Keep warm and functional with smarTouch gloves by Isotoner

smarTouch gloves by Isotoner
By Michelle Haag on 15 Dec 2011 09:04 am EST

Contest: Enter to win a pair of smarTouch gloves courtesy of Isotoner! Read on for details.

It's winter in our neck of the woods. Well, not mine, specifically because I live in Arizona. But for much of the world, it's cold and snowy and wet and that means that everyone is bundled up to stay warm. The only problem is… how do you use your BlackBerry or PlayBook if you have gloves on? If you have a BlackBerry with a keyboard you may be able to navigate ok, but if you have a touchscreen, you're pretty much out of luck if you're wearing gloves.

Isotoner has a solution. They have a line of gloves called smarTouch that are designed to work with your smartphone or tablet. They are water repellent, with a non-slip palm and fingers, made with Lycra fiber so the gloves fit snugly and stretch just when you need them to. While all of that is neat, the best feature of these gloves is right at the tip of your fingers, or to be specific, your thumb and index fingers. Here you'll find they have embroidered the tips with a special conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen, allowing you to scroll, select, and type without having to remove your gloves and freeze your fingers off. Keep reading to see our impressions of the smarTouch gloves, and more details about how to get your hands on some.

smarTouch gloves by Isotoner

Bla1ze and I both took a pair of these gloves for a spin, and found them to work well on a variety of touchscreens, from tablets to phones to ATMs! They fit well and were really comfortable to wear. I really loved how mine looked (in Tron-like teal and black) and Bla1ze -- being in Canada where it's cold -- loved that they kept his hands nice and warm and fit really nicely. We agreed that it may prove difficult to type out lengthy emails on a small screen, but for shorter messages, browsing, reading Twitter or Facebook, checking in to Foursquare, and things such as that, the smarTouch gloves were great. And of course on larger screens such as the PlayBook they work awesome.

Isotoner has the smarTouch gloves available for men and women in a variety of colors and styles including leather, knit, and fleece, lined/unlined, and more. You can check out all the styles, order gloves for yourself or that tech addict in your life, and find stores near you that sell them. I'm sure we all know some smartphone or tablet lovers out there that would be super happy to find these in their stocking on Christmas morning!

Contest: We have 2 pairs of smarTouch gloves to give away this week, courtesy of Isotoner! To enter, leave a comment below letting us know why you need these in your life or a particular time these gloves would have come in  'handy'. We'll choose 2 lucky winners Sunday night at midnight PST, so get your entries in! (The winners will each get to pick which style and color they prefer.)

More information on the smarTouch gloves from Isotoner

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Keep warm and functional with smarTouch gloves by Isotoner



Santa got me a pair already, BUT if I win, I will give it to HER! ;)


EDIT:  And I'm so glad I prevented anyone from saying you know WHAT!

I'm also from Canada, and I know that it can get quite cold and ugly outside, so having something like this would be very beneficial :). I have a Blackberry 9900 and a Playbook, so this would definitely come in handy. Thank you for providing us with the contest. Cheers!

i really really need this because i'm a tropical girl living in scotland and i'm freezing ma ass off!! i am literally huddled beneath fleece blankets trying to text or use my ipad. temperatures are dipping below 0 and we've been having some crazy storms, it's quite a sad situation. so please pick me!!

These gloves would be just amazing for me because I walk home from school EVERYDAY and have NO crackberry time because either my gloves won't work with my touch screen, or my hands freeze when trying to make an effort to type on my torch. These gloves would be just right so I can keep connected at all times and serve my crackberry needs!

Well since I take public transit every day to get to work, my blackberry bold 9900 and playbook are always with me, and on days when its super cold outside, i don't want to expose my hands to the cold climate of Toronto in the middle of winter trying to type a msg or whatever i need to do on the playbook or phone

I am a ski instructor here in Colorado and love using my BB Bold on the chairlift. Having to take my current gloves off to use my BB is freeeezing. Would be awesome to never have to take my gloves off outside to use my 9930! Thanks!

These gloves would make my mobile life so much easier to manage in the cold. Come on, you mean I can stay warm AND use my phone??? SOLD.

The Canada excuse has already been used but it is cold up here for half the year and would be nice to be able to use my phone while out and about without having to take my gloves off!

Pick me!

