Keep your phone by your side at night with the Smart Phone Sleeper

By Zach Gilbert on 30 May 2012 12:40 pm EDT

While lying in bed and using your cellphone isn’t the most complicated task out there, I’m sure someone has been watching a video or listening to music and accidentally hit themselves in the head as they fell asleep with the phone in their hands. If you’ve been searching for a simple yet effective way to eliminate this issue, look no further and continue reading our full review of the Smart Phone Sleeper.


The Smart Phone Sleeper employs a uncomplicated design. It’s made up of a plastic ‘foot’, a flexible goose neck, and of course the phone holder mechanism. While the phone holder isn’t large enough to hold a tablet (which would be nice), it is large enough to hold most of the smartphones on the marker and of course all BlackBerry models. Something worth noting is if you have a thicker mattress you may be left with very little reach on the Smart Phone Sleeper arm.

Phone holder

The Smart Phone Sleeper uses a multi point phone holder system. The holder has extendable sides to accommodate for most large and small smartphones, which is great as phones start to exceed the 4-inch screen size. The manufacturer has also placed a flip out plastic tab on the bottom of the phone holder; this will allow your phone to be held in portrait without the worry of it slipping out.

One last major part is the multi directional pivot point on the back; this pivot point allows you to go from portrait to landscape in no time, but also keep the phone locked how you want it.

Other uses

While the Smart Phone Sleeper has been designed and marketed for use in the bedroom, I’ve still found a few other appropriate uses and the main one being in the kitchen. If you’ve ever found yourself using your phone to read a recipe in the kitchen you are well aware that it gets in the way, and you tend to get it dirty. Well, with the Smart Phone Sleeper you can place a bowl or something else heavy on the foot and use it to hold your phone out of harms way. Another good use is in the office. Place the foot of the smartphone holder under your computer monitor or laptop to have your phone in your view all the time, perfect for listening to music.

The Good
  • Compact design
  • Multi-point pivot phone holder
  • Ability to hold larger phones
  • Variety of uses outside of the bedroom
The Bad
  • Doesn’t work well with thicker mattress
  • Doesn’t have the ability to hold smaller tablets
The Bottom Line

If using a phone in bed is something you find yourself doing on a regular bases, you may want to check out the Smart Phone Sleeper. With a compact design and an adjustable phone holding system, you should be able to get your smartphone right where you want it. While there are a few cons, the pros for the Smart Phone Sleeper outweigh them and if this is a solution you’re looking for I subject you give it a try. The Smart Phone Sleeper can be found at, and with a full 60 day return policy, so why not try it out?


Reader comments

Keep your phone by your side at night with the Smart Phone Sleeper


+1 Me too. I clicked through, thinking, "Jokes on me."

Former BB Fanboy who came up the ranks from a Curve to a Bold to a Torch before jumping ship to Android. Waiting longingly for the BB that brings me back. It's an OS thing, not form factor.

Funny thing is, this may appeal to some. Not me, but for some.

And yet since it doesn't seem practical to all you people, it's a stupid idea. Funny stuff.

I can't see that this would be more usefull than putting it on the nightstand next to the bed.
and that would cost $0

I needed a good laugh and you have sure given it to me. However, it is time that you make it clear to everyone that this is a joke less they think that you're crazy.

May I ask how much CrackBerry was paid to write the review. Genius!!

That way you can watch mobile pornography and have both hands free ;)

Lol but seriously, that's the only use I can think of, I thought this thing was a joke

that is the perfect companion for the sex position app I won a few weeks back!!! Gonna have to order one now. The only problem is with that sticking out of the side of the bed I don't think my bed would ever see another woman again. I think I'll pass

This design is great for heavy phone and maybe the IPAD.
I know myself have dropped at least 4-5 time on myself when laying in bed using the Ipad.
Now on the other hand the blackberry playbook do not weigh as much and easier to use while laying down in bed.
other than that i don't really see any reason to get one of these unless you are using a tablet-phone than yeah it might get tiring.

But what? You guys haven't heard the rumors that BB12 will be operated strictly thru mental telepathy and our hands will atrophy from nonuse?

I think this is a joke, but agree it could help a person with mobility challenges. Either that or people who are very serious about eating in bed.

I must be missing something... In what position do you have to be lying in so that you would hit yourself in the head with your Blackberry? This is more likely to hit you in the head if you roll over when you sleep. I can see some poor fool doing exactly that, then trying to sue the company.

I need one for my bb phone and my pb with a hdmi and charging dock this way I can make calls and use the bridge for email as I watch my videos on my flat screen tv from the playbook!
Beware of geeks bearing formulas.
Warren Buffett

"With an easy to setup design, and a million and a half uses the Smart Phone Sleeper could be your next best mobile friend"

If by "best mobile friend" you mean ONLY friend then yes.

(also in the conclusion its regular "basis" not bases)