Keep your BlackBerry at your side with the Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Zach Gilbert on 19 May 2012 02:03 pm EDT

For some reason, I don't like the leather holster that RIM ships with the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Maybe it's because I find it restricts quick access to my device, or maybe it's the style, heck perhaps it's both. So I set out on a mission, a mission that would end my holster torment forever. A quest to find the best holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Now, the question is did I find that mythical holster? Continue reading the review of Seidio's Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

The Seidio Spring Clip Holster is an attractive way for safely storing your BlackBerry on your belt. The spring loaded holster holds the phone screen facing in to provide protection from scratches and also keep it clean with the integrated micro fiber cloth.


Seidio used plastic in the design of this holster which is nothing terribly shocking. Would you want a metal holster rubbing up against your new BlackBerry? I know that I wouldn't. The holster also features a 180 degree belt clip, giving you the ability to rotate the holster in a portrait or landscape orientation on your belt.

Spring loaded clip

I was a little worried when I opened the holster to see that a clip and hardly anything else was holding my BlackBerry on the holster. After using the holster for a week, it became evident that my phone was not going anywhere. While the holster as a whole is a hard plastic, Seidio was thinking when they designed the phone retention clip. If you look closely at the clip it features a small strip of soft rubber. The rubber allows the phone to go in and out of the case without the worry of scratches on the device.


The Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold has been designed with high grade plastic, designed to take a light drop or two. The clip is spring-loaded and features a belt lock. Belt lock (I’m sure I just made that term up) is the small lip on the clip that keeps the holster locked onto your belt even if it gets bumped. Also, and I know I stated it before, but Seidio has placed a small piece of micro fiber on the inside of the case. The cloth will both keep the screen a little cleaner and also keep it protected while in the holster.

Seidio Spring Clip Holster Pros and Cons


The Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is probably the most useful holster I’ve used. I know RIM gives you a holster with the Bold, but there are also better holsters out there. The Seidio Spring Clip Holster shows off the Bold branding on the back of the phone, is made with high grade materials, and keeps your BlackBerry at your side where it should be.


There was one worry I had while using this holster. The issue, or concern I had was with taking the phone out of the holster. I felt that I might not take the phone out of the holster properly and have it fall on the ground. Now this issue grew less and less of a concern as I became more comfortable with the holster. But the concerns of dropping the phone, while much less, were still there throughout using it.


The design, construction, and the form make the Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 one of the best accessories for the Bold 9900. I thought the addition of a microfiber cloth was both useful and proactive to ensure the safety of your BlackBerry. The Seidio Spring Clip Holster is a must have, and can be found in for 29.95.


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Reader comments

Keep your BlackBerry at your side with the Seidio Spring Clip Holster for the BlackBerry Bold 9900


Does it scuff up the bezel?

My older seidio springclip for my 9650 used to wear on the chrome'ish section along the sides. Made it look like it had been beaten but yet it was always babied. Lol

I am not going to buy anything from Seidio as a protest to not coming up with an extended battery for Bold 99xx. I already sent two emails to them.

I've talked to them. Its not their fault. Rim made the coding on the new batteries so aftermarket ones weren't as reliable.

I was talking to them at cita wireless and they truly wanted to make one but the couldn't thanks to rims lovely designing.

Thanks for the info. If RIM is the peoblem here, then as customers of RIM we should send a strong message to them by switching to other brands. What's the point of coding a battery so others can't make one when your companies shares are already low?

I also get the feeling that we don't have apps because of RIM too. I am done with BB if they do the same for BB 10.

I think that we should be thankfull that we can pull our batteries out because it seems like that is going by the wayside.

I don't know if you pay attention to articles here or any of the bbjam session but rim admitted that they made mistakes with previous os's to 10 about developer support.

From what I have seen even a noob developer can make an app for the blackberry platform with the new developer tools they have.

As for battery life I have the jm-1 dual battery charger kit. So I can charge the phone and another battery at the same time. That way I always have a full phone battery.

I wasn't being specific. Just stating your seeing more than just the iphone without removable batteries. If your looking for an excuse to leave don't make it a battery thing. Just try an android or an iphone. If you like it then good.

We use what we need.

i bought this holster just recently. gotta say i love this product. looks great, functions great and gets better as you get used to using it. i wear it in landscape mode and it really does give easy, fast access.

recommend to anyone! thanks seidio.

I love mine as well. I wear mine in landscape mode and it looks good. It comfortable as far as not being in the way and getting to my blackberry 9800 is a breeze and it is protected as well

....and if you like to protect your 9900/9930 in an Otterbox COMMUTER case, the Seidio Active Holster works perfectly. Fit is as they were made for each other.

This is my personal favorite holster. I was very unhappy when I got my 9930, until this holster was finally available.

I love the holster except that I've broken two of them already. The clip that hooks to your pants is the weak link. :-( Too bad because I love it otherwise.

I've had three holsters through three series of BB's - 9000, 9700 and the 9930 - never once had this problem. I don't understand how you would break your clip? The way to get the device out is a simple finger swipe up.

Really? You are late to the party. This is a standard buy for me whenever I get a new BB. It is hands down the best holster for BB out there. It's super easy to get your device in and out - just push in to snap in place, and flick your finger to get it out. This is a must buy for anyone that likes to use holsters - dump whatever you are using now. It's that good.

The OEM holster that comes with the 9900 won't fit extended batteries, so this seidio holster will.

A must buy for extended big battery users. I might just get it, once my 9700's holster fails on me, after I give up repositioning the earth sleeper magnet. :D