Keep your BlackBerry dry this summer with a waterproof case!

Overboard and Aquapac cases for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 12 Jun 2011 09:17 am EDT

Do you need a waterproof case for your BlackBerry? Keep reading to see how you can win one!

Yesterday Joseph looked at what can be done as a remedy if your BlackBerry gets an accidental dunk in liquid. I know accidents happen, but what if you could take an extra step and to prevent your BlackBerry from taking an unexpected bath? If you're headed to the beach for some sun, or out on the lake for a day of fishing, or taking the kids to the water park, you don't have to leave your phone behind. There are some great options out there for keeping your device safe and secure, and I'm not talking about a ziploc baggie. Keep reading to see what some of those options are!

Overboard case for BlackBerry

Recently I tested out an OverBoard Waterproof case and an Aquapac Handheld case on my BlackBerry Torch. Both cases performed really well, sealing tight and not allowing any water to enter. I was actually surprised that you really can still use your device while they are in these cases; the Torch's touchscreen and trackpad remained responsive even through the thick plastic. You can even make and receive calls (Obviously, not suggested but you could -- if you used speakerphone and yelled a lot.) and use the camera and video camera, with only minor interference. Both cases are waterproof, dust, salt-water and UV resistant, and both come with a lanyard so you can wear your device or attach it to something else while using the case. 

Aquapac and Overboard cases

While both OverBoard and Aquapac claim that most devices will float while in their cases, I did not have this experience with the BlackBerry Torch. With the OverBoard case, the Torch fits inside very snuggly. The Aquapac case is a little larger, so I was able to blow some air inside which allowed it to float, but it would be next to impossible to use the device inside the air filled pouch. Bla1ze stuck his HTC Desire HD in the OverBoard case, and it was also too heavy to float. In any case, I believe that lighter devices would indeed float, just be aware that heavy ones won't. The OverBoard is submersible to 19 feet, and the Aquapac 15 feet. Good thing they have those lanyards, right? ;)

Aquapac case for BlackBerry

Overall, I think both of these cases are great, and do the job they are supposed to do. Personally, I prefered the Aquapac, simply because it was a little bigger, and easier to get the Torch in and out of. If I was using a thinner device, that wouldn't be an issue with the Overboard case. Just remember, a little preparation can go a long way, especially when it comes to keeping your precious BlackBerry safe. If you're going to be near water, or in stormy weather, or whatever the situation may be, it's worth the money to protect your device, and everything that's inside it.

For more information and to purchase the Aquapac Handheld Case
For more information and to purchase the OverBoard Waterproof Case

Contest: We know you want to win one of these, and keep your BlackBerry safe this summer. We're giving away one of each, so leave a comment below and let us know if you want to try out the Aquapac or the Overboard, and why you need it. We'll choose two winners next Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please! Good luck!

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Reader comments

Keep your BlackBerry dry this summer with a waterproof case!



All of a sudden, I'm noticing a lot of water in my life. My in laws now have a pool, roads are flooding on my drive into work.. I've got a hunch that one of these MIGHT come in handy.

I'm thinking Aquapac.

i would like the Aquapac because of the size and i go the pool and beach a lot and have been putting my phone in a ziploc bag...i REALLY need to have something better for my phone please :-)

I was asking last week about this on Twitter.. If I win this it will be like someone is reading my mind here \o/

i'd love to have one of those cases. going to a waterpark in a couple of weeks and don't want to leave my berry in the car. please pick me.

If you've ever been at the top of a mountain in Scotland when the skies open, and had to seek shelter under a nearby rock, you'll know why one of these would be very handy indeed. Especially if you're mad enough to want to that all over again. And suprisingly, between that and kyaking, that was the wetter activity.

I now take my old phone out with me when there's a chance it might get wet (activities like the above and also fishing), having never really considered that I might be able to get something to waterproof protect my blackberry. No blackberry addict likes leaving their BB behind though!

