Keep your BlackBerry dry this summer with a waterproof case!

Overboard and Aquapac cases for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 12 Jun 2011 09:17 am EDT

Do you need a waterproof case for your BlackBerry? Keep reading to see how you can win one!

Yesterday Joseph looked at what can be done as a remedy if your BlackBerry gets an accidental dunk in liquid. I know accidents happen, but what if you could take an extra step and to prevent your BlackBerry from taking an unexpected bath? If you're headed to the beach for some sun, or out on the lake for a day of fishing, or taking the kids to the water park, you don't have to leave your phone behind. There are some great options out there for keeping your device safe and secure, and I'm not talking about a ziploc baggie. Keep reading to see what some of those options are!

Overboard case for BlackBerry

Recently I tested out an OverBoard Waterproof case and an Aquapac Handheld case on my BlackBerry Torch. Both cases performed really well, sealing tight and not allowing any water to enter. I was actually surprised that you really can still use your device while they are in these cases; the Torch's touchscreen and trackpad remained responsive even through the thick plastic. You can even make and receive calls (Obviously, not suggested but you could -- if you used speakerphone and yelled a lot.) and use the camera and video camera, with only minor interference. Both cases are waterproof, dust, salt-water and UV resistant, and both come with a lanyard so you can wear your device or attach it to something else while using the case. 

Aquapac and Overboard cases

While both OverBoard and Aquapac claim that most devices will float while in their cases, I did not have this experience with the BlackBerry Torch. With the OverBoard case, the Torch fits inside very snuggly. The Aquapac case is a little larger, so I was able to blow some air inside which allowed it to float, but it would be next to impossible to use the device inside the air filled pouch. Bla1ze stuck his HTC Desire HD in the OverBoard case, and it was also too heavy to float. In any case, I believe that lighter devices would indeed float, just be aware that heavy ones won't. The OverBoard is submersible to 19 feet, and the Aquapac 15 feet. Good thing they have those lanyards, right? ;)

Aquapac case for BlackBerry

Overall, I think both of these cases are great, and do the job they are supposed to do. Personally, I prefered the Aquapac, simply because it was a little bigger, and easier to get the Torch in and out of. If I was using a thinner device, that wouldn't be an issue with the Overboard case. Just remember, a little preparation can go a long way, especially when it comes to keeping your precious BlackBerry safe. If you're going to be near water, or in stormy weather, or whatever the situation may be, it's worth the money to protect your device, and everything that's inside it.

For more information and to purchase the Aquapac Handheld Case
For more information and to purchase the OverBoard Waterproof Case

Contest: We know you want to win one of these, and keep your BlackBerry safe this summer. We're giving away one of each, so leave a comment below and let us know if you want to try out the Aquapac or the Overboard, and why you need it. We'll choose two winners next Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please! Good luck!

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Reader comments

Keep your BlackBerry dry this summer with a waterproof case!



My son loves to play with my Blackberry Torch, and seems to find it even at the pool. I would love to have the case so that he could play with it in the water too!

im going on vacation in Florida this summe. me and the wife both have blackberries and was thinking of getting 2 of these for us. if i can only pay for one would be better!

My brother is prone to dropping his blackberry everywheree and getting sand/water in the cracks. He has a bold 9700 so either case would be perfect!

I work in the aqurium and pond industry always dealing with water and fish. Its a constant pain in the neck having to wait to see who is calling or just sent me a bbm or a text because my hands are wet and I don't want to get water on my blackberry because I might ruin in it like I have in the past. These cases just might be exactly what I need.

Hey ! would love to try these ones !
I regurlarly go to the beach(holidays soon :-)) or swimming pool when i'm not on holidays. so i'm always a step away from dropping my phone into the water. i can't help it, it comes with me everywhere I go...

The AquaPac would be my choice since ease of insertion/removal was mentioned. Although I like the color & style, I have large fingers and I think the other case would cause some frustrations. I currently go "ghetto fabulous" when I hit the beach with Ziploc baggies, but water is not my only concern. I rock my 9780 "commando" with no screen protector, and sand is a mortal enemy. I think this would take care of that issue hands down.

I like the look of the OverBoard & the size of the Aquapac but I think in this case size matters. So I too will have to go with the Aquapac!