The Reason I think i need them is i wourk in construction road work and i use my play book on site to keep track of diff. grades and such in sheets to go and the to look up the odd phone number and such, and as u know up in canada in the winter being on lake ontario can get pretty cold with the wind chill. thos gloves would be great to abable to alow me to use my playbook and keep warm at the same time..... maybe even slip on of thos heating pouches in with them..



I definetly need them!! I live in Winnipeg Manitoba aka Winterpeg!! And the cold here is one of the worst!! On top of that I use pattern lock to unlock my phone on my bb torch and I always have to take off my gloves to unlock it. This will definetly work well with my PB as well!!! Thanks!

You liar! It's so warm that it's pert' near to breaking records! (For another couple of hours, anyway.)

Being that its cold where I live, it would be awesome to be able to use my Playbook and my 9930 touch screen without freezing my hands, as an EMT it would help to be able to fill out the reports on the go with our touchscreen tablet that we use!

I really need these because I lost my gloves from last year and I travel with my playbook on public transportation and they will keep my hands warm while using my Playbook outdoors. Thanks!

I need these because, like Bla1ze, I also live in Canada where it's cold. Plus I'm a girl, so I'm always cold anyway.

I would love to have a pair because my hands are always cold. It's very hard to use your Blackberry when your fingers are freezing.

i think i should be choose. the cold here in canada is no jokes. i have a torch 9800 and a 32gb playbook. i am an student who use public transportation and i always have both on me.

It is cold, rainy and snowy up in Toronto now. I'm usually outside during the day.Having the ability to text and use my berry without my hands freezing would be wonderful. CB has the best contests. I wouldn't usually say something like this, but I feel for the construction worker who posted. So if I win or if I don't (stil hope I do!), it'd be great if he did.

I'd love to get a pair cause earlier this year I went to Toronto in March, and it was still pretty damn cold, and now I find out I have to move there very soon. And I know these gloves will help A LOT for using my 9900, Playbook, iPod and iPad :D

It gets really cold and snowy here in northern Illinois, and since I take my PlayBook practically everywhere, these would be awesome to have! Hope I win!

I need these in my life right now because winter is coming and the winters here in northeast USA can be brutal at times!

I am in the market for a new pair of gloves... I think these would be prefect for use with my Playbook and Torch.

I just moved to Thorold, ON from Sydney, AUSTRALIA and it's bloody hard to use my 9900 and Playbook combo when I can't use the screens because of my gloves... :(

Wow, I could have used these gloves last winter….
Standing outside waiting for the commuter train to go to work in the city, no shelter and snow blowing so hard that you couldn’t see beyond a couple of people beside you. Train is delayed, no announcement, no information, just a bunch of freezing people. Now I dress for the weather so I can wait outside for a little bit, but the only information is coming via email updates so I:

1) fumble with the gloves and carefully take out my BB
2) drop one of the gloves and eventually get to see that the train will be delayed for 20 minutes
3) put away the BB, pick up cold snow covered glove and wait for the train

Around 10 minutes till BB goes off again. Repeat steps 1 and 3 (no drop this time) and see that train will be arriving 5 minutes ago. After two more messages the train showed up about 35 minutes late and a bunch of frozen popsicles got on the train to go to work.

It gets cold and gloves don't work. I actually bought a pair of cheap gloves and cut the finger tips off so I could use my device but then your finger tips freeze lol.. This would be so handy at work or out and about.

I subscribe to everyone else`s problem. Cold winter days are a hustle for touchscreen users! And my Playbook is on its way :) so...i would love one of these!

Living in Canada, these gloves would be ideal. Nothing is worse than having to take your gloves off for even 5 seconds in the frigid -40c weather.

I go to work everyday around 6 am, I avoid touching my BB 9900 because my current gloves not only do not fit my fingers leaving extra fabric to help push extra buttons, but render my beautiful touch screen useless...To top it off my Playbook can't be used either :(. Thats a good 20 minutes one way of BB deprivation... No one should feel that way lol

Side note my friend owns an iPhone and I wouldn't tell him the gloves were the reason, I'd say superior manufacturing ;)

These look great, would love to win. I'm always wearing gloves inside and outside because I get cold. Then I have to take them off to use my phone.

Lets see I live in Canada where is gets pretty damn cold in the winter. I have 2 Blackberry devices (plus a Playbook) that I use for personal and work use. I dread being on call in the Winter as no matter where I am, I need to respond within a certain time frame. Having to drop your gloves in -15 C weather to type just out right sucks. I'm sure others that live in these climates can agree with me.

