like BB and to have a sort of HUB. If BlackBerry is doomed I really would like them to change. You have 4 cores for Christ's sake! You have 2gb of ram in some cases, you can do better than that!

I need BBRY!


Great points.

I personally don't think they are done. People are nuts, and the media are illiterates who regurgitate shock factors.

Holding my Z10 in my hand, I can't see any device on the market which is better. Just apps are lacking. Big woop....

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agreed / and even then I run instagram and snapchat, then i'm happy to have vitals like BBM Facebook and Twitter, what more do I need??

Thanks, I believe a lot of us feel this way, even webOS fans, we all thought we reached the apex of mobile user experience, and the reality is that big marketing from the biggest players keep the "rest" blind, in the dark, they may never experience how truly amazing gestures are, at least until market share grows, but in the mean time, we have to walk among lies.

Yup, I'm a webOS past user too (now Cyanogen Mod user) and it frustrates me big time over the crappy buttons, no real close button and clunky interface. But I am thankful there is something to keep that tablet running great.

BlackBerry really did have a good thing going with the PlayBook. Yes, it took some time to get a native email app but once it came to be, this tablet just needed an improved browser and bumped up Android Player to keep on going. It's still very competitive. If a new version suddenly came out and got bumped up specs (CPU, RAM, Miracast, etc.) I'd actually prefer this tablet OS versus BB 10 and the resource munching HUB...it just needed polishing. Such a wasted opportunity just like webOS!

I still love my PlayBook...gestures are where it's at. People comment on how simple it is to use all the time. Then they go back to their iPads and Droid tabs and try to swipe...it makes me laugh and I shake my head each time because it's really that freaking simple and awesome.

Better get a will done up...just in case then. I'll take your Z10 if you have one. I don't need your PlayBook cause I have one already, please and thank you! PS, I'll give you my PIN and you can BBM me from the other side...

Live no problem. Comstock in Canada went under. They were privately owned and owed 76 million. BlackBerry has roughly 2.9 billion in the bank and no debt. Why does everyone keep calling for bankruptcy. Do you even know the meaning? How is Crackberry bringing up these negative articles all the time helping instill confidence? Guess Crackberry has been bought out by some Apple agglomerate so the BlackBerry bashing can run rampid here too!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I'm with you. I don't get it, they have money they are on the right path. So what if they don't sell 50 billion phones this year. they will one day. Im getting a little tired of all the apple trolls on this site. We get it you don't like BB so F-off and leave us alone. go waist your time with something you do like. i couldn't imagine trolling on an apple blog I hate apple

Other than the F-off - thank you for your positive and confident post. cdnjid and also to Playbook007. I get a new OS leak almost every week, we see new apps daily (I mean iHeart was kind of cool to see last week) and it's embarrassing seeing people around me fumble w/ their iPhones while I swipe. So, if Blackberry takes another year to get stable and really get OS 10.2 and then .3 done right. I worry that the negative talk will keep the government and Fortune 500 crowd from taking the plunge.

Exactly. I've NEVER gone to iMore or ANY Apple fan site to put down Apple products even though -- for me personally -- the iPhone has a horrible OS, and there is plenty that I COULD say if I wanted to be a jerks and rain on some Apple-fan's parade. I don't use an iPhone, other people do. Live and let live.

So I ask, what is the point of posting these anti BlackBerry comments on a BlackBerry fan site unless you're some friendless loner, starved for attention, and have to resort to getting negative attention from nameless people on the internet?

It's like the BlackBerry Facebook page... There are a group of people that have subscribed to the page JUST to constantly post negative comments (and I'm not talking about legitimate problems they're having with their phones, but meaningless anti BlackBerry slogans like "BlackBerry Sucks" or "iPhone rules! Get an iPhone!" etc...)

How sad is your existence on this planet that you need to resort to doing that on a regular basis?

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Your right about the Facebook page, tim cook is on there all the time saying blackberry sucks, because he has to make up for the fact that he can't innovate like jobs lmao!

Apple is the oldest Os out there, and it still lacks a lot if common needed stuff!