I'm always at the beach and I would love to win the OverBoard. It will protect my BB from the sand and water.

I take bb with me everywhere and a snazzy stylish waterproof case like in your pictures would be wayyyy cooler than my doubled up ziploc baggies (extra large sammich)..not looking cool with the ziplocs..

Awesome review - LOVE the pic with the goggles!

Glad you posted this - i was researching both of these friday night...i'm gonna buy the aquapac right now since it has a little more room - need to keep the cash dry too...

I would like the Aquapac because I ofen go to fishing (1 or 2 times to week) and I love to see something like the AquaPac for my BB (or my BB in Aquapac).

If I could I would opt for the Aquapac Waterproof Case for BlackBerry PlayBook.

I love my PlayBook as use it more and more daily. I take it to the kids soccer games and I would hate for it to get wet.

If not I'll still take one for my 9700. Soon to be replaced by the Torch Touch (not the Torch 2).

I'm a LIFEGUARD so I'm around water all the time although we do keep our cellphones a ways from the water there are times when staff come back wet an could potentially cause water to go into the phone drawer so I'd like to test that OVERBOARD case out thanks

just in time for summer time baby !! Im a beach bum and i love fishing. Im always alittle affraid im going to drop my phone in the ocean or its going to go for a swim. not to mention being at my friends house and they always tell you to take your phone out of your pockets cause someones going to get thrown in the pool, but some drunk lol so yeah this would come in handy i think id like the OverBoard Waterproof Case

Having lost 2 9700 to water, once while Scuba diving on my kayak and once while wakeboarding.(my insurance deductibles are huge) I would love to have one of these!!! Thanks Crackberry for these wonderful contests!!!!!!

Between the pool, river, and the beach we are around water all the time. I would love to have one of these. Either would be great!

I would love to have either one of these for my summer trip to the Outer Banks here in NC! Not only for the water, but I lost a BB due to beach sand once in FL. I think the Overboard case will do just fine for my Curve 9330 3g!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

I'm take a trip to the beach every year and could use the AquaPac for some protection. If you are going to get wet its best with protection!!

I'm headed to the sure over the 4th and this would be awesome. My son walked into the surf with his phone last year. I think he just wanted a new phone.

I'd like to try either case, mainly because I'm always doing something that involves water, whether it be going down a mangrove on a boat, fishing, swimming etc. I always have my blackberry with me and this case would be AWESOME. I went to the CB shop to purchase one but didn't yet because of questions about shipping.


Nice to have one of this with my little baby, my bb.

I will want the Overboard because I allways go to the beach, no matter if its summer or winter, and also I travel to very dusty places so it will be wonderfull to have one of this

I am not around a lot of water and I am always very careful with my phones. I never buy cases. I'm that friend who takes care of his things and borrowed things from others while returning it in the same condition. However my son is now one years old and he has learned to handle things like throwing trash away, putting things in buckets, putting toilet paper where it belongs, just basically putting anything he can grab a hold of and putting it in the nearest bucket, can, ceramic pot, or toilet bowl. then he won't tell you what he's done or may just scream and say aahhh! Ahhhh in an accomplishing way. he likes to take my phone, don't know why not our other ipods and my wife's phone, but mine only and then just put it in the toilet. I just don't get what goes on in his mind. so i think this waterproof case will be handy at home. of course I will use it at pools and beaches but it will most certainly keep doing it's job while sitting around home near a toilet dunking one year old.

JUST got a new pool in my house. I'd be able to use my phone there without worrying about getting it wet. Either case would be fine. Thanks :)

This would have been suhWEET a week ago (before my 8530 decided to cool off and take a swim). Maybe hook me up with one as a preventative measure for my new 9550? Having it happen twice WOULD be embarrassing.

Oh, how I need am AquaPac for my Torch.
My kids keep picking up my phone with wet hands & dripping all over it.
It's amazing it still works.

I'm really into wild swimming such as in rivers, lakes, sea, canals anything really and I have recently come back from a swim trip to the outer Hebrides where we spent a week swimming from the most southern island to the most northern island and I had great fun doing so. However there was just one problem ... I'm quite a busy guy and so its really important that I have my BlackBerry on me at all times and a waterproof case would come in really handy helping me keep up with all that is going on :). Fingers crossed :).

