Keep passwords backed up and secure with Keeper - Password & Data Vault for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2013 06:26 am EDT

We're not short of password applications on BlackBerry 10, but the one thing that bugs me with most is that if you switch devices or even do a hard reset all the information is lost. Luckily, I found Keeper - Password & Data Vault and this one seamlessly syncs with their servers meaning you can view your passwords on other devices and also on the web. If the info is backed up I'm happy. You'll also be happy as the app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Already a huge hit on Android - Keeper offers some great options and as far as I can tell there isn't a more secure way of storing your important information. Once you open the application for the first time you will be prompted to create an account. This only takes a couple of minutes and is painless. After that's done the next time you open the app you will be asked to enter your password.

Creating a new field is simple - Just tap the + icon at the top of the display. Fill in the boxes and press save and you are done. When you need to check a password and you open up the app you will be presented with the list of ones you have created. Press the one you want and the info is shown to you. The password however will look like ******* but you can press the eye icon next to it to have the password revealed. I suppose this is just in case that anyone is looking over your shoulder - or you are just paranoid!

Within the settings are a load of tweaks that can be made. There is even the option to change the theme and a nice selection of background images are available. In addition you can enable self destruct mode - where if the password is entered into the app wrong 5 times all your Keeper data is erased. At least if you lose your BlackBerry there is no way that the finder will be able to access your passwords.

Full features of the app include:

  • Organize and access your passwords and private information
  • Sync seamlessly across all your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
  • Create strong passwords with Keeper's instant password generator
  • Auto-fill and remember new passwords for all your websites
  • Share records with business teams, work groups and family members
  • Enjoy peace of mind with 256-bit AES encryption which protects your data
  • Stay secure with unlimited storage on Keeper's Cloud Security Vault

Being an Android port it may not be quite as smooth as a native one but it does the job perfectly. This one is a keeper for me (no pun intended) and it's free!

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Keep passwords backed up and secure with Keeper - Password & Data Vault for BlackBerry 10


Sounds like a good app. Maybe it's me, but I don't feel comfortable having my passwords "in the cloud", and in someone else's hands.

I want encryption on the phone!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

There are several backup options. Download their free desktop app and you can sync direct from PC to device through wifi connection. You don't have to sync to the cloud

I also really don't see any speed issues. So far a pretty good option

Password Keeper is free from BBW and when I downloaded it onto my Q10 and ran the app I was prompted to enter my old Password Keeper password from my 9900 and it backed up all of my passwords :)

I feel the same way. Any Web connection can give access to your passwords, albeit hopefully only in encrypted form. Thats why I didn't include any web syncing in PassCrypt, just local backup.

Passcrypt is free only for 4 passwords. More means I'd have to pay. BlackBerry has their own for free. So I don't understand why anyone would pay for an app where BlackBerry has always had their own password keeper and its good and solid. So I will give both developers the opportunity to tell me why theirs is better.

Posted via CB10

Well, the native BlackBerry Password manager is nice. But it doesn't back up your passwords except using BlackBerry Link, which doesn't always restore. So you can lose all your data and have to dig through your papers to find It (happened to me, which is why I made PassCrypt). PassCrypt backs up your passwords to your device using sha-512 encryption.
It's $1.99, which is not much - can you think of anything at Walmart that only costs $2 that's worth buying? ;)
It's not free because I have two kids to feed.

I wouldn't feel comfortable having my passwords in any kind of cloud service. Lately you read too much about security leaks on quite some services, regardless having big names or smaller ones. I'd rather have them stored on a safe, encrypted place on my device where I at least have the feeling I'd have direct control over my passwords.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

Personally, I just think the usual password keeper app Blackberry came up with is enough for me, but to each his or her own.

Posted via CB10

I agree and the BlackBerry password keeper doesn't store it in the cloud or some other oddball place.

I wish we had an option to have BlackBerry keep our passwords though. I lose them all when upgrading my OS... out of any company I'd really only want BlackBerry keeping my passwords safe.

Sent via Z10 on Verizon running .1047 thru CB10

Isn't that part of the backup mine come back as soon as I restore. That is with leaked and official upgrade, it always does the trick even if I have to select certain data rather than full phone restore.

Have been using it for a couple of months when Ascendo was late to the party and its been great. Have dropped Ascendo because Internet sync was so much better than wifi. I'm OK with using cloud storage.

I've only been using this encrypted p/w password protect app for a few mths & already my aging brain couldn't live without it. I have SO many passwords between home & all the many programs at work, I don't know how I kept them all in my head. Now, I don't have to worry. Even keep combo's to important things, in there. Will never, ever be w/o that app again.. ever

I want Lastpass to make a native app. I've been bugging them every month since the release of BlackBerry 10. Sadly still waiting.