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You guys have to keep in mind that Crackberry's goal is to attract visitors and get clicks, comments etc. Thats how they get the advertising $$$. Blogs like the one above, questioning BB's future, will attract attention because everybody and their uncle has an opinion on it. Advertisers don't care if somebody has a positive or negative opinion of BB, as long as they show up! That's why you see so many polls and surveys, contests etc. on CB, to get people engaged who might not normally comment or anything. Keep in mind CB is a business and you might get a different perspective on what they publish.

I was referring to people making negative comments, not to CB or the content the BlackBerry FB page.

I think CB is right to post articles on this subject, since the issue exists, is on many fans and prospective fans' minds, and would otherwise turn into the giant elephant in the middle of the room no one will acknowledge.

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Yeah, I guess my response is mainly directed at the the first post by Playbook007, I never looked close enough at the others, sorry.

Lol so the taunting begins...

To answer your question, without a doubt they'll be around in some capacity, just maybe not one we'd be comfortable with as BlackBerry enthusiasts.

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In actuality, corpses do not continue to grow hair. However, as the body loses juices, it starts to contract and dry out... meaning whatever hair was below the skin in the roots start to actually expose. Just saying.

You learn so much posting on Crackberry.

Not all of it stuff you want to know though! :-D

I thought twice about posting this... but as I'm a horrible know it all, I figured it had to be said. :p

I concur...I've actually worked in this business in my past. They immediately put tonnes of creme ON YOUR EYES themselves and eyelids and in your mouth on your teeth and lips to keep as much fluid in the skin as possible. The things I've seen would make most people puke. I almost did a few times seeing decomps after they found bodies submerged or being handed bags of "parts" fresh from an autopsy at the morgue. Stuff you can't get out of your mind ever...glad I no longer see that stuff!

OK. You can say the CEO or CxO should change. I somewhat agree but not exactly sure. But I can tell you, BlackBerry will not die before year 3013.

LOL I'm speechless too now....oh boi.

Thank you Adam for posting!!!!!

Wow I would have done more takes on the vocals had I known this had front page potential.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Blackberry will live, theres a technology, a brand and a family they only need learn some marketing stuff, here in Colombia s**s.

If Kevin had worked with BlackBerry/RIM when asked if he wanted to work there none of this shhh would be happening today. Those dead A$$ marketing, would never been approved by Kevin, etc etc etc... I am just BS-in. This is a question not even Kevin can answer, Shit TH don't even know...

It's not a question of LIVE or DIE it's more of ADAPT or EXTINCTION .

Improve or suffer.

A man/company that doesn't learn from its mistakes is destined to repeat them.
The key to a successful company is do the simple things brilliantly.
Design, Marketing, Execution

Design : C+ Unoriginal - Get Radical - Hire Digital Homeboy ASAP!!!!! We are talking about BlackBerry survival. This is 2013 not 2007

Marketing : D- What does the phone do? Where is the common sense?
Ask Ridley Scott (he started in advertising)
Better still get him to recommend some excellent agencies.

Execution : C+ if it's not ready don't say anything. Better to say nothing than embarrass yourself and more importantly the company's reputation.

Time to relaunch everywhere. Let them BlackBerry is alive and fighting.

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Even if BlackBerry disappears I am going to cling on to my Z10 until it falls apart. Really hope thy stay independent though. Just privatize and be done with the rumors.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

BlackBerry will live. But privatization could kill it immediately. BlackBerry's problem is not the rumors or media bashing. BlackBerry's problem if from internal and ownership struggling. The internal mis-management is not easy to correct once the ownership structure gets right.

The FUTURE is easy because it doesn't exist. The PAST is painful because it is forever.

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They need to really step up their game if they want to survive. The reputation they have out there from all the negative news is sinking them big time. People perceive them as finished and out of date. It's sad to see how the onslaught of media can really turn things upside down.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

They media has been hash on BB since day 1. It is BB itself that has problem. Therefore, once BB has a true understanding of its internal problems, it will soon rise again. The problems are:

1. Corporate Governance;
2. Labor shortage in Canada - or small circle of Waterloo.

The people from U. Waterloo trying to compete against the people from the top Us all around the world. The company must get rid of this culture.

If you don't believe, Look at what each current CxO (except the great Legal Officer and the long time CFO) had to say when they took their office. They all licked Waterloo by praising the town the people. Why? To survive the unhealthy corporate culture.