Winning the OverBoard will help protect my BB from the elements of summer...water, sunblock, sand, and especially my clumsiness!

For the first time in many years I will actually have time to enjoy the out doors. Either hiking or getting stuck in the rain, this is definately a product I will need this summer!

The overboard! I live on an island, and the beach is second home, its always a chore to have to keep the phone tucked under a tshirt or in a bag to the side to avoid the sand and sea affecting it, not to mention coming out the water dripping wet and trying to answer a phone without gettig water in it! lol

I have a Torch and would love the larger Aquapac. I'm taking my family to a resort later this summer so this would come in very handy indeed! I hope I win! :)

OOOOhhhhhh, this is just what i need, we want to take our phones while we're in the springs but we are scared of getting our phones wet :(
i would be able to use my Torch to take pics under water, awesome :p
this is just perfect, we have this thing of going to the springs every 2 wks and this will make our trip way much more better and fun :0 :p

I would love to have an overboard waterproof case for my Bold 9780 please! I'm serving in the army and whenever it rains when I'm training out in the jungle, it will definitely keep my phone dry!

If I had the overboard, I would be able to go back into swimming classes. I was ok back when I had the 8310, but I already ruined two 9780s...

Naa, ignore this post, I don't need one. Goog luck you all!

I can think of two great uses for one of these cases. A case would remove the need for zip lock bags on fishing trips, as I am sure it would house an id, fishing license, debit card, and a blackberry. Also, one of these cases could replace an extra media device in the bathroom/shower if audio was still loud enough once the phone was secure in the case. Use the lanyard to hang it around the shower head, and you have a portable water proof media player.

I'd love to try the Aquapac! I go to the beach frequently and it would be nice to not have to keep it in a baggy or keep blowing the sand out of my keyboard.

we go to the beach in summer and like others it would be great tot ake pictures and video in the water

Working as a lifeguard, I'm next to the water all day, almost everyday. I've actually dropped my berry in the water once already while making a call to 911!

This would really come in handy as at the pool I work at, we rely soley on our cell phones for emergency calls. We do not have a landline. I'd feel much safer with my phone in a water-proof pouch! Perfect for on the job!

Apple gets custom designed submersible & useable waterproof hardcases/covers w/options to attach waterproof earphones from designers like H2O Audio and we get plastic zip-lock bags!
Way-to keep up with the competition RIM.

I would like a Overboard. I am a big bath lover, always want to kill the long bath time by playing my blackberry. And now there is solution.

I'm thinking the Overboard for when I go to Florida this summer and when I forget my Berry is in my pocket before I go in the water

I am planning to spend a lot of time at the beach and camping this summer so one of these would really come in handy! I would like the Aquapac!

I take the kids to the pool all the time and have to leave the phone up on the chairs so I miss texts and calls. When the kids and I aren't in the pool, I'm running and have my phone stuck in a SPI belt and it gets sweaty. I could use the Overboard for both activities so pick me, please.

I'm getting a new BB next week, and want to make sure it stays safe while we are at the pool this summer. I'd take the Aquapac too, bigger is better.

my grandma house near to the beach..when i'm going to the beach..i often left my blackberry, worried...with this i can play at the beach anytime without worrying my lovely blackberry.. :)

As the owner of multiple Blackberries from 3 different carriers, and as the Blackberry Expert for the carrier I currently work for, I'd love the opportunity to demonstrate another accessory that customers can come to the site and buy! Not to mention the fact that since I switch out blackberries weekly between business and personal use, I'm going to need protection for my trips to the waterpark this summer, as well as my business pool parties within my state. I love buying new phones, but not because I got one wet. Just another great way for me to keep my Torch burning, while making Bold statements, and showing off my Curves with Style! Pick me!

As the owner of multiple Blackberries from 3 different carriers, and as the Blackberry Expert for the carrier I currently work for, I'd love the opportunity to demonstrate another accessory that customers can come to the site and buy! Not to mention the fact that since I switch out blackberries weekly between business and personal use, I'm going to need protection for my trips to the waterpark this summer, as well as my business pool parties within my state. I love buying new phones, but not because I got one wet. Just another great way for me to keep my Torch burning, while making Bold statements, and showing off my Curves with Style! Overboard for me Please!