I prefer the overboard myself.

I can't think of a better way to protect my berry while at the pool or out on the boat fishing.
Pick me crackberry!

Between chaperoning at water parks and monitoring the pools with family and friend's toddlers exploring about, one of these waterproof pouches would be great to have!

I'm thinking the Aquapac.

I live in Counci Bluffs, IA and the Missouri River is flooding. Last week My friends basment flooded, three days ago My mother had to buy tons of sand bags because Her yard is flooded. Their are several businesses closed due to this as well. I recently had twin baby boys and they are a blessing, but they have put a huge hole in My wallet! I would love to win the "overboard" case since its a little out of My budget:) also because My twins, wife, and blackberry would be the first thing to save if We get flooded so I could see "overboard" most definitely helping Me out.

This could be in my list to bring when the family goes for a trip 3 weeks time so count me in my bb is allergic to water my bb need this for sure

The kiddies have a such a fondness for my Berry, if I turn my head even for a second it's in their hands! It would be such a relief at the pool/beach this summer to have it safely in An Overboard case! I could relax!

We go out fishing quite a bit, and the ziploc bag makes me nervous. As well, we like to take the kids to the water park at six flags, and it would be nice to keep my berry with me.

I'll take either one, I'm not picky!

Summertime is here, which means beach / water park / pool / boat which means danger / disaster for a berry without one of these! Pick me CB!

Between the neighbors pool and crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay on his boat, this would be some nice insurance to enable me to carry my BB without worry!

I go out fishing all the time with my friends and always leave my phone behind and miss a ton of updates. I would use the Sh@t out of one of these. PLEASE PICK ME!

.. what's the maximum depth for this pack.. I go diving very often and if I do win, I would like to test it out.. lol..

I like the look of the Aquapac. Would be great for my time camping and fishing all summer. No worry when on the boat of the phone getting wet again.

We have a pool and I'm always worried about the kids splashing one of our BB's. This would be the perfect fix!

After having 3 exams and a 53 week long year at university, I intend to lie on the beaches of Miami or Marbella in Spain.

The Aquapac would go a long way to keeping me happy and stress-free through that vacation.

I would love to own the AQUAPAC! I am terrified....yes terrified to think that what happened to my camera last summer could happen to my Torch! My camera got submerged at Sesame Place on a water ride when I went under :-( I have since recovered from the loss of a camera HOWEVER, if that ever happened to my BlackBerry life just wouldn't be the same! And now that my Torch is my only source of photography :-) I need to keep it protected so I can still enjoy those moments with my twins and take it with me. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

i recently moved to Florida and I'm always at a beach, pool or waterpark, and I always had to leave my BB in the car. This would be great to have!!!

I work outside and keeping my phone dry can be a challenge. I've been using a very classy zip-lock bag! ugh....... Either of these cases would be a huge improvement but I think the larger Aquapac would be my preference. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

Hey there,
I'd love to win the Overboard case. It's not been long since my BlackBerry almost got screwed up in a heavy storm. Thank god it still works, although the leather sleeve for the 9800 is like a bowl, when carried in pocket and lots of water still fits in. So my 9800 basicly swan around in the for a while (like 15 Minutes)
I do not want that to happen again, maybe next time, i won't be that lucky.

I work in television, specifically as a special/live coverage guy, I'm always covering severe storms here. I can be caught in anything from a hail storm to the worst of storms for not only me but my BlackBerry; a torrential rain downpour. We all live by our BlackBerries in television, so much so that most of our communications back and forth during a live show are done via BBM. I'd love to be able to use my BlackBerry without risking its life, but be able to keep it with me out in the elements. These two cases, especially with the lanyard seems like they were made for me and my job. I'd even be willing to write a "in-the-filed" review if I got one!

Ima swimmer and a BlackBerry addict everytime im in the pool i must admit im a little worried about my BlackBerry but i cant separate from him, this would be the perfect case for me to protect it while im practicing. Thank you CB!