That has been said, I want to make it absolutely clear that I don't oppose people of U. Waterloo and people of the town. U Waterloo is definitely the best science and engineering in the world. In my opinion better than those in U.S. I merely want to say, one U cannot compete against all Us around the world. Simple .

Never Say Die. BlackBerry should fight for their continuous existence. Be private and start from where you are left behind. Get as much people who are talented and ambitious from all over the world. Build the new BlackBerry all over again.

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if the Q10 is the last device they sell that i like ill be keepin it for awhile. love the qwerty and form factor. i really dont want a phablet with no keys :(

Smartphones are a loss leader for all the big players. Samsung probably makes little profit on the hardware but has catapulted it's name in the electronics space because of it while Google monitizes the OS and app sales. Similar for Apple, as they hook you with iPhone but get you to complete the ecosystem with a Mac and all the media accessories. Windows is trying to copy that as well.

BlackBerry is awesome but is trying to compete in the smartphone market which doesn't exist anymore. The smartphone market is a hyper-competitive marketing space to draw customers to a profitable ecosystem which BlackBerry doesn't have. BlackBerry can't lose money on phones because it has no other revenue source - but the competition is willing to lose or make no money while gaining market share.

Anyone with any ideas on how BlackBerry can get out of this trap - here is your chance to shine. Maybe crackberry should do a business case study for all the BlackBerry users and the one to save the company gets a big prize :)

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Um. This whole site is one giant brainstorming of genius ideas that EVERYONE @ BlackBerry has either failed to read or ignored out of sheer stupidity. The main idea of basic marketing even eluded the Corp mgmt team. I wonder if there are people in the offices with some fuckin great ideas and they are still sitting in their cubicles with their hands up yelling. Pick me pick me! And the mgmt walks past and shuts their office door. Dumb upper management.

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I have written in the past at how disappointed I am with BlackBerry, which I find is the tech most suited for me and my needs.
I am still disappointed and miffed and at a loss for words regarding the downward spiral and crash of a company that delivers beyond expectations.
2 playbooks and a z10 later and I still find that it does more than when I use my Android tablet and ipad.
Virgin Mobile has assured me that so far, that they will continue to service my z10 but will keep customers informed if Blackberry does go kaput.
So will I go through a heartbreak if things go bad and how will I survive and who will be my rebound......yes I know, over dramatic but i bet you all had a tear in your eyes.
I will continue to use the best thing since sliced bread......BlackBerry :)

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Regardless of BlackBerry's future, Kevin M. has a secure position with Mobile Nations as Chief Media Officer. One shouldn't make light of the anxiety of BlackBerry employees facing an uncertain future.

Right now looks like BlackBerry has been shot... now we have to wait and see what will happen... if they will get up and heal or cannot stand up and die.... well we just have to wait and see

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They can come back from the brink and thrive. Like Apple. But they must create that revolutionary experience. The z30 should reinvented and relaunched as the Z100. Bring the Astonishing Tribe into the mix with a branded revolutionary interface for new computing experience. Have BlackBerry develop from 7 unique and powerful must have applications. Best in breed business apps. The new OS is the future - its a matter of timing. But the market needs a new OS to make the leap into the future. Google is bringing to market wearable computing devices. What is BlackBerry's differentiator? Please do this soon. Show the world Canada is a tech innovator.

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Maybe Facebook will buy them. They have been trying to get in the phone business for years with zero success. Not saying I want them to purchase BlackBerry but they are a big company that doesn't already have a mobile OS so there might be a chance for BB10 to survive. They would also know how to market the platform. Could be an interesting idea.....at least we would have an official Instagram app to silence all the complaints.

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BlackBerry is playing the wrong game. It's not about the phone. It's about the OS. Good OS sells the phone! Please wake up.

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Quoting Hindu Philosophy... body dies but not the soul; and the soul will re-enter another body (re-birth) based on the good or bad deeds done in the current life.

So even if Blackberry company (the body) dies, the soul (technology) remains. It may just enter the Microsoft body or Lenovo body or a Private body.

