Keep using those BlackBerrys proudly says Brian Williams

By Michelle Haag on 19 Oct 2012 10:54 pm EDT

"There are two types of people: BlackBerry users, and all the others." -Brian Williams

Chances are you've heard about a little publication called the New York Times and one columnist's article earlier this week that regarding BlackBerry users and how most of us are ashamed of our devices and that we're the Black Sheep of the mobile world.

In the video above you'll see a clip from Brian Williams on Rock Center last night. Mr. Williams is the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, the evening news program of the NBC television network here in the United States. He makes a statement I think many of our readers would agree with: "There are two types of people: BlackBerry users, and all the others."

He goes on to speak a bit about keyboards and touchscreens, but I'm not going to spoil the ending for you. You'll have to watch and see what happens. Be sure to jump over to the forums at the link below and or leave a comment here letting us know what you think! Thanks mchahine91!

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Keep using those BlackBerrys proudly says Brian Williams


Me too i agree with you and the video too....longe life to blackberry a name the sounds so good ....a blacksheep like to eat Apples be carefull Apple...hihihihi

Cold dead hands! Yes I use it proudly. Yes it is an older model, but I am waiting for the next wave of BB phones and will use it proudly too. Can't wait to show off the peek to the iPhone users I know.

Swiping to the right to see what messages have come in,is not much different than swiping a notification pane to see what messages have come in.

swipping to the right, peeping what's new on your unite inbox, then go them, is the new one. It is totally different than swipping for notification pane. This is not an application which you shall install with. This is embedded to core, to the OS itself. CMIIW

You can go to them from the notification pane as well, it's also part of the os. Have you even used Android or iOS?

the notification bar on android doesnt work when certain apps are open such as angry birds or whatever. the whole idea of the blackberry hub is that it is you can access it no matter what you are are doing on your phone. so yeah it is different.

haters gotta hate i guess

This sort of endorsement is not going to help RIM in their transition to touchscreens. Like most people, he associates BB with physical keyboards. Isn't this a stereotype RIM is trying to change? Not reinforce!

+1. RIM needs to be associated with the best KEYBOARDS. not just the best physical keyboards. But, I guess that association cannot really happen until London comes out and people start using it.

To be fair, the logic in RIM's format dichotomy is to give those "full touch screen only" users out there a credible BB alternative. To give droid & iOS devotees a BB-"in."

But, this galvanizes and reinforces my prior points about the critical need for a BB10 SLIDER similar "in-style" to the Torch 9800/9810.

I absolutely L O V E my Torch 9800 (there's also an even better 9810 in our house) BECAUSE it combines the Real Keyboard with a FULL-size Touch-screen.

THAT is the PERFECT combination and the ONLY one I am waiting for in BB10. I want FULL-size TOUCH screen WITH a slide-out Real Physical Keyboard. Period.

Both BB10 versions previewed so far represent a compromise that "I" am not willing to consider.

You add a slide-out keyboard to that Full-size Touch-screen BB10 device and I'll take TWO, sight-unseen!

I also thought a Slider was the way to go. It makes it easier for Dev's as well. Rim must have their reasons.

My guess is that sliders are more expensive to make and are too heavy. I like both the 9810 and my HP Pre 3, but with a 4 inch screen they would be too unwieldy.

I've decided to go for the L type, based on PB experience.

Press the BB button and "paste". What it does it cut what you had written.

Edit: after looking at it again I don't think you can paste what it cut in BBM, but you can in the browser.

Amen, Brian! Proud to be a #BlackSheep! The only way my 9900 will be pried from my hands is when I exchange it for a #BB10 device!!

Thatz really Gud one Buddy... Good sense of humor... Thatz why we are BlackSheep....
We are Proud of Whatever "WE" r..!! :)

A happy BlackBerry user since my Curve 8510.....I quote Charleton Heston on a regular basis... Thanks Brian Williams.. great story.

NOW That would be cool if RIM made a special Edition called "The Black Sheep" take that !

Black Sheep is a great connotation for something special !... 1983 Black Sheep Civic and the Black Sheep Squadron from the war !

Could be a start of a marketing campaign, I would trade in my Alpha Device for a Special Edition Black Sheep BB10 in a minute.

Atta go Mr. Heston.


RIM should definitely capitalize on this. But they don't need to wait for BB 10 they can use it to remind people that BB OS 7.1 is pretty darn good in it's own right and 18 months later and nothing even comes close to the Bold 9900 in the physical keyboard department. RIM should get up a facebook and twitter page asking BlackBerry users to tell their stories about how they are proud to be unique and how they really love the BlackBerry experience.

proud member of the bb family myself... as i always say, this is only an issue in america, in latin america they are so many bb users, more than the rest of the other phones users put together... it is often found america press thinking that the way things are in america means the same in the rest of the world... but no, it does not!

Well I am black so.... Being that I have been using a BLACKBERRY for only 6 months I had always wanted one. I'm one of the young American that BlackBerry appeals to. So I proud show off my berry! And when BB10 is released Q1 2013 it is going take the others by storm.

-live it up BB style-

I got my first BlackBerry this past February. I switched to it from an Android and I am so glad I did! I don't care what anybody says about BB... I am in my mid twenties and I still think BlackBerrys are sick! RIM has a new loyal customer in me and I am damn proud of my BlackBerry... BOOM!!

Why would anyone care what Brian Williams thinks? Does he think? His job is to feign credibility while reading Democratic party talking points.

Remember that dude in the Molson Canadian ad that did the "we are Canadian" rant. That generated so much national Canadian pride amongst people across the nation, and aren't typivally flag wavers. They should do a version for Blackberry users.

lol, funny for them to photoshop that huge Blackberry, just hilarious. :D

On the other hand, did anyone find that clip a bit discontinuous, it starts off talking about students writing cursive to prove who they are, then to typing on phones, then to typing on Blackberrys. Not sure what the point of the news clip was......

So I guesssss instead of iSheep we are now the BlackSheep? I like it, mikey likes it. And its true, I'll never give up my blackberry for anything.

Ps. Otherday met a girl with an iphone, she asked for my phone to put in her info and she says, "wow! It has buttons! I like that." Then she asked if it was touch screen and after I said yes, she says, "oohhhh wow! This thing is cool, its so nice to use!" I'm surprised her head didn't explode...

Many thanks to Brian Williams my newest BFF (although I never heard from him before, he's not that famous in Holland).

I have a friend (they own an iPhone) who watched me sending a text message to someone and they said that I text really fast. I replied to them saying that it's because I have a fantastic keyboard on my Bold 9900!

Either you use BlackBerry, or you don't. BlackBerry may not have the bells and whistles of Apple and Google devices, but they sure gets whatever job they're assigned to done.

So true. When I need a device I know will get the job done, I am glad to have my BlackBerry Bold 9930 at hand. Give me that real keyboard and I'm with you for good, BlackBerry BlackSheep Nation!

It is funny, this new found "pride" to be black sheep. There is not much pride when you are striving to be more like your competition. Admit it, you would love to have the market share that Apple and Android has, thus no longer making you black sheep. It is a bit hypocritical, isn't it?