I'd love to see if these can save my fingers from frostbite this year. :)

It's 11:59pm on Dec. 31st 2011. The GF and I weren't able to make holiday plans away from our families. The people start counting down: 10, 9, 8... I pull out my phone while standing in the dead of a snow storm to realise that my 9900 and the hard keys are frozen! I think to myself that I might be able to dial her using the touchscreen... I try the touch screen, but it doesn't work with these thick, but warm, gloves. I take off my gloves and give her a ring. During the conversation my hands start to freeze and I think how nice it would be to have the Isotoner SmarTouch gloves.

It's 11:59pm on Dec. 31st 2012. Same story, but with my BlackBerry Playbook because now it has native BBM, email, and all the bells and whistles... but I still don't have my Isotoner SmarTouch gloves :(

Moral of the story? I should have entered that contest on Crackberry! At least then I'd have a shot at the gloves.

Edit: This is me racing back into time and entering the contest!

This serves more of a want than a need, but it would be nice to have. I live in Georgia so it can get pretty cold in the winter. I run a lawn mower equipment parts/service shop so I always have my 9900 & PB with me. These would be nice to have just cause I run services and inventory through the PB pretty often.

As I love in Vancouver I can't use the "it gets really cold here in Canada" card as it never gets THAT cold here but it does get cold enough for gloves (coming from Ottawa originally I would only wear mitts due to way colder temps). These would certainly come in handy ;-)

My wife and I would love these, but you know what I'll buy her a pair when I win these. Thanks CB and Isotoner! WAHOO!!!!!

I would like in! I use my playbook outside for work, and with it getting cold it would be nice to use gloves instead of taking them off each time.

I would love a pair. Came to the States from the Caribbean to live, and it's really cold for me, and sometimes cracks and bleeds. The gloves I have don't allow me to use my 9930 or my itouch and other touch screen devices. This would be great, better than making my own with a cheap glove and conductive thread!

Oh, that would be a perfect gift for my mom with her Touchscreen. It's over 30 (or even 40) degress C in our country, so it's too uncomfortable to take the glovess off all the time. X_x

Wow, what a great idea Isotoner!

I can't count how many times my fingers have become frozen and lethargic after spending only a minute with my bb out in the wintry outdoors! I was pondering on how I was going to use my BB Playbook with my frozen digits! Just imagine this.... I'm standing outside on a construction site freezing my butt off... my bb with bridge enabled sitting in my pocket... whipping out the playbook from my inside jacket pocket and turning on the bridge to access Word to go and away I go with my Isotoner gloves still on! Friggin' awesome!

Thank you very much CB! And oh yeah, Isotoner too!

I need them because winter is around the corner and i want to be able to text and use my blackberry anywhere. Thanks Crackberry! Keep up the good work.

At the risk of sounding greedy, "gimme gimme gimme!!"

I live in Minneapolis, MN, where it is routinely cold and snowy for huge slabs of the year: in fact, the only two months that have never been recorded as having snowfall are July and August. Ten months of wearing gloves (OK, not very often, but it could happen) means I want some really rockin' gloves that will still let me use my BlackBerry while I'm waiting for the bus or shoveling yet another snowfall off my sidewalk.

I think that these would enhance my winter experience - being diabetic I always have issues with my fingertips.

I would just offer a caution to folks - cold tablet into a warm humid environment may trigger your moisture problems, and just like LCD televisions, the screens are not suitable even if on, for long term extreme cold (Liquid Crystal Display). As well, the impact resistance of the screen will also go down.d

Nevertheless, for quick usage, these look awesome!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I need one as I use my Playbook while shopping to check off items in Conqu. Also for reading articles when at the Train/Bus station here in Toronto. We are forced to wait outside.

It is cold here in Toronto, with windchills reaching -40 (the wind makes it worse then just having a temperature of -32).

So I'd love to win these gloves. It would mean no more read fingers that look to be on the verge of frost bite while I try to scroll up on a Crackberry article!

I have Raynaud's disease so I have to wear gloves in the winter. Want these to surf my Playbook! Thanks!