Die... not a quick, Batamax type of death, rather a slower, more painful death not unlike say... audio CDs. Pieces of tech just may 'live on' QNX, perhaps other bits here and there, but as phones, and as a way of life, die they will.

BlackBerry ain't going anywhere with zero debt, 3 billions, 70+ millions subscribers and still selling 5 to 6 millions devices per quarter. It has the best BB10 software. On some features BlackBerry way ahead of competitions and the most easy to operate software on the market now. The only problems with BlackBerry are they have to meet the dateline they promised and they have to re-shuffle their marketing teams and willing to reward sale associates who can sale the most BlackBerry.

If BlackBerry had only bbos 7.1 it would surely die but
BBOS 10 is an awesome os. I'm sure BlackBerry Enterprise portfolio will take an upward trend from here on. Bbos 7.1 was not able to compete with ios and android but BBOS 10 has everything BlackBerry lovers need. It's only getting better. As more and more apps come on to BlackBerry 10 more android and ios users will shift to BlackBerry.

I used curve 8900 and as BlackBerry had no good full touch mobile i used android. When i saw z10 i was soo happy and as i started using z10, this is simply awesome.
It has the best typing experience. Fresh os. Guestures are gr8 to use. Best file manager. And the integration of the apps built for bb10 give the best experience. Just need more apps.

This BlackBerry 10 os is better than android and ios. I think everyone will agree if i say bb10 would have been a great success if it was released in 2010 just because by now it would have all apps. As we see in most of the articles about bb10 the only problem is apps.
More and more apps are coming to bb10 and it will take an upward trend.

Z10 is the best mobile. I love BlackBerry


It's terrible (puke). Worst than the developer band, which at least had a positive message to spin.

Sent from my Z30/3

He says it's the best on the market!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It has come to my attention that bbry has 70m users and 3b cash. Nothing to worry about. Just the shorts running scared

BB may still be around, but not as we know it currently. It may just be a service oriented company like Symantec. Software developer, no hardware.

Android OS comes up with Android 1.1 , no one cares if Google gonna die.
Blackberry OS comes up with BB10, everyone loses their minds.

I'm just joking. I know Blackberry is having fund issue and there's no other side-businesses to cover up the loss. Blackberry World need to have some famous apps in their list. The BB10 OS need to speed up the improvement such as 10.2 so that some famous apps can start working on mature OS instead of maintain it time to time on unstable OS. Blackberry marketing team need to come up with impressive idea to market those BB10 devices.

I love my Blackberry Q10 and I don't want Blackberry to die. They have the chance with BB10 OS and devices. Right now the only problem they are facing is time: OS development time, Apps development time, Market penetration, Operational cost daily, etc.

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I wouldn't be surprised because everything in this life has an end be it apples, berries or droid. I love berries but I feel that they have to be more innovative when it comes to new technology.

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They need to get out of ICU before having a good chance at life. I like the idea of a big company purchasing and correcting BlackBerry's tired foolish ways. When it comes to brutal marketing and bad public/press perception, BlackBerry is alive and kicking. A great company MAY erase both of these illnesses immediately. I will never pull the cord on BlackBerry's life support. They have made my life so much easier with the Z10. Shame others don't even know how brilliant the bb10 operating system is. Someone save them now!

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After the Z30 is canned, BB will sell off the hardware division and go software solution platform only.

So to answer the question, Yes, BlackBerry will live, just not quite as we know it now, going forward.

Apple went from almost out dead to ipod to iPhone to what they are now, it didn't happen over night. BlackBerry will turn around you will see.

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Apple had steve jobbs. A man so brilliant he knew bbrys future 3 years ago and how to save them. We have thorstein heins. A man who believes time shift is the second coming

Steve Jobs was nothing more than a ruthless dictator. He was fortunate enough to produce a product that took the smartphone a step further while the cell phone market was ripe. However BlackBerry has the best technology now. It's a matter of time and bb10 will be a dominant force. Apple is doing everything it can in the media and tech blogs to keep the lid on BB10 and it accomplishes this by funding the BlackBerry bashing on all levels. I am beginning to believe this site is also highly funded by Apple. Kevin, you claim to be the ambassador to BlackBerry, yet the articles and more than as of late lay the foundation for ongoing BlackBerry bashing by the trolls and aimed at demoralizing the BlackBerry community. All this talk is Bullshit. Although I am/was disappointed in the dropping of the PlayBook, which I still use and love, my z10, Bb10 are awesome. Android and iphones are antiquated besides this baby. I am not disappointed in BlackBerry as they are a much smaller company than Apple, they are constantly taking a beating, yet they have produced the next best OS period. Long Live BlackBerry. They invented the smart phone and now have reinvented the smart phone! Cheer up everyone, and if given an opportunity to show someone how it works, do it!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I am holding one of the last pieces of hardware made from them, but it's a matter of time. BBM cross platform will only speed it up.