Last summer, when i was down in Mexico, we were taking pictures in the water knee deep after a few cocktails in the hot sun when the camera guy couldn't figure out how to take a picture. After a quick frustration, i proceeded to run up and show him but forgot its harder to trek through water than land and fell face first into the water! I look down to my horror in my front pocket, the LED flash was running but nothing else and it was flashing non stop..

Long story short, lets prevent something like this from happening again so i can enjoy my vacation and not have to worry about leaving my possessions in the room unsafe :)


I wanna try the overboard because it looks as if it has more of a "blackberry case design" as in the other one looks like a ziplock bag lol. I really need this because over the summer I go to the swimming pool a lot! And I end up leaving my Blackberry at home or in the locker!

OverBoard Waterproof Case
i really need it because i love to swim and i need to protect my BB
and i don't want to ruin another cell phone in the water :)

I'm 14, and could really use the overboard case so that when i take out my family's jetski, i can call for help if i get lost or run into some issues.

Did not know they had water proof cases...

It would be best if I can skip taking apart my cellphone and drowning it in rice, right after a bath.

Remember to catch some sunshine in the summer, ciaos. =)

I work in a very humid environment over salt water. I recently ruined a brand new 3 week old Bold due to water intrusion. Would love to try the Aqua Pac so that it dosent happen again.

I would love the Aquapac for my 17 year old daughter because against my constant reminders she insist on having her BlackBerry on the sink while showering. Then she frequently pops out to text. Also this summer she wants to go to the waterpark. I expect to be looking for a new BB after that trip. Please help me Crackberry.

I'm at the beach constantly and this would no only protect it from the water but the sand as well.. I hate when it gets stuck in the keyboard! The Aquapac looks like the best solution for my Torch!

I have 3 kids under 10 who love supersoakers, our pool, and listening to Pandora on my Blackberry, all at the same time. A waterproof case would be awesome. Especially, since my last phone was a G'zone and I was spoiled by the ability to take my phone anywhere without fear of the elements.

My daughter is seven. Without a doubt, kids love water, and we're always going to a nearby splash pad park. Daddy gotta find a way to keep his beloved BB nice and dry. 'Nuff said!

I would like either one to protect my phone while I'm kayaking. I usually keep it in a drybox, but can't get at it very quickly to take pictures or videos. Given a choice, I'd probably pick the AquaPac.

in thailand and myanmar, every april has water festival. we always get waterproof plastics bag exactly same as that and it just cost a dollar. why are those so expensive out there?

I do a lot of canoeing and tip over a lot! I'd love the Overboard when I go overboard! Thanks! :)

I work outside all the time.this leading to my bb getting wet somtimes. I need this case more than everyone else(in my opinion)

i would love the aquapac for use with my 8530. i use a seidio rugged case so the added size would be needed for sure. I would use it often since i frequent the beech and it would keep my phone dry if i get caught in the rain while on my motor scooter. thanks!

I would go with the recommended AquaPac for my Torch - I spend a lot of time during the summer at the pool & the lake, so this would be perfect! Thanks!!

My wife and myself are foster career's, and we take the children we look after to the beach and swimming pools often to keep them fit and active. It would be a great idea to have either on of these water proof pouches, saves leaving the BB home and taking the older cheaper phone with us each time.
Nice reviews thank you.

I am a boater....I would love to have one of these to keep my phone safe while out on the water!
I'm thinking the overbord!

I think I'd like to try de aquapack. I need one of these because I swim everyday for sport and usually I have my blackberry near the pool. Not only that, I also go to the beach a lot since I love to scuba dive and these cases would give me a great deal of confidence when I take out my beloved blackberry while on the boat or on the beach.

I go kayaking a lot and usually have to put my 9780 in a ziploc bag, then put that ziploc bag into another ziploc bag before going out on the water. And even then I don't feel like it's protected and like most BB owners, my 9780 is my everything. I would absolutely LOVE the Aquapac! It would give me the peace of mind I need the next time I'm trying to paddle away from those rabid beavers that are always trying to attack me!

