Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case

By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2013 11:48 am EDT

The Seidio Active case for the BlackBerry Z10 is a case that does its job well. It features a two-piece design that ensures your Z10 will remain safe from even the toughest falls. When I put a case on my devices, I always look for good "corner coverage" and the Seidio Active certainly fits the bill there.

The inner layer of the case wraps all around the Z10 from top to bottom while the outer layer grips tight and keeps everything together. There is no looseness in the case at all and it has a great feel to it. With the dual-layer protection you get great shock absorption as well so it's great for runners or anyone on the go.

Seidio Active Case Front

The material of the outer layer is also very pocketable so you don't have the grip of some silicone cases getting stuck going in and out of your pocket.

The buttons are protected by the inner layer but I had no trouble pressing them at all. There is no hard material covering them so there is no worry about miscues on the volume or lock buttons. 

The best part is the hidden kickstand that rests in the back of the case. It's there for when you need it - simply pull it out and prop up your device for watching videos without the need for an extra stand. When your done, snap it back into place and go about your business. 

Seidio Active Case Kickstand

Overall I really dig this case. It's strong, gives a great amount of protection (I've dropped a few times with no injuries so far) and has a sweet kickstand that is great for keeping my kids happy when we're out to dinner. It's also available in a variety of colors so you can find one that fits your style.

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case


I too have the otter box. But I can't stand the fact that my swipe motions don't always work because of how the case wraps inwards. Sometimes I have to modify how is wipe or reach the keypad. How is this other case the kracken? Lol I have fat thumbs. And being a fast typer I don't need this issue. I keep having to slow down on the edges when typing or swiping to make sure I had contact. And the otter nox seems to be a bit lose so i adjust the case up or down as needed. Changed many times under warranty. Getting tired. Need a solid heavy duty case. Spent too much on this case and it's pissing me off. Otterbox won't do crap. They tell me it's on. The reps at the telus store agree there's an issue. They have same problems when they use my phone with the case. Without the case all works perfect. So back to q how is the swipe and edge typing. Is the case bulky there?

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The Kraken is great with gestures, even with the built-in screen protector. Which I haven't yet removed. There's a great review on youtube, just search "Z10 kraken".

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

I own this case and am very happy with it. The only issue is that the ports are not available while the kickstand is in use. That availability would of made the case perfect....

From my z10

Have this case; really like it. But agree with DoubleZero that it's a bummer that the ports aren't accessible when using the kickstand. Guess they figured the volume buttons would be more important when viewing videos...

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Seidio makes belt clip holsters to go with most of their cases, including this one, the Active.

Best part about Seidio holsters is that they have the "sleeper magnet" like OEM BB holsters/pouches.

They're not included free, but there's an Active Combo, which means case + holster.

This is how you CB10, son!

I use this case. It's a good case but the kickstand randomly pops out while in holster. I've almost broke the kickstand about 30 times while at work

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We need a case with a slot for ids bank cards and cash. Like I phones. Super legit case. Otter box makes it

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Cool case. That metal emblem on the back cover is a wired antenna for NFC, no? If you open the back cover you'll see thin film circuitry with the two metal contact points. Have you guys tried any of the NFC apps with the cover? Does it work??

Nice design, like the look.

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