These are especially important in Canada... how else can we use our phones/tablets while waiting for the bus? Those flp mittins/gloves just lead to frozen finger tips :p

I do geocaching and use my Playbook to browse the internet to get info that I may not have downloaded. or to view downloaded queries. I cache year around so I certainly cache in weather where I would probably wear the gloves inside mitts and only bring them out when I need to do some extra looking.

Living in Green Bay, WI, these gloves would come in "handy" on those frosty winter mornings, checking my paired PB/9650 for email before getting to work.

Just yesterday, I was playing Roboto while going back home and my hands froze, this will enable gsmeplay as well as bridge connectivity in our harsh but lovely Canadian winter. Gotta love being RIMs marketing team for Montreal...

My job requires me to regularly work outdoors. This is including during the winter time. I take site notes on my 9900 and PB. I suffer from severe dry skin despite all the lotions and moisturizers I use. When using my devices outdoors during winter my hands aside from being frozen begin to dry further, crack and sometimes bleed. As my workplace doesn't consider this type of gear to be "health and safety" related I can't expense it or afford to pay the retail price! These gloves would definitely help save the day for me!

This has truly made my day. Hopefully I get them in the new year as I am schedule to go on a work site in the first week of Jan!

I'm happy to see so many Canadians on the board, but I really need these bad boys.

I commute regularly because I don't yet have a car, so between the bus, GO train and Via to get to school at the university of Ottawa from Mississauga, I'm definitely going to be exposed to the elements this winter.

My fingers and my ears suffer the most, so how about you help me to keep warm yet FUNCTIONAL this winter and I won't beg for a matching set of ear muffs? Lol

Thanks guys!

I'd love to win a pair of those. I always use my phone outside even during winter and since I live in northern ontario in canada we get cold winter and we get a lot of snow. So that would be perfect for me :).

I'll be leaving to NY from FL on Christmas day! It will be super cold and having my hands out constantly typing on my BB & PB won't be something I want to do in this kinda of weather with no gloves! Navigating a touch screen with regular gloves on is a hassle. I would love to win a pair to ease my use! :)

Reminds me of the gloves Tom Cruise used in Minority Report, but great for anyone who lives in the Northern US and anywhere but the Western BC in Canada

What a great idea, my hands always get the short end of the stick with my 9900 and Playbook needing my attention. Pick me and save me from having to buy my wife and I both 2 pairs. PICK ME!!

Everyone needs a pair of these gloves. Sure would love to win a free pair. If I don't win, maybe Santa will leave a pair in my stocking.

Hi CB !!

I deserve those gloves because I travel from 8 AM to university that is 1 hour away by bus and walking, and here in Montreal it is very snowy and cold !! We all know that about Montreal. And when I get back home at around 6-7 PM, it's usually the coldest because the sun is gone :(... That would come in handy for my Playbook and my Bold 9900 !!

Thanks for the contest CB !!


Greetz elvin
in need this because i do not want to cut some holes in gloves so i can bbm with my friends it would be a wasre to do that

I'd love a pair for my girlfriend. She is constantly cold and freezes if she even takes her gloves off for a second to reply back to a text.

Canada is COLD. I commute a lot. Although the optical pad allows me to keep my gloves on most of the time, there are times when I wish I could interact directly on the screen on my Torch... like zooming in on Google maps.

I would use them at work, where I shovel snow. It would be great for sneaking peaks at the 3 sites I visit most, one of which is crackberry, favorited to my home screen. I'll take grey, pink or black.

BriniaSona, the General

I was just think if there was a product like this out there. Here in the Netherlands its freezing, tried to use my playbook on the run and my hands almost froze.

There is one main reason I need these gloves. I spend a lot of time with my kids at the park even in the wintertime. It is very cold in PA and it would be nice tk be able to use my BB without freezing out my hands anymore. Please consider sending me a pair. Thanks.

My children need these gloves, or else they will lose their hands to frostbite over the coming winter. Please pick me !

I need the gloves...I live in Boston MA and it gets very cold in the winter, the gloves would come in handy when using my 9650 bold and playbook.

I could really use a pair so I can use my PlayBook while I'm taking a break outside at work and not freeze my fingers off. Also would give me another place to play my games, I mean do my work at from my PlayBook.

I'm a Field Service Engineer and even though this is the best time of the year to be in Utah for Christmas and snow, the fingers are turning blue because I don't have the smarTouch gloves. Please help out a working guy in need!

These look really nice, I didn't know they existed. We have a lot of holiday plans, zoo trip, drive/walk to look at the lights, trips to visit all family. These would be a big help in keeping warm...and connected.