A case like this would be perfect for keep my bb safe while riding my bike. It would help keep dry from sweat and the occasional rain shower I get caught in on the bike.

I would get a lot of use out of the OverBoard case!!

I hike wildlife refuges and there is always water, marshes, walking bridges, brooks, etc. I use my BlackBerry 9700 to take a good deal of photos and I'm always leaning over bridges and maneuvering over the water's edge to get a good shot. I haven't dropped the phone yet but there's always a first time! The lanyard would also keep the phone within quick reach!

I would love to win an Overboard for my BB Torch, I like to play hard and definitely need one. Especially seeing that I break all my Otterbox cases within 6 months; in fact I have a small pile of them in my phone drawers.

I use my Torch for navigation on my motorcycle and so far have not found anything (other than two ziplock bags) that keep it 100% dry. The Aquapac sounds like it would be perfect to keep things dry and free of road dirt.

i'm a kayak tour guide and we were given aquapacks as part of our gear. even though the one plastic closure thing pulled off the actual bag, it's still just as watertight as before. i've been using it for two or three years and it's worked great. the lanyard is nice because i just tie it to a deck line and i don't have to worry about it going anywhere. the best part is i can still use my bold (9650) while in the case

id love to try the aquapac. last year and just about every year i usually get some form of water torture to my phone or me. for some reason my family (in laws) think it would be funny to destroy my lifeline. last year i was waking by a pool and a bucket of water was dumped on my head during a memorial day party and water logged my 9650 bold which was just released 2 weeks prior! if i had the aquapac i could still carry the phone in my shorts and not worry about these problems.

please CB dont let me have to spend another $100 on another assurion claim this summer!

Summer is coming and that means time for kayaking and canoeing. With the Overboard, I don't have to worry about taking my phone with me out on the water. Plus I get to snap a pic and share with friends of the beautiful surroundings right on the spot.

Want to than you for the ability to not be "all wet." Please consider me for one of these cases that would fit the Bold 9650! Thank you!

im going on multiple vacations this summer where water i will be by the trying to take video while i parasail so i would love to have either one of these...please help me out and let me win one of these

We have an in-ground pool and we're planning a week-long trip to Wildwood, NJ beaches, so and Aquapac for my Bold 9700 would seem to be in order. Thanks!

I would love to have either one of these. I go to the river a lot. Looks like I would prefer the Overboard case.

I've been spending more time in and around what's left of Lake Travis in Austin, so the AquaPac would keep my Bold 9700 quite nice and safe!

This will really help me because I'm very clumsy when it comes to water and phones. There was a time I was drinking a coke and I had my phone over my cup and I was texting a few friends, somehow my phone slipped through my grasp and fell into my coke. This would've been very useful especially if ill be going swimming sometime in the summer. Compared to a cup of coke, the pools and beaches have a bigger amount of liquid that can damage my BB so please, pick me!

I would love either one of these! I am heading for Myrtle Beach the end of July and have dreamed twice now of dropping my berry in the ocean. It is stressing me out! This would get rid of my nightmares.

I was on a boat just yesterday and was thinking "what if my phone got wet" how sick I would be if that happend. I'd love to win a waterproof case.

I live in the desert and am going to the ocean for a vacation in July. I am such a klutz around water I would go Overboard for a waterproof case. Would be nice for all the pool parties when you go Overboard with too much fun. :-)

I live 5 mins from the REAL BEACH in FL. Unlike some up north who call a Lake Shore "the beach".....I'm going to be volunteering this year at MOTE MARINE LABS.(Google it)...... If I don't need it..... I don't know who would.

