Keep Track of Your Running Applications with BeAlert - 50 Copies to be Won!

By ObiGeorge on 14 Apr 2010 11:16 am EDT

BeAlert is a new application by BeSoft, that allows you to visually keep track of your currently running applications. It puts an icon (with counter) in the notification banner of your screen, ensuring you always know just how many apps are running at once. The counter will not include apps that are necessary to run your device, such as the phone application and messaging app. You can also exclude any apps that you find to be necessary for you, from this counter. Overall, BeAlert is a nice little app to keep track of your running apps. It acts as a reminder to shutdown those unnecessary applications to save your precious battery life. It is on sale for $1.50 until April 16th for all devices running OS 4.6 and higher.

Contest: We have 50 copies of BeAlert to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Keep Track of Your Running Applications with BeAlert - 50 Copies to be Won!



I lose application memory because i lose track of what I have installed at times. Makes alot of sense. Hope I get lucky.

I can't believe it took this long in the replies for someone to mention this. Why would you pay for an app that would A) need to be installed and take up memory no matter how small the footprint is and B) do something your device already does with application switcher?

Winning it for free or not, you don't need this app.

The application doesn't just tell you what is puts a notification on the screen when you forget to close something.

This does seem like an April fools joke two weeks too late doesn't it? Right, I'm off to design a 'make calls' app...

what a great app! now if only blackberry just put this as part of all their devices.... I want it free plz!

application to have with the massive battery drain on the Storm 2. Anything to preserve some battery :)

I WANNA WIIIINNN!! this is cool, i hate the fact after i finish a call, all the open apps show up when i press the back button. so i need this!

i would like to have this. i have never won. the same users allways seems to win. is this really random or does this go to veterans of the website only?? some people win four or five contest at one time........conspiracy????

I sometimes forget that I leave apps running. This could serve as a useful reminder. Saves battery that way.

Nice. What would make this app even nicer is if it were a true task manager, i.e., you could use it to batch terminate a bunch of running apps. Still - a start!

OMG yess this is awesome!! i really need this. My battery drains extremely fast because I always forget to close third party apps. Please gift to me :)

i really need one of these. sometimes battery just runs out, maybe this will help me figure it out.

It's always nice to see such cool applications coming out with the sole intention of benefiting the customer.
But this application questions that purpose?
I mean whats the real use for this considering the fact that one could do the same function without having to use this software!
As in, by just pressing the BB Menu button one could find out what applications are open and running at the moment.
So isn't this just a gimmick, without no real use at all, as Blackberry already has that feature built into its phone.
Count me out please!


This app is useful ONLY if it has automatic shutdown of the apps you run, with limits set by the user of course. But we won't see something like that existing in Symbian for at least 4 years...of course.

Conserving power can be a real issue with the Blackberry. BeAlert will let us know at a glance which apps are running and which can be turned off!

I'll give it a try, I always end up with so much running at once it would be good to have an icon showing whats open as a reminder. THX!

This would be nice as I am still using a Storm 1 and only have 128MB memory (shame) that leaks as bad as I do when out at my watering hole. Thanks CB and BeSoft.

this seems like a cool concept and since i check how many apps i'm running once or twice a day, this could save some time.

this would be great for me...i always run low on memory and could check which application is the culprit

This is a great app, since I use twitter client by RiM which is not visible if it run, so I need this app to force turn it off.