Keep up with your favorite news in style with Beam Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Beam Reader
By Jared DiPane on 7 Nov 2011 10:20 am EST

Are you a fan of keeping up with various news streams from all over the web and find yourself bored looking at only text headlines while scrolling through them all? Well, meet Beam Reader, a visual RSS reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook which not only shows the feeds in a nice grid pattern, but also adds images to the headline. Gone are the days of flicking through all the headline text and here are the days of checking out the article image as well as the title, and if you want to read the article simply tap the image and it will load.

Beam Reader comes set up with five feeds to get you started, but you can remove them if you wish, or keep them and add yours in addition to them. If you are looking to expand your site collection beyond what you already know you can simply search by category or keyword and find some new material for yourself. If you are looking to keep up with your favorite websites in style you will certainly want to hop into AppWorld today and grab Beam Reader for $2.99 today!

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Reader comments

Keep up with your favorite news in style with Beam Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook


this seems like a pretty sweet app. UI looks like Pulse on iOS and Android which is my fav news reader app. might have to get this rather than using Pulse through the android player. its still very clunky.

Bought this.

Guys, did you try this app before posting about it? I generally trust crackberry when they post a tory like this . This app is terrible though, all the links open up the web browser and not in the app itself, very annoying. Plus i'm assuming the interface is beige in order to difference itself from pulse. Unfortunately it's ugly as hell. Glimpse is FAR FAR better and FREE.

Also, if you has accepted payment for this thinly veiled promo piece, It would help your journalistic credibility to highlight somewhere that is is a "paid advertisement". Magazines and other sites do this. I respect your right to make money, but at least be upfront about it.

This is a terrible app. App settings are displayed too rather than hiding them behind a top bezel swipe. Web Reader is another that is far far better. I don't know how I fell for this, I want my money back and again, same on you Crackberry.