I'm thinking Aquapac. I would really wan't it because i have lost one of my phones this not want to lose my blackberry this way :)

Hey I would love to win one of these. Be great to have in the float tube while fishing. Pretty scarey having a naked phone in the belly boat

I spend a lot of time near the beach and water in the summer...I'd love an Aquapac for my phone! I know that Blackberry is an investment, and for a lot of people including myself, want to take great care of our BB babies because they aren't always replaceable! This is a fabulous idea, and could also keep your phone protected from sand and other things when your hangin' out around water! I LOVE that its still useable while inside the protective means I still get my BB fix while soaking up the sun and cooling off in the agua ;)

i swim daily for hours on end and it's the only time i'm without my blackberry would be great if i could keep it on me whilst i did my laps at the pool or just chillin at the beach.

I am a clutz! I spend alot of time at the beach with my dog & always leave my BB in the car, just in case. Either case would be great for me to have my BB with me at all times (I tend to have separation anxiety)

How come your links don't actually go to the product. It says buy it now but just links to your store and I see only the aquapack and it lists at 49.95 The overboard I finally found with a search but it was 29.95

I have a pool and a jacuzzi that my three little girls, ages 2, 3 and 10, love to play in. Unfortunately they also like to throw their pool toys into the water. Last summer my BB became a pool toy :( I obviously can't go without my BB poolside but keeping them from throwing everything into the pool is always a challenge and I found out the hard way that they only need a split second to get to my BB. I need one of these like you wouldn't even believe. I'm not going to be greedy and specific...I could use either one at this point. Since we get a choice, whichever one you don't give to someone else I would gladly take and immediately use.

I'd like to try the OverBoard. I need it because I just want to try it out and see if it works. For fun! How about it?

I have gotten my BlackBerry wet a couple of times. A quick battery pull and time to dry out saved my phone. This could save me from future problems and loss of use.


I would go with the overboard waterproof case. My family and I intertube down the cannon river and rum river in minnesota almost every weekend and I always put my backup 8320 (I rock a 9780 everyday)in a zip lock bag well last trip down the cannon my 8320 took a stroll to davy jones locker (get off my back I know that is in the ocean but enough time has passed that it could have made it by now) I was dreading using my back up 8900 or 9700 as my river phone but this poses an interesting alternitve to a zip lock baggie (I would still use the 8900 but I wouldn't worry as much)

well, lets' see.... We have lake lots with 300ft of lakefront... I've got into the water with 3 different cell phones and none survived :-(... So, I think the Aquapac would definitely be of benefit to me, and my forgetfulness... Thanks so much

it would be cool to have the Acquapac for my 9650 because I have fishing trips, kayaking and all sorts of water activities and it would be awesome to be able to take my BB with me all the time!

The overboard case would be perfect for the summer! It might even come in handy during our winters here in the Great White North! I do find myself trying to cover my phone up with the hood of my jacket or lean over to protect it in the rain or snow :)

Now this is something I need for sure! I'm a lifeguard working at an amusement park and had many close calls! Please pick me, I'd love to use the aquapac!

with my torch the aquapac would be awesome, especially when getting in some more wakeboardin on the boat and diving for all those lost golf balls in the pond.

Would've saved a Tour if I had one of these back in the day. A word of advice: Ziplocs do not protect your phone in a foam party xD

I think I would like the over board model.. Now that summer weather is here I take the puppie to the river a couple of times a day and usualy have to rush back to the shore to answer the phone..

Monsoons Can be a Phone Killer in Mumbai India.. Justwant my recently acquired Blackberry Bold aka Onyx..SAFE... The Zip-Locks are so flimsy...
Help me keep my Precious BB 9700 Safe...
Any of the two will do.. But, personally, I like the Overboard.. It kinda has an Industrial Design to it...
Hope I win It!

i agree with your thoughts behind the AquaPac for my Torch... Just the thought of it slipping out of my hands and into the briny deep, gives me the willies.... shudder!
thanks again Carackberry... You Rock!

ohhhh i sooo want one!!! i need it cuz i live right in front of the beach and i hang out there everyday!!! please pick me!