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Unfortunately, bb10 will join the long list of great products that failed to reach critical mass in global acceptance.
As has been discussed numerous times, it's about the battle of the app Eco systems. Devs will just plain not write apps for an ecosystem with an uncertain future and a rapidly declining market share.
The battle has been fought and lost. Now we're at the bit where the bankers come in and shoot the wounded.

I think Blackberry is dead. All we have to do is get rid of this morbid CEO Heins. Don't worry, some rich company will buy Blackberry and it will live on.

There is a lot if good in the BlackBerry infrastructure and QNX which in the hands of the right management with solid backing of a major company could survive.

The handsets would get better and be an acceptable one in the increasingly commodity handset market. But it won't replace Apple except where security is paramount. With the increasing cyber war security is becoming more important. Apple and Android can not achieve the security BlackBerry has with their BES10 and QNX Handsets.

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BlackBerry will not die. They will have to start breaking the image of death by using some of its cash reserves. BlackBerry is like nwa hulk hogan right now, hated by everyone. Soon to be back to the real hulkimainia. I believe in Thor you haters can jump ship anytime.

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You believe in Heins who is most likely deliberately sinking Blackberry so he can receive a 55 million pay day? No CEO is going to be inept enough to make the mistakes this guy has made and then publicly admit to getting a 55 million pay day if he wasn't corrupt. You can't read people at all if you believe in this guy.

Simple answer: of course BBRY will stay alive no matter how it looks today. Every business will have its own turmoil and crisis mode where things are not going right but as long as everyone sits tight and buckles up well, enjoy the ride, the ship will gradually get itself out of the storm.

TH, in your hands I put my faith on BBRY. Keep the ship moving. BBRY doesn't have to be the 1st in the market BUT be the MOST viable leader on the next generation of mobile computing. Keep Moving!

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I'd love to see BB stays alive and be profitable... On the other hand, if they do go for sale, I'd like to see Yahoo Inc. acquires them. Assuming Yahoo has the money. Not sure what they are up to these days ... Yahoo vs Google ... Now that could be a good one ...

They'll die - as we know them. Which means BB10 will die as the consumers want to buy Android or iSomething - Not because it's superior but because the press says so (and because their peer group has the same).
It's a pity :(

Your wrong, consumers want BB10 , they just dont know it and since i am sure its the most LOVED os it will life. Will become one of the giants in marketshare. Its only been a few months and for getting into a new system I think they have done a great job! consumers will wake up, christmas is coming. research continues alive!

I think he's right. Blackberry is a good product but its a well known fact that an elite 5% of the population control what the other 95% see, hear and do. This includes the media, and unfortunately the media hates Blackberry because its simply just not profitable like Android and IOS. Blackberry will die, and if we're lucky it will be reborn under a different ownership with Android. Blackberry as we know it are done.

I've used to be z10's biggest fan.....i am profoundly disappointed and ashamed....i have no more bragging rights

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I hate to say it but I think they are done. Just thinking about myself personally the "unknown" future for BB is pretty close to a deal breaker. I pick up my Z10 go into BB world look at the top paid apps and games and realize that - yeah MAYBE I would be willing to pay for some but if BB isn't around in 2 years when my device refresh is due, why would I? I'm not going to invest into an eco system that is dying and really hasn't even done much to grow past where the Playbook was IMO. I'm as certain as I can be that in 3 years when I go to refresh my iPad i'll be able to bring most if not all of the purchases and personalization with me over to a new version whether it be a fancy skin on an old version or not :) And during that 3 years I won't have nearly the hesitation of investing into that eco system as I currently have with BB.
I used to scoff at the app obsession but it really is what all of these mini computers are about. Without them, they are all pretty much the same.
As a BB consumer user, I'd say they are pretty much dead as far as handheld devices go.
The all-in, hail mary pass of BB10 missed by a few yards. It was a hell of a throw and fun to be a part of though

I think they need to reinvent themselves as an MDM/Security company or a software services company.
Probably not the best example but think of Sega. They were big in gaming. But kept blowing their launches and bringing out ahead of it's time hardware that was under appreciated (sound familiar). Sony and Nintendo buried them. They shut down the console division and then they kept doing what Sega did really well, make video games.