I'm live in Pennsylvania and while it may not be Canada its still COLD. My playbook and I would love to check this out.

Living in Alaska, I have to wear gloves for half the year! I'd love to be able to BBM when walking to the gym or check to see where my bus is when I'm standing at the bus stop!

These look awesome!! I need these, I live in New Jersey and have to travel to Brooklyn to work with my gym bag in hand, sometimes I get BBM's and have to take my gloves off just to respond "ok" or (y). Please pick me, thanks CB!! :)

These would have been nice to have while I was, dialing my wife to pick me up. A few years back I was jetting home, from work, and blew a tire out on the freeway with not spare, on Christmas Eve. I sat in the cold, with my phone, while my wife had to leave the family Christmas Party and drive 30 miles to pick me up. Burr, Isotoners would have kept me a little more comfortable.

I would use these for updating twitter and facebook and seeing updates from CB from twitter! It would work great on my torch and my potential 9900!!! And not to mention next years Blackberry 10 phones!!! I need these awesome gloves!!! :D :D
Im from the UK and its very cold here btw!!

I hate cold, Jacques. I hate it!

No, seriously, I absolutely cannot stand being cold. So ordinarily I will forego interacting with my PlayBook if it means exposing my tender extremities to frigid air. These gloves sound like exactly what the doctor ordered to ward off frostbite and allow me to feed my addiction to the digital world at the same time!

I would love some of these, especially now that I got the enormuosly 4.52 inched Galaxy S II to go along with my 9930 and my PlayBook and I live in Wisconsin where we pretty much have winter eight months out of the year.

They would have definitely come in very handy during black friday while waiting in line.


I've already worn out the touch threads on one pair of these this winter, so I could really use a replacement! They are nice gloves and they work excellent, but don't wear them raking leaves or doing any sort of manual labor - the "magic thread" isn't exactly durable enough for rugged use.

My wife has a touchscreen phone, and she's always cold when we go out. These would be awesome for her, and since they're awesome for her, that's awesome for me :p Happy wife, happy life :)

I have a bb 9930 and a pb and when it is cold and I have on my leather gloves i always have to keep taking them off and putting them back on to use touch screen.

I need this in my life because I work outside...........and it will be good so that I can play Word Mole to pass the time........this would make my life a tad bit easier!!! ;-D

I drive 65 miles home from work on snowy mountain roads in a frontier area. My Berries are a big part of my safety gear. Being able to stay warm after a slide-off is critical. Oh would it ever warm my Berry-lovin' heart to get some of these .... I'd feel smart AND in touch! Thanks CrackBerry Santa!

I'm from socal and I just moved up north for school Boy is it cold! I could really use a few pairs of these for school and walking around outside haha

It is every single day that I wish I had something like this. I never knew such a thing existed, but always wished so as I walk outside, having to use gloves from the cold and unable to use my torch or ipod without sacrificing a hand to the freezing world. I need one, please!

I work as a food inspection officer in a mushroom packing warehouse and it is very cold there. I do some recordings and enter data and take pictures with my playbook if something is wrong. To use it I always have to remove my gloves and it feels really cold. Before this post I did not knew about these gloves, If I dont get this I will buy it myself, and I think this would be really helpful for people working in the same environment and would recommend to all of them. Thanks for making such a thing.

Would love a pair to use with my new PlayBook! Nashville doesn't seem to know whether it's in the South or not... :P

I have mckenzie ones and they're really cool, soft and warm. You have to get used to them cause the woven material for your finger tips is accurate but you need to put it in place with your thumb.

How would I luv to put a pair of these in my wife's stocking! We live in Kansas and she's from Texas bad combination.

I live in Northern Virginia and I very much unlike cold ears or cold hands in the winter. Plus we just enrolled our daughter into Ice Skating lessons and I've been elected to "practice" with her. I'd love a pair of the gloves! Please!

This would be great to use with my BlackBerry PlayBook while ice wine tasting in Niagara this January!!!!!!

Thanks CrackBerry!

As a photographer in the great white north with a Torch, it gets annoying to pull the gloves off when replying to messages. Especially when on top of a mountain and its snowing, or back on home turf. It'll also be good when snowboarding too.

I sure could use a pair of these, the winters aren't nice here in Calgary. Good luck to everyone, and merry xmas, err Happy Holidays.