The Aquapack would probably be a better pick for me. I have a big phone so I'd like it if it floated a bit easier. I'm on the boat all summer long so I'd still attach something to make it float no matter what. Doesn't matter if it hits the water with a case on or without a case; in the middle of the lake your phone is gone regardless. I'm not diving 200ft for a $600 phone. The Aquapack would make me worry less about my phone on the boat and if it gets splashed.

Would love the AquaPac.

I coach a springboard dive team in the summers. The age range of the divers is 8 to 18 years old. Over the years, I've gotten better about establishing how it's not okay to push me in the water, but at least once a season it happens during practice. It would be nice to have the AquaPac so I can keep my phone on me during practice.

p.s. I still let them push me in if we make it to the championship meet... especially if we win. It'd be great to have my phone handy and waterproofed so I can take pictures of us in the water celebrating.

Lastly, I think this is important for everyone to know. if the phone is inside the case and sitting in the direct sunlight, it's going to get very hot inside the case. Make sure if you're at teh beach or pool that you cover it with a towel or something to avoid heat damage to your BB.

Thanks for the review and the contest.

Aquapac looks soo cool !!! I would love on of these for my phone, that way I can splash around the lake with my berry still on me ! Wooo goo crackberryy ! <3

I'd ove one of this to protect my torch from water while i'm on the beach. Anyone of this cases will be OK, because they are both awesome!

Aquapac for me please. I think it would show up better in the creek. I would be happy with either, truth be known.

I love the idea of these cases. I spend a lot of time on a boat in the summer & have always been leery of how these type of cases work. Thanks for doing the legwork for me Crackberry! I'd definitely want the Aquapac case.

I would absolutely love to have the Overboard for my Bold 9700. Off on holiday in a few weeks so would be perfect timing! Fingers crossed!

I do swim every afternoon at public cellphone once being stealed while I enjoyed my swimming time...

I think I need a chance to win I always close to my lovely 9780...

Please... :)

What a great invention! I am a fisherman and have seen numerous phone get wet caused by dropping in water, i myself have have a bad habit of causing water damage to my blackberries =( . This is the perfect idea & must recommend this item.

Aquapac please! I'm an avid fisherman, constantly on the water and we (my family) go to florida every year, so I'm at the beach a lot as well. I just got a torch and haven't taken it on the water yet for fear of dropping it :)

This would be soooooo handy!! I plant to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer, and I also hope to keep my BB totally dry - and functional!

Man I coulda used this last week when my Torch got dropped at the pool, Still works though, but this case will help in the future.

hi i would love to win the overboard water protection for my blackberry i have already had a problem with moisture and my phone..seems the outside moisture can also make your phone not work..I am pretty active in the summer and around alot of lakes ...and well i am a bit of an accident prone person...and i so need the help of this p[rotector...

Since we have a pool at home, where we spend a lot of time around in the summer , waterproof protection would surely come in handy. Would hate to lose the 9700 because of a cannonball !

My wife and i just got a pool!!! My 3 year son loves to play and be entertained with my phone. This would insure it is safe by the pool. I think the Aquapac looks a litte better to use because of the extra space. I would love to try it out!!!!

I would love to try the Aquapac I am always at the lake with the family, and my brother in law and I have a contest through out the summer, who can push the other into a body of water most. i usually have to really watch when and how i carry my storm, this would make the contest less painful.

This type of case would be great for the beach. Not just for wate, but sand too. I've learned the hard way what sand can do to keyboards & trackballs! I prefer the Overboard style because of the snugger fit< even if it won't float.

Cottage season is coming up for me and the aquapac would be perfect when we are swimming or out on the lake. I like to have my phone close buy incase of emergencies. Really want one now!

Heading out to the Mediterranean this summer. And Overboard case would be nice for my Blackberry.