I would like the Overboard. Right now my Torch is aquaphobic, it goes no where near any source of water. I hope this summer my Torch could get over its fears and join me by the pool and at the beach during vacations!

I have a torch with a bulky case, so the aquapac seems to be the one. but can use the overboard for my wife's 9700, it would be a great gift for her. If the aquapac is not available.

It hasn't rained where I am at since Oct. You never know when it might flood though. So i would over joyed with the overboard.

best accessory i have seen in along time. the plastic zip lock bag I use today just won't cut it. this is much better. would love to have one of these....

Regardless is summer, winter or any of the 4 seasons, I definitely see myself using this more than anything else! I want this right naw!

I live in a tropical country, and that means one thing: lots of rain. I also do a lot of travelling over water and also do water sports so owning (or winning) an OverBoard waterproof case would certainly benefit my lifestyle. The OverBoard case would be great since even though it only has a window (unlike the AquaPac) it still looks cool with its black exterior. It will also look good with my BlackBerry's OtterBox case on - macho and rugged. I hope I do win! If it wasn't for plain luck with overturned drinks barely missing the front of my berry (the back was soaked but thanks to my commuter case the device was spared) and with coin sized drops of rain just suddenly peltering down on my berry (again, thanks to my case) my berry lives... But I can't imagine the time when I finally run out of luck and my berry suffers from water damage.

I really hope you choose me!

I live 5 minutes from the ocean, love to swim every year and enjoy partying on and around the docks. This will be my first summer with a blackberry (bold 9780) I have previously lost a garbage phone a year back due to being pushed in the water.. Now with my new blackberry being by water all the time makes me nervous.

Another thing that would help with a water proof case is sand... it gets everywhere! a waterproof case would help that too ;)

Between the two I'd like to try the aquapac due to it's larger size and ability to put a little bit of air to help it stay buoyant.

I vacation to the beach every year and am an avid fisherman. The overboard case would be a nice accessory to have to protect my 9650.

We are half way through June and I don't think we have had more than 2 maybe 3 days in a row of dry weather. It's supposed to be summer! I guess that's what happens when you live in the state of Washington. In addition to the rain I am around water often. So, the Overboard would be great for me to protect my storm2.

Looks awesome and I need it because I'm constantly working around immature punks (literally, placement kids in a group home) that love to goof around with water and the local pond. Its only a matter of time before I'm soaked and my bb is out of commission!

I'm an avid fisherman and BB user. Having one of these would allow me to keep my BB available in my boat, instead of stored deeply away.

Seeing as my last BB ended up at the bottom of our pool I could realy use an OverBoard case. We use my BB for the audio by the pool almost evryday. This would be like life insurance.

I would love to try the aquapac as I plan to be around swimming pools as much as possible and I could see one of my daughters tossing my berry in for me. :P Berry's dont swim sweetie! :o

The Aquapac would be ever so sweet, especially with all the rain I'm getting here this spring. Forget going for a swim, I'm having a hard time keeping my Torch dry just going to and from my car !!!

My boyfriend goes through more BBs than any person I know because of this reason, he likes to fish during the summer and this would be perfect for him!

Most definately could use one. I work outside in all the elements and this would provide me a lil ease of mind and 1 less thing I wont have to worry about.

aquapac looks like the better choice just because of the enclosure the seals it.. it's hard to say what kind of seal that the overboard has.. plus i have a pretty ancient blackberry (curve 8900) and it would need a bigger case.

Its the summer season n a nyc shower or dip in the pool with soft music playing in the background is what you need after a long day of hectic work,but suddenly you are struck with the fear of geting your handheld wet in water,With the Help of Aquapac or Overboard the fear of my baby handheld gtng wet die..

im off to newquay next month for my brothers stag do, im hoping its going to be hot! Wanted to take my treasured bb curve which i have now owned for 2 years and refuse to upgrade! The aquapac sounds like a great idea as my bb can come to newquay and enjoy the sun, sea, sand and take some sexy pics!!