Blackberry needs to reinvent itself.

Apple was a weeks away from closing it's doors and look where they are... I'm tired of this talk. airlines, US car Co.s and so on have/had the same tags. . .

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They are already dead - they just don't know it. I was a huge blackberry fan but the writing has been on the wall for some time; you would have to be delusional to think otherwise. Oh well, I will still use my Z10 until it dies but after which, it's on to another platform in which I don't have to keep bumping into the "oh, that app isn't available for your device" message as occurs far to frequently on BlackBerry. Oh and look at that, I have an update for my Skype app on my Vita while BlackBerry's is still in beta format. Why am I not surprised.

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If you are looking for app just for fun you should leave now rather than later.
If you want productivity or make more out of your limited time you should stay.

In short.

BB is for saving time.
Others kill time.

That simple

BlackBerry powered by Amazon.

Handset OS business to Amazon.

Maybe Samsung grabs BES/NOC.

But I'd be pumped if Amazon bought it. And yes you'd see a revival of the BlackBerry in the USA.

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I don't think so! BlackBerry might change in form but BlackBerry won't die!

BlackBerry still have its market, other companies might absorb BlackBerry if BlackBerry owner give us (impossible to happen) . If it really to die I hope the new owner won't be the Microsoft or Google.

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BlackBerry will survive this third chapter of the anti-BlackBerry movement, thrive and become stronger to fight the fourth and the more to come.

The media has been hash on BB since day 1. It is BB itself that has problem. Therefore, once BB has a true understanding of its internal problems, it will soon rise again. The problems are:

1. Corporate Governance;
2. Labor shortage in Canada - or small circle of Waterloo.

The people from U. Waterloo trying to compete against the people from the top Us all around the world. The company must get rid of this culture.

If you don't believe, Look at what each current CxO (except the great Legal Officer and the long time CFO) had to say when they took their office. They all licked Waterloo by praising the town the people. Why? To survive the unhealthy corporate culture.

That has been said, I want to make it absolutely clear that I don't oppose people of U. Waterloo and people of the town. U Waterloo is definitely the best science and engineering U in the world. In my opinion better than those in U.S. I merely want to say, one U cannot compete against all Us around the world. Simple .

LIVE!!! QNX on the mobile platform is AWESOME :D Months later and I am truly impressed with the NEW BLACKBERRY :D

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That depends on what happens to Blackberry. If it is disected and sold off into parts like an old car in a scrap yard, Crackberry is done. If it is bought by a super company and becomes Blackberry by Samsung for example, Crackberry continues too.

I think BlackBerry should keep going and fix what people think a BlackBerry device should have for their enjoyment, so don't fall BlackBerry producers, let's try again with a little bit more of encouragement and intelligence in what people think a BlackBerry should have. Your salvation is in what customers wants. Watch carefully

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The reason Blackberry is failing right now is not because of a lack of public support. Its because of inept management. This is why ANY business fails when they have plenty of cash flow like Blackberry does. Blackberry really needs to get rid of this money troll Heins. He has made so many idiotic decisions and is only interested in lining his own pocket with 55 million of the company's assets.