I'm working as a summer camp counselor for the next few months, and I will be working the waterfront area doing sailing, water skiing, swimming, things of that nature, and due to safety concerns I have to have my torch nearby to call in case anything goes wrong, and my torch isn't going to be able to help much if its at the bottom of the lake, shorted out!

Lol why paying 25 euro for this when you can put this is a small plastic bag that cost les than 1euro cent

i will be taking swimming lessons again this summer (last year i got as far as making my first swim to the middle of the pool but before the next lesson my instructor's wife had twins so the lessons ceased). i want to know how to swim to go on vacation with my family ( all strong swimmers) to a water park and the shore. the last vacation everyone was great and pretty much went on safe rides (safe for me). when they needed to let loose and swim i was the cell phone holder. i want to swim too! (and keep my bb dry). i would love to get the Aquapac case.

I was actually looking into DiCaPAC pouches, but couldn't get them in mexico, summer would be a lot more wired with my Torch on hand, plus having it with you at all times makes a good use of 5 Mpx underwater photography.

Working as a lifeguard for the 4th summer now for my city at both a pool and beach having one of these cases would literally be like a lifeguard for my phone keeping it safe from the sand at the beach and water. I like the looks and that the OverBoard case can go deeper. Winning would be awesome!!

I sure would like to try out the Overboard case, I have a blackberry style and not a whole of choices to choose from to begin with, but with the super slick exterior it is a scratch magnet, and going to the beach every weekend the ziplock baggie is getting a little tiring :)

living with 2 cats is just an accident waiting to happen: glasses full of water tend to flip, wet toys all around and no they have a new trick - getting under hot coffee mugs just as you are about to PUT them DOWN. i need some water protection!
would like to get the overboard case please.

Looks like a great product. I would want to try it being that I have lost 2 blackberry's to the great untouchable....water.

Would love to win the Overboard case..

I'm going on a trip to Italy soon and will be hitting the beach too often and the case seems it will come in handy and protect my device! i already lost a couple devices by dropping them in the pool!

As a travel photographer, working for stock photography, my activities take me to many "weird" places worldwide, whether outdoors or indoors; I have been to deserts and swamps, beaches, mountains etc. I can remember well one strong downpour I once had in the middle of the Galápagos Islands where I simply "lost" two expensive cameras over the rain that fell on me and there was no place at all to seek for any shelter. From that moment on, I always bring a strong plastic bag with me, just in case. But, such a nice waterproof case made just for my Blackberry will be more than ideal! I would recommend it for everyone.
I live in (at times not so) sunny Florida and we are just starting our rainy-hurricane season... should I say more?

Would love the Aquapack since we live at the beach and have a 6 month old and 3 year old. A case like this would give me such a better peace of mind. THanks

This could prove useful for sailing weekends and the occasional canoe/kayak camping weekend up in Algonquin. It's been about a decade since a canoe tip but the last time it happened I kept the camera from going into the water by sticking one arm up in the air while we tipped. I had a paddle in the other hand so a BlackBerry would not have survived, seeing as I would have had to let go of the camera to dive after the phone. The Aquapac would solve that problem.

Thanks CrackBerry!

The Aquapac would be great - going on vacation to the beach and would love to bring my BlackBerry - it currently has a fear of water. Thanks for the contest.

would love such a waterproof case since i already had 1 misfortunate event of that sort with my last BB.

I spend most of the time at the beach, surfing. Really could use one.
It´s either leaving my bb at the car or filling it with sand and salt, so the AquaPac could really be useful ;)

I would love the Overboard case. I love to swim and be at the Beach but I'm so protective over my life...I mean phone that I don't take it with me.

Living near the water you need something like this to keep your berries safe and not to mention the blasted kids at the pool splashing water everywhere. I'd like to use the Aquapac :)

can i have this case? im in Jamaica, surrounded by water, lol, this would come in handy especially at water parties

I'm an EMT and would love to know my Bold was as safe as possible in some of the situations I get into. :)

Would love the Overboard as it will come in handy while teaching my niece and nephew how to swim.

