Keep on rolling with Chromasphere for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 25 May 2012 02:01 pm EDT

While you maybe working away or enjoying the sun this week, many of you may be looking for a new game to shed away some of that extra time this weekend. One of my more recent finds is Chromasphere for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Chromasphere is a game that utilizes the PlayBook's accelerometer and gyroscope to have you navigate a glowing ball through a labyrinth of hills and turns. By Redmotion Games, the developer of Chromasphere has said that this game is technically in a beta stage and will be receiving frequent updates to the games levels and features.


  • Roll a Chromasphere using tilt controls and full 3d physics engine!
  • Get to the end of each 3d level within the bronze, silver and gold times to win medals!
  • Pit yourself against your last best time with the "ghost" replay mode: an easy way to improve your skills!
  • Complete 18 3d Levels with many more to come!
  • Collect 4 colored shards to activate the Chromasphere colors and open colored doors, activate colored switches and cross colored bridges!
  • Moving and rotating platforms! Plus more obstacles to come!
  • Touch-based Camera Controls: Swipe the screen left and right to move the camera. Pinch the screen in and out to zoom in and out.

Chromasphere has you navigating 13 full 3D levels, moving and rotating platforms and locked passages that will have you playing for hours. While the developer stated that this is still in beta, it feels like a polished game to me. It would be neat to have Scoreloop integration and allow the player to challenged themselves as they race against their previous time. Chromasphere for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available in BlackBerry App World for .99 cents and is certainly worth the download.

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Keep on rolling with Chromasphere for the BlackBerry PlayBook


+1 totally agree! I still have my Nintendo...maybe I should bust it out and crank up Marble Madness! Great looking game for the PlayBook.

Enough with the games already. This only marginalizes the Playbook in the corporate world. How about some useful / practical apps.

Hey, why don't you just wait patiently, or if you have the skills, make an app for the playbook instead of complaining so much? It would benefit all of us.

Just updated to version 1.0.600
1. Mega-shards - save shard colour to buttons
2. Many Levels updated to include new mega-shards
3. Sound FX implemented
4. Replay system - replays saved for every level
5. New Hints system
6. Loading screen tips made simpler
7. New UI graphics
8. 2 New Levels (paid version)
9. Level Sequence Revised
10. Improvements to control
11. Boosters (accelerate the sphere to clear the jumps)