I have a Playbook, 9900, live in Canada and have to walk a lot to get places. I certainly wouldn't mind getting these! Also, I haven't won a Crackberry contest in around 3 months, so could the Crackberry santa let me win either this or the BB10 phone? :)

I'm a snowboarder. I can't even count how many times these would have come in handy when trying to get in touch with the group I was out boarding with.

Canadian Winter! Freezing! Definitely need something to keep my hands warm when out with my daughter and yet still let me check my phone (Torch) or PlayBook. Would love a pair of these!!!

You had to know these were coming. I'll give them a shot but not for use while driving, because that's "dangerous" ya know!

i would use this gloves as part of my life in using them to finally go ice skating with my phone and not being so cold when i fall and stop my landing. (:

I, Like many here, live in canada where we have cold and wet winters. I could have used a pair of these last winter when I was answering an email while outside and because my hands were so bloody cold and numb I actually dropped my bb in the snow. After about 5 minutes I was able to find it and head inside to let my lovely hang out in a bag of rice for a while (just to be safe). In the end everything was ok, but I learned a very important lesson that day!

As it happens, I have just moved, and cannot, for the life of me, find my gloves and favorite hat, so I just happen to be in the market for some new gloves. ;)

This is a neat idea i really like it!! I tried using gloves with my laptop as i sat outside near a wifi hotspot,,and when i tried to tap the mouse on my laptop it wouldn't work,,,maybe these gloves would come in Handy!!

wow.... how creative idea !! These would be amazing. My fingers freeze in Michigan winters! thanks CB for the contest!

I hate having to take off my gloves to type out messages. I generally wait till I get to a warm place before I take off my gloves and read the messages. Often times I find myself having back track to the previous place I was just at, had I owned gloves that did not require the removal from my hands this would not have happened

I need this because I live in the midwest. It's always snowing and cold during the winter so this would come in very handy for my phone.

Hey! My dad just accepted a job offer so now the whole family is moving to Winterpeg (Winnipeg)! Definitely would be nice to have some smarTouch gloves to operate my Bold 9900 in the freezing cold up there :)

I walk back & forth between buildings and use my BB to keep current on email, between mtngs, and it would be great to have warm hands too.

i would love a pair of these , i usually try to text and end up losing one glove somewhere and these would be perfect, so i don't have to be taking them off all the time to text, so please it's my birthday today, and would love warm hands as the winters are getting cold in las vegas, so hopefully lady luck is on my side today of all days..

School in Canada means transit, and transit in the winter is impossible without 1) gloves and 2) Blackberry while waiting in the cold. In other words, my failure to win these gloves may produce a lifeless, though nicely chilled, body out in the Canadian urban wilderness.

Winning a pair would be soo good as I'm outside most of the time and it gets pretty cold up here in the Northeast part of the US. That would be great as I can use my BB more during the winter time when being out doors.

I take public transit a lot and it gets cold here in Toronto during the winter. These would make life so much easier when walking to and from the bus stop or waiting for the bus with my 9900. Especially given my Twitter addiction! ;)

it as simply as this; my current roots gloves that i have, i have to take them off when using my Torch and its really a pain in the you know what.

I can't believe they actually make these! I just told my husband that someone needs to! I could use these all the time! It gets really cold here in Central IL and I am in and out a lot! Hard to check my Torch with my regular gloves on! PLEASE PICK ME!!

i would love to have these. I could use them while doing the walk and type thing going from Penn Station NY to my job. Takes forEVER to type, put hands in pocket, type again. LOL

Where I Iive, it's very cold at the moment and now it takes me 5 minutes to write something that took me 10 seconds to write because my hands are frozen. So, I need these gloves

i love poking fun at the wife for having to take her gloves off to use her iphone while i navigate the blackberry with ease with gloves on. these gloves would be a great gift for her.

i'd love to get a free pair of smart touch gloves because where i live sometimes in june it gets to -15 celsius so it would be great if i could get a pair of these amazing gloves to use my playbook!! =)

Didnt know this existed! i'd LOVE to win a pair. it will be AWESOME! thank you CrackBerry for this amazing contest!

These would be very helpful as during the winter months it is frustrating to type in info with shaking hands or not wanting to type because it's cold! I would love to be able to work no matter the conditions and keep my hands warm!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry & Isotoner!!!