Keep motivated and on track with fitness app HapLife - The Fitness Hub

Keep motivated and on track with fitness app HapLife - The Fitness Hub
By DJ Reyes on 14 Dec 2013 05:18 pm EST

When it comes to fitness I'm on and off. There are some days I'm totally motivated and other days I just want to kick back and chill. However, it is nice to have an app which you can use to track calories burned and see your progress with visuals to help keep you motivated. I also like to see fitness apps that give you the ability to add your own exercises and workouts to follow. One app I have come across is HapLife - The Fitness Hub.

It is a very featured app with lots of options and sections, with lots of customization. Looks like the fitness app I have been a looking for on BlackBerry 10. You can even add your own motivational audio to your workouts.

HapLife features

  • Build your own virtual garden based on your daily healthy activities. Each feature in the app will help building your garden. This garden grows based on how close you are to your weekly calorie goal.
  • Content is king and HapLife contains 32 Yoga exercise guide with images, step descriptions and benefits. Also, track the calories burnt through yoga activities.
  • High quality audio instructions(Indian neutral accent) for each yoga exercise including repeat mode.
  • Create your own exercises by adding Steps, Images, Audio, Video, Calories burnt and track them.
  • Create unlimited mashup workout plan with your own exercises and default yoga exercise.
  • Calculate calorie burned by you as part of different activities based on your weight and duration and add it to your weekly goal.
  • Tracks duration, calories, speed and distance of all the primary activities in your life.
  • Activity Log tracks all the activities and its detail that you have performed using the app.
  • Track your water intake intuitively and help build your garden.
  • Meditate with 4 soulful and natural meditation music with a beautiful image to focus.
  • Track your push ups without tapping on screen each time you perform. We have a push up counter which uses sensors in the device to track your push ups.
  • We have a counter which basically provides you visual as well as device vibration alerts (instead of uncomfortable sound alerts) for informing your break time from a long sedentary activity in the office environment.
  • Share your garden visual status with your family and close friends to indicate how well you have improved your life.
  • Integrated BMI calculator
  • Track your BMI history
  • Share our Yoga steps with your friends.
  • Track your weekly history of your garden and calories burned.
  • Add your workout plan and exercise directly to calendar from the app.
  • Share your activities with your social stream.
  • In addition to being a BBM connected app, it allows profile status and profile pic change options for HapLife fans.

HapLife is free to download with an in-app purchase available. The free version lets you use all the features but there are limitations. At the moment the price for the full version is $0.99. So, if you do like the app, perhaps snap it up now. I actually want to put this app through it's paces in full and will look to bring you a full review in a few weeks time. So, keep your eyes pealed for that.

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Reader comments

Keep motivated and on track with fitness app HapLife - The Fitness Hub


Hi labyrinth9,
Thank you for the feedback. Haplife provides integration with Heart Rate Monitor also. Please check the HRM options provided in Add Extra Calorie and Pushup Counter. Let me know if you have any issues. :)

- HappBerry Team

Hi jojo,
Thank you!! Haplife will definitely help you to get back into the groove. Let me know if you have suggestions / ideas with Haplife.

-HappBerry Team

Nice app, I would love to use the Jawbone UP though. Waiting for a blackberry app native for that.

Posted via CB10

Hi jiminica,
Thank you!! Jawbone UP is definitely in our bucket list for the upcoming releases. Let me know if you have suggestions / ideas with Haplife.

-HappBerry Team

Re: "Bucket list"

I do not think it means what you think it means.

In American English "bucket list" is a list of things to do before you "kick the bucket" i.e. die. I think most people know what you mean. nut bucket list I skin of morbid-ish. Try "roadmap" or "future release".

I hope you and your app(s) have a long and prosperous life!

Posted via CB10

Hope you find HapLife as a solution :). Try our yoga exercises listed in the workout plan section for the next 20 days and let us know the result. Thank You !!

-HappBerry Team | HapLife Tutorial

Not to mention this is a native BlackBerry App with Blackberry's seal of approval, very nice.

Posted via CB10

Hi DJ,
Thank You for featuring HapLife- The Fitness Hub in CrackBerry. It is definitely an honor and encouragement for BB10 app developers like us. Looking forward to your full featured review soon :) .
-HappBerry Team | HapLife Tutorial

Hi All,
Thank You all for the feedback.
We analyzed the most frequent mobile fitness usecases of an average person and we believe offering a Fitness hub that relates with all his/her daily lifestyle will serve as a better mobile fitness assistant. Also, motivation is a big factor for fitness and HapLife is built around motivation factor. Currently in market, most of the fitness app doesn't allow users to customize the app exercises to adapt to their comfort level and we decided to allow users to customize their workouts in a unique way.
Consumers need a solution for most of their unhealthy lifestyle like sedentary work, less water intake etc. Finally there is no authentic yoga/meditation guide yet in BB10. We decided to account all that (atleast tried to) and introduced HapLife as a complete fitness solution.
-HappBerry Team | HapLife Tutorial

Thank you for this great app,it was something missing from bb world.I can have all my fitness in one place.I have only one suggestion,it will be nice to add sleep tracking,so i can see what times i sleep and wake up and how much sleep i get every day.It would make the app more complete i think.The app is super usefull as it is now ,thank you developer.

Hi 26filip,
Changing wallpaper is one of the feature provided to keep you motivated to achieve your target calorie. This feature can be turned