Posted via CB10

Try 1 password Anywhere. It's what I use to access my encrypted 1password key chain on Dropbox.

It's a bit cumbersome so I would like to go back to password keeper. I'm waiting for improvements to BlackBerry Link so I can just back up and restore the password keeper data, instead of having to restore all data.

Posted via CB10

+1 for 1Password on BlackBerry 10.

They cover Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android already, sync through Dropbox and encrypt one's password database already on your PC/ Mac/ mobile device. I might be a bit stubborn on this one but it's the only solution I trust and I recommended repeatedly.

They're currently working on a major update to there Android app. Though it'll be really hard to get them supporting BlackBerry 10, unfortunately. Maybe there's a way Alec Saunder's team could convince them of the benefits as it is a phenomenal app.

1P Anywhere is impressive but when I tried it on the Z10 its layout wasn't optimised for a mobile device but showed the desktop layout instead. And that wasn't really feasible for me.

I understand the concerns with cloud storage but if you look at the amount of downloads on Google Play this one is clearly a success. But as usual, it all comes down to personal preference.

Posted via CB10

Nice job James. This is one of the best free apps you will ever use on your BlackBerry 10 device and you can choose to backup and sync with your PC using WiFi only if don't trust the cloud based option. Lots of features for a free app that serves such an important function and includes 256-bit AES encryption. This is a two thumbs up, five-star app that belongs your must have app list, heck forget the list just go download it now. ;)

Who writes these BULLSHART advertisements. I've used BLACKBERRY keeper and its flawless. I went from a Blackberry 9900 to a Z-10 then from the Z-10 to a Q-10 and PASSWORD KEEPER transferred to each device without a hitch. As long as you back up your Blackberry you are fine.

Posted via CB Q-10

Agreed (with all but bullshart. ;-) . And the ability to wipe the device if lost or stolen makes this a perfect option for me.

Also, for the last 7 years or so, my device has never been more than an arms length away except occasionally when home. No need to access passwords from any other device.

Yep, KeePass is the way to go for sure. A small fee for the BB10 app ("KeePassB" on the App store; works better than the free one from a different developer, supporting the better version 2 database and Dropbox), but free for your Windows and other platforms. If you keep the (heavily encrypted) database on Dropbox, any changes made to your password collection are automatically synced with add devices you've set to access it.

Works seamlessly to enable password retrieval on your desktop or any other device, not just your BBRY device.

Soon thumbprint scanners or retina scanners on smartphones will make passwords obsolete.

Posted via CB10 on my Black Z10.

Let me understand this correctly; when I finally switch to a BB10 from my 9650 will my native Password Keeper transfer? and why would I need a third party keeper?

Yes your password keeper data will transfer fine. You will have to install the application from BlackBerry World, but it is still available and free.

Posted via CB10

Why put passwords on the cloud just stick with BlackBerry & use Password Keeper and back it Up Monthly and you are good to go

What a waste of a review this is CrackBerry why would I be switching to another device is entirely to handle sensitive passwords and trust them to a port and unrecognised cloud system might as well go last pass if you REALLY had to otherwise useless in terms of security which is 1 of the things BlackBerry Users are about

Might as well just email all your passwords straight to the NSA if you put any of them in cloud storage.

Posted via CB10

Love peter9477's comment... so true... why not just give it out and share it with some people in other countries... give them a head start to my bank, Internet and work passwords...

Sent by Bbry Z10

One thing I always taught my uni students in computer science for internet security is, keeping your passwords on somebody else's machinery is NUTS.

I refuse to give my passwords to android apps lol that's why I left android.

Posted via CB10

There seem to be some misconceptions here regarding cloud based password storage. I use KeePass, so let me clear somethings up, vis a vis KeePass:

-AES 256 bits encryption.
-The entire database (i.e. not just passwords) is encrypted.
-In addition to setting a password to your database, you can create a key file too (optional, but I highly recommend it.) You upload the ENCRYPTED database to Dropbox, but you store key files locally on the devices you want accessing your database. So even if the database on Dropbox was decrypted, you'd still need the key file to open it. And the only way to get that key would be to...steal one of your devices.

I do the same thing with keepass. Except I keep the key in skydrive so I can keep it synced up across my pc android tablet and phone.

Posted via CB10

Heh OK then. Give the keys to the kingdom to Microsoft (Skydrive), which has been demonstrated to be one of the MOST cooperative with NSA snooping?

No thankyou very much.