"NECESSARY"! So. Everybody get back to enjoying your BlackBerry z10s and q10s..be on the lookout for the z30, governments and business will jot let BlackBerry go away, plus. The tech that we have in the z10 is ahead of everybody's, it took 3 years for android to take off, everybody is panicking with in the first 6 months. Dan. You didn't panic. When we didn't have anything new fir 2years, but your panicking. When BlackBerry has 3 more products coming out negligible debt 72 million subscribers, BBM on the way cross platform, 3 billion dollars in cash,business's sewed. Up, ,you people kill me, "it's not really selling",(yet). Have some balls and faith, we have the best product on the market,phuck everybody with the app talk, progression, will come and half of the misshapps aren't BlackBerry's doings, but yet they fight, come on Crackberrians, I dare anyone to tell me and prove that there is a better phone out there rite now(and I don't want to hear shyt about no damn apps,,apps are nothing to me when the phone experience is shitty(and I'm talking about ANDROIDS!
Yeah I said it, ,,,and iPhone, ,i refuse to pick on windows rite now

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Listen I have phone battles all day(just for fun). Between my friends and people I run into, ,,,i put my BlackBerry z10 up against the IPHONE (io7update) lumia,galaxy 1,2,3,4 note 1,2. And the HTC one, I have literally distroid them and some have switched to BlackBerry Z10 , from iPhone and Android, ,so. Don't believe the media bullshit BlackBerry and crackberry don't fall for the bullshit,,they know that BlackBerry is coming back strong ,,they just trying to make it harder for them to do so ,no one can di the things we can on their phone,

Try this. Go to a "MOVIE" on your z10 and. Attempt to. Share it to text ,it will tell you that it is to big,but offers the option to edit it down to one minute (or for att & t-mobile. Z10s 30 secs)you can edit it and send it. Tell your friends to attempt that in their iPhone or. Android doesn't matter which one

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I didn't get why Chris's cheesing mug was at the end, but Heins should have had weapons shopped into his hands. That would have made me piss my pants!

Dam disappointed in this CB post. BlackBerry dies you will share the coffin. The last two months Kevin M has been like a pair of shoes I own. Loafers. Satire aside, I expect better from CB and it's editor. Show up or shove us mates. I believe in BlackBerry.

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Kevin is an insider and is probably loafing because he knows that Blackberry may very well be going down and taking Crackberry with it. Hard to be motivated when your bread and butter may be leaving.

Don't forget, if Blackberry is gone all its going to do to we Blackberry customers is stick us with expensive paperweights. Kevin will be out of business...not a very attractive prospect.

Choose the sword, and join me. Or choose the ball, and join your mother in death. I know you can't understand my words right now but go on, choose life or death.

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I love this comment. 90 % of the CB staff won't get it. They are only capable of putting up a picture with the editors mouth blocked off. An the editor allowed such a post. This editor has been lazy, MIA and a post like this epitomizes his lack of involment and or editorial scrutiny.

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A lot of ignorant people on this site, no idea what they're are talking about but not as ignorant as the person who started this thread.

It's so clear to me how the short sellers are in control of the negative media bias..... BlackBerry will survive..... just patience...

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I wish CrackBerry Kevin had more skin in the game as a BB shareholder. For example someone such as myself who has owned BB since 2006 (or longer). He may hold a similar view as myself who fails to see the merit in retaining the services of Heins, Boulben or Bidulka. Flush a few at the board level too! It's hard to engage your audience of the investment community, shareholders or consumers when your performance on conference calls or marketing efforts is worthy of the gong show. How can Heins build confidence when he lacks credibility? Demise of PlayBook, stating Q10 will sell 10's of millions,.... His compensation of $55 million on a takeout. It may be far less expensive for shareholders to excuse him now for undeliverables. There is no problem with the underlying technology. Only a problem with people and their execution. Boulben's wunderbar marketing plan has had about as much fizz as 2 week old ginger ale.

It can and will. All the Appletards and Nerdroids seem to forget that their once precious companies where also in trouble , yep both Apple and Samsung. Especially Apple which came close to declaring bankruptcy and almost flatlined several times. Even after Jobs returned, it still took a few years before there was a noticeable turnaround.

Now when I say that BlackBerry can and will survive, let me qualify that statement. It will not and cannot survive with the current management, one which preaches renewal and restructuring while still anchored in the past. Thorsten Heins Ketchup and his team of fucktards are too tame, weak and lack the necessary vision, passion and fire in the belly needed to do the virtually impossible and pull this company out of its doldrums. They are still linked to Lazaridis and Balsilille and stink of rot and stagnation.

