Keep warm and functional with smarTouch gloves by Isotoner

smarTouch gloves by Isotoner
By Michelle Haag on 15 Dec 2011 09:04 am EST

Contest: Enter to win a pair of smarTouch gloves courtesy of Isotoner! Read on for details.

It's winter in our neck of the woods. Well, not mine, specifically because I live in Arizona. But for much of the world, it's cold and snowy and wet and that means that everyone is bundled up to stay warm. The only problem is… how do you use your BlackBerry or PlayBook if you have gloves on? If you have a BlackBerry with a keyboard you may be able to navigate ok, but if you have a touchscreen, you're pretty much out of luck if you're wearing gloves.

Isotoner has a solution. They have a line of gloves called smarTouch that are designed to work with your smartphone or tablet. They are water repellent, with a non-slip palm and fingers, made with Lycra fiber so the gloves fit snugly and stretch just when you need them to. While all of that is neat, the best feature of these gloves is right at the tip of your fingers, or to be specific, your thumb and index fingers. Here you'll find they have embroidered the tips with a special conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen, allowing you to scroll, select, and type without having to remove your gloves and freeze your fingers off. Keep reading to see our impressions of the smarTouch gloves, and more details about how to get your hands on some.

smarTouch gloves by Isotoner

Bla1ze and I both took a pair of these gloves for a spin, and found them to work well on a variety of touchscreens, from tablets to phones to ATMs! They fit well and were really comfortable to wear. I really loved how mine looked (in Tron-like teal and black) and Bla1ze -- being in Canada where it's cold -- loved that they kept his hands nice and warm and fit really nicely. We agreed that it may prove difficult to type out lengthy emails on a small screen, but for shorter messages, browsing, reading Twitter or Facebook, checking in to Foursquare, and things such as that, the smarTouch gloves were great. And of course on larger screens such as the PlayBook they work awesome.

Isotoner has the smarTouch gloves available for men and women in a variety of colors and styles including leather, knit, and fleece, lined/unlined, and more. You can check out all the styles, order gloves for yourself or that tech addict in your life, and find stores near you that sell them. I'm sure we all know some smartphone or tablet lovers out there that would be super happy to find these in their stocking on Christmas morning!

Contest: We have 2 pairs of smarTouch gloves to give away this week, courtesy of Isotoner! To enter, leave a comment below letting us know why you need these in your life or a particular time these gloves would have come in  'handy'. We'll choose 2 lucky winners Sunday night at midnight PST, so get your entries in! (The winners will each get to pick which style and color they prefer.)

More information on the smarTouch gloves from Isotoner

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Keep warm and functional with smarTouch gloves by Isotoner



I need these, I live in Michigan and am frequently outside at night while working. Its a pain pulling off gloves to use my Playbook or 9930! Ill take a Black pair or the darkes deepest blue you can find.

i spend a lot of time outside in my volunteer work, and these would be great for using with my Torch 9810 and my playbook.

These would be great when I'm waiting for the bus on a cold Fort McMurray morning, reading my ebooks on my playbook (via the infamous kobo app)

I could use some gloves for when I play shinny in the FREEZING cold. It's so hard to msg my girlfriend in the -15 degree weather and play shinny at the same time! These glove's would help make that process faster giving me more shinny time!

Guys, I live in Germany and I can tell you: I know what "cold" means. I need them urgently to operate my Torch 9800, please!

gaaah, its so cold in central illinois and i cant use my torch 9800's screen very well with my other gloves :( please give me a pair!!!

Blackberry user since 2004

Spending Xmas/NYE in New York City for first time this Xmas and they would definately come in handy for my Blackberry, Playbook and Android devices in those notorious NY winters!

Walking to and from work every day can get pretty cold here in Colorado, but that's the best time to catch up on emails. Please pick me!

I live in Canada and it's brrrrrrr up here! My hands are always cold, so these would be perfect when I'm using my 9900 to check my twitter updates, emails, bbm, etc. I don't take my Playbook out because my hands gets too cold to use it. So these gloves would be the perfect excuse to take my Playbook out and play! :)

I am very cold natured and a mature woman, so I tend to get clumsy using my fingers using a cell when it's freezing outside and on my way to work, the Isotoner gloves would be a wonderful gift for my arthritic hands. God bless to all and may everyone have a great Christmas.

We don't have anything resembling Canadian cold, but a 45 minute walk in 30 degree temps is still a bit chilly. I can make good use of these.

It can get pretty cold taking public transit home from work everyday in Toronto. A pair of these would allow me to keep getting work done on my BlackBerry PlayBook while waiting for my next connection home.

Great contest! I need a pair of these because everyday I wait outside for the bus in the cold (I live in Michigan). I still try to use my Torch 9850 even my hands are freezing ;). But it'd be better if I can use my 9850 while keeping my hands toasty.

Thanks CB!

I live in the beautiful but wet (and cold this time of year) state of Washington. I make deliveries for my business, so I am in and out of my vehicle all day long. These gloves would keep my hands warm and dry while allowing me the ability to use my new Torch with relative ease. Thanks for the contest and for keeping us informed on great products like these!

since I dont drive walking is my main mode of transportation. Walking in these Chicago winters tends to get a bit bothersome. My music is what fuels me to move, Juat hate the fact I need to take off my gloves to change music or do anything else. I'de love to get my paws into a pair of these! Happy Holidays everyone!

My hands are constantly cold, these would be perfect. Please pick me. Have I mentioned how nice you look today? Have you been working out? You've lost weight, haven't you? (Is any of this working [-: )

Crackberry Rocks! I'm Canadian too. And I have Raynaud's. This is a problem with circulation in the fingers that causes them to get painful and pale in the cold! These would be a big help to our winters. Not able to use my bb or playbook outdoors without them.

I need a pair of these to give to my girl... She's always complaining it's too cold outside to use her phone and answer my texts. lol.

theese would be sweet up here in Canada, so I can use my torch while walking my polar bear when i'm not in my igloo...

OMG I totally was looking for something like this!!!! I would love a pair! I would love it as I drive with gloves and my Playbook is my audio in the car. If I need to change tracks real quick, I gotta take off a glove, change tracks, and put my glove back on. Its a PAIN!!!

Btw, LOVE the Tron Look!

Things are tight this Christmas, this would make a perfect gift for my girlfriend while she is looking for a job. She takes transit everywhere and Vancouver and winters can get pretty cold in Canada. This would make her so happy. Thank you Crackberry