Software like this should A) do all the encryption on the device and have an option to ONLY store locally if desired, B) have the option to store in a cloud service of one's choosing (not some vendor's proprietary database) and C) be OPEN SOURCE software so third-parties can audit the code to ensure that they are 1) not doing any "funny stuff" with your data and 2) aren't coding sloppily resulting in vulnerabilities via incompetence.

Yeah, I too was surprised about the key being saved in the cloud lol. But it kinda works: if someone wanted access to your database, they'd have to get the key off Skydrive, and the database off of wherever it's saved (hopefully not on Skydrive lol.)

And KeePass meets all three criteria (A I'm not 100% sure about, but I'd guess they must have device-level encryption. Otherwise it wouldn't be such a popular choice.)

Yeah for some reason I didn't realize until after I posted that that s/he is using Keepass which does indeed meet many of those criteria.

Even if the key is encrypted, I personally would rather not store it somewhere where security is known to be full of holes. One of the reasons that the NSA is building a giant data repository in Utah right now is because they apparently hope that even if they can't crack some particular encrypted thing today, some day they may find a way to do it, and if they simply warehouse it now, 10-20 years from now they may crack it open and look at it.

Does the Keepass for BlackBerry 10 port work well? I've been using the program on Windows for 10+ years but never been compelled to install any of the mobile versions...

KeePassB (note the B) works well for me and supports the newer version 2 database. Costs $1.99 and well worth it. Windows version of KeePass 2 is free.

I have been using this app since december. I tried out a gs3 and was in withdrawls after having bb password keeper. It has been a great app. When i switched back to my z10 i was concerned i would have to reload all my passwords but luckily keeper was ported and was very easy to load and get all my data synced. I highly recommed it if you are looking for one and not using native bb app. I have it on my tablets and can access from desktop.

I use Password keeper, and have for years. Great App for my line of work (Realtor) to store lockbox codes and alarm codes when showing homes.

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Call me paranoid but I will not put anything personal in Cloud, specially my passwords. I do use Cloud but only for things I don't care anybody peeks or suddenly lose access to.

Posted via CB10

I had keeper but when I changed my device I had to pay again to get the info back. I assumed that it is a pay per device app so I was ok with that. However if like me you install the leaks then dont bother as you will have to pay again when you reload software

Posted via CB10

I have been using Lastpass for many years. They encrypt locally, upload and encrypt again. Also cross platform (on BlackBerry it's an android port too) and only $12 per year for the premium version. Well worth it and have never been hacked.

Posted via CB10 on my mega cool Z10

Been using the App for years. Developer is very responsive and this App is one of the best Apps period. I don't understand why it is such a "secret." The desktop client is great and you can install it on multiple computers and multiple devices and sync them all over wifi perfectly. This is a power app.

I use one password only. And it's simple. It's so ingenious that not even a crook would think that way. "Cr4ckB3rryBl4ckB3rry". And if u think that's even one of my passwords then I am the president of the new united world :).

Posted via CB10

جاري التحميل ’’ if some one can give me the link to downlode instgram or other good apps for q 10 hopefully

Posted via CB10

James it seems like Cloud Storage, Backup and Sync are only free for first 30 days? See description in BBW

Z10STL100-3/ using CB 10

"If you don't upgrade to Keeper Backup after your free trial ends, you will still be able to use the free version of Keeper on your device. However, you will lose sync, backup and unlimited secure cloud storage." from FAQ on

Z10STL100-3/ using CB 10

What happened to BB Password Keeper like I have on my 9930?
I just got a replacement. Phone and with BB Protect I was able to restore all my stuff in BB Password Keeper.

Only BB for me with my stuff I want secure not some fly by night app that flies in some stupid cloud.

Hmm hacker can get into it and poof all your private passwords are exposed.


The government will spy on it and you pike they do now anyways.

Not for me

Just remember your Damn passwords ppl

Posted via CB10

With my 9900, i loved the ability to backup my Password Keeper remotely. This (Keeper) may be a temp solution for me to backup my passwords until Blackberry either adds BB Protect Remote backup like they have with the old Legacy devices or fix the backup issue with BB Link.

Password Keeper is brilliant BUT what happens if (whisper) one day you decide to move to a non-BB phone. For that reason I use Last Pass as well - big advantage of multi platform and I'm willing to trust the encrypted remote storage. It's a personal decision. I need something to remember the huge number of different passwords on different sites, not helped by some sites requiring quirky formats.

Posted via CB10

I don't think that app a secure. Should not keep our password in the cloud. Or CB hav more secure app recommend to us.

Posted via CB10

Practically impossible to sync. Magically did it once through wifi setting but never again. The desktop has options for syncing that the z10 doesn't have and visa versa. Very frustrating and obviously these guys aren't too concerned about all us blackberry 10 users... Both of us.