We need a kamikaze, a madman, a visionary, someone with imagination and real passion and creativity who can prop up and revive BlackBerry

Imagine that BlackBerry is suffering from erectile dysfunction...well we need Viagra, it's as simple as that!

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Hell no!!!???? At this point it should be someone like Marvin The Martian or the Road Runner, because now we are stuck with Wile E. Coyote!

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Left BB & my 9700 two years ago due to lack of apps. Not too happy with android phone but due to all the talk in the press about BB going under & still no real support from developers on apps, probably won't come home to BB. BB knows how to do things android & IOS6 still trying to figure out.

My current contract is almost up. Lets hope the picture clears up soon so I can come back to BB.


I don't think blackberry is going to be selling out or gonna die either. When you run a company and compete, you just DO NOT abandon everybody in the process. That would only show that you aren't as competitive or just quick to surrender. I say f*ck that, keep fighting, breaking bones and taking names!

Worst video ever..lol. With 3 billion in the bank BlackBerry has a a fairly lengthy life support system, especially with the downsizing. A joint venture partner could of course change everything. There will be no funeral soon. It seems that some people are almost wishing this to occur.

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They should have renamed the new os as qnx10 or some other name. Using the blackberry name for the old os. This would help so much with the reviews of tech guys and customer perception. Who is marketing this company? They suck at it. The new os to move forward should have a new name, simple. Then you can talk blackberry s and bb10. Keep it moving? It should be keep moving forward. if you need the new phones to reconze they are BlackBerry, then how about just a small simple logo and then the new name of qnx10 or what ever you want to call it.

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I dont understand something here...

Blackberry has just under 3 billion in liquid assets. Thats a lot of money and should be able to make them sucessful again. Only reason they are going bankrupt has to be because Heins wants it to happen so he gets his 55 million pay day. AM I RIGHT??? If so this has to be illegal to deliberately destroy a company for monetary gain.

You are really peeved about the purported golden hand shake that T H will get if BlackBerry were to bankrupt, but IMO it doesn't sound abnormal in the corporate world today. I would agree that he (T.H) may be running the company way too conservative under their present precarious circumstance. However to say that T.H might be trying "to deliberately destroy a company for monetary gain", is kinda stretching it a little bit.
Since he took over the helm of the company he has at least 1) launched BB10 (no less than 75% mark for successful launch of the BB10 platform) and 2) maintained tight control on the operating costs/overhead costs. Yes the marketing of the BB10 phones hasn't been very effective and Release Management has been sub par, IMO.
Overall, I'm happy T.H launched the Z10 this year and I'm loving my "Lil Z-darling" more and more each day even with all its imperfections.
Who knows what's in store for BlackBerry, but BlackBerry is far from being "near bankruptcy".

Well everyone here is understandably peeved as we've all put a considerable amount of time and cash into this company, but think about this. If any CEO knows they are going to get a 55 million pay day if their company goes bankrupt they have very little motivation to succeed. And this is EXACTLY whats been happening. Blackberry has had one failure after another since January. I'm a good judge of character and I just feel this is what Heins and his management team are doing. We'll know soon enough.

Can I get a dollar on my chicken sandwich?

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10 while using my old iPhone as a coaster.

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Nice read...

''Industry Minister James Moore said that while the government wishes BlackBerry Ltd. well in its turnaround efforts, it’s up to the company to reignite interest in its products.''

PROBLEM: This is where the problem lies. Heins killed the Playbook instead of trying to upgrade it to BB10 and re-ignite interest. Heins postponed cross platform BBM several times instead of re-igniting interest. This mans management is inept.

SOLUTION: Heins is ruining Blackberry and needs to be fired. Perhaps re-hire
Mike L???

I will never give up own blackberry. Most of my friends have but. They will soon change their mind.

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And as a side, I've been mispronouncing Kevin's last name for the last few years. I've always said it like "mih-call-uck". Oops.

You know the funny thing is BlackBerry was supposed to be dead a long time ago and there still here and now that the Canadian gov is watching being a Canadian I truly feel they won't let BlackBerry die they really need to develop new phones like the z10 and stop bringing back the past designs and for f#$! Sakes make a new tablet

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As a Canadian I really hope Blackberry will survive, but they need to make a big change to get people liking them again and soon.