Keep your BlackBerry PlayBook protected with the Incipio Hive Honeycomb case

By DJ Reyes on 15 Jun 2012 01:02 pm EDT

I have yet to find the perfect case for my BlackBerry PlayBook and I've settled for simple black and red sleeve to enclose my PlayBook whilst on the move. A current contender in replacing the black and red sleeve case for my PlayBook is the Incipio Hive Honeycomb dermaSHOT Silicone Case. Follow me after the break to find out whether it is a worthy contender in becoming my full-time PlayBook case.

The first thing to notice with the Honeycomb case are the honeycomb-shaped ridges that gives it its so called name. The ridges allow you to get a firm grip on your PlayBook without the fear that you could slip out of your fingers. If you're that clumsy (like I am), then you can take solace in the fact that your PlayBook will be safe. It has extra cushiony corners that will absorb the impact on a hard surface. The case itself is made from high density silicone and you'll from the photos that it has extra bulk added to the corners of the case to protect the areas most vulnerable when dropped.

Incipio boasts that the case has anti-static coating so it won't get sticky or pick up lint. Having used it for a while I can vouch for it not getting sticky however when carrying it in my travel bag it did pick up a little bit of lint.  When I travel, depending on what bag I use, it goes in with my other gadgets and stuff and whenever I pull it out to use I always have to dust it off a bit before I use it. It isn't annoying as far as being a deal-breaker though. At the back, there are raised 'bumps' in place where your hands would stay, this gives it a nice ergonomic feel.

Overall it is a pretty solid case. It's certainly a case I've used longer than any other on my PlayBook so it does look good in my book. It doesn't add too much weight to the PlayBook which is always a good thing. The case comes in two colors - black and red, however, the red looked a little too bright for me.


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Reader comments

Keep your BlackBerry PlayBook protected with the Incipio Hive Honeycomb case


First off, Love that intro!!

Not sure I like the lack of hard screen protector. I can certainly see the use in an office environment though. In fact, got me thinking about one for work.

So drop protection and anti-drop protection? Like, if you let it go, it just hovers in mid-air?

Or is there and Xzibit joke, here? As in "You, dawg, I heard you like to drop, so we dropped your case while it dropped."

Most ergonomic case for the Playbook. It solved the problem I had with my PlayBook (slippery). It is kind of thick, but that's a small sacrifice, allowing for Kung Fu grip.

If it was thinner and folded over to cover the screen too, I'd be all over it. I have an Incipio that has leather innards and some kind of cloth exterior that folds out into a stand kind of thing. Its good enough for now. I like this silicon honeycomb idea for a case.

I have it & love it.. Its not too thick, but it fits kinda loose in the front nothing to bad tho

I've heard other people talk of it being loose and seen a few videos but this one seems pretty good compared to those

I ordered this case and tried it on once and hated it. It is way too loose around the face/screen. What a waste of money. Maybe I had too high of expectations because I'm sporting the Case-Mate Pop case and don't think anything could beat it! It doesn't add too much bulk and is very tight on the face of the device. Bad news is Case-Mate doesn't make them anymore, or at least I couldn't find them on their site. Amazon might still have a few. GET ONE of those POP Cases! You won’t regret it… Would anyone like to buy my Honeycomb case? Send me a private message and I'll give you a smoking deal!

It looks neat, good idea about a good grip factor.
But I prefer my BlackBerry PlayBook Convertible Case.
Has protection all around it, screen cover and stand all in one.