I'm planning several beach trips this summer and am writing this from a pool so it would be amazingly useful to win one of these. They both look awesome. :)

Finally me and my BB can be united as one in the shower! Even though my Crackberry books 12 step program says I shouldn't..

One of these would be perfect for my July boat trip in Northern Ontario! Especially after a few wobbly pops.

After spending 10 hours on the river yesterday....I sure wish I had an Overboard case like this one! Lots of fun summertime activities planned with the kids this year!

I would love to win one of the Over Board cases, I like a nice snug case, and nothing beats it being water proof. The fact a person is still able to use their phone while in the case is great as well. I would definitely use this case on my weekend trips to the lake. Oh, and heck with putting the phone on speaker phone to make and receive phone calls. That's what they make BLUETOOTH devices for. :) Win, win all around! Did I mention I jumped in the lake last year with my Blackberry in my pocket. <--worse day of my life.

I am in and out of the Everglades all the time; either with my Jeep club or going fishing. Usually when we are driving in the "Glades," the water level can get as deep as four feet or more on a designated road and trail. One has to be careful in getting out of the Jeep with anything that is prone to water damage. We have a saying, "it may be waterproof, but is it Glades proof?" I am always worried about my Storm 2 and usually leave it in the glove box as it is one of the highest points in the Jeep to store something. Would love to have either of these items to protect my Storm 2.

Living in South Florida, I am in and out of the Everglades all the time, either with my Jeep club or fishing. The water level on the roads and trails can reach four foot deep or more. When I have to get out of the Jeep to attach a winch cable I have to leave my BlackBerry Storm 2 in glove box of the Jeep as that is the highest place in the Jeep to store anything. We have a saying, it may be waterproof, but is it "Glades" proof? With hurricane season here, I need to keep my Storm 2 safe.

I am going to a tiny island, Isla Mujeres, and the entire island is only 4 miles long, and 3/4 mile wide. I will be close to the ocean most of the time. With this case, I can take my Torch with me. Please pick me.

I'd like to try the overboard. I got a blackberry curve over winter and haven't gotten a waterproof case for it. I boat, canoe, kayak, fish, swim and snorkel all summer and would love to have one.

We have a pool and I have dropped our cordless phone into it. Now that we have blackberrys-I am afraid one of them will take a dip. The Aquapac looks like it is a necessity now! Great review. Thanks for the chance!!

me please! i do alot of camping and boating, and this would be a great addition to my arsenal of gadgets

This would be great, not only on the boat, but while riding my bicycle. I have been cought by an unexpected storm several times and had to resort to shopping bags for protection. I also have the occasional long ride on the weekends and have to keep my BB in a ziplock bag to protect it from sweat through mt jersey. Having one of thes bags would protect the phone from other items in my pocket as well, such as the occasional banana or energy shot leak.

I would like to try the aquapac as it seems a bit more versatile.

I was just thinking about buying an waterproof case on CB! But now I can buy a case for my playbook ! :D THX CB !

I need one! The aquapac would be great because i have the bold 9000 and its a bigger phone! I have lost 2 bb already due to water, one at the lake, and one in the bar bathroom (embarrasing) lol i dont know why i havent got one yet? I also live in oregon where it rains like 9 months out of the year! Lol

Between work and pleasure, I am always looking to protect my BB from environmental hazards. The Aquapac Handheld Case being a little bigger would be great for my BB and an ear piece at; the pool, beach, camping and those dusty and dirty sites I need to go to for work. Thanks CB.

I'm currently training to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I hate to always hold my phone in my hand but my husband sends non-stop texts to me while I'm walking so putting it in a fanny pack won't work. So, I tend to put it under the strap of my sports bra. Needless to say, sweat isn't really good for my Bold. I also spend a lot of time outside at the pool and have nearly sent my BB for a swim. Would love to have the AquaPac because I could probably put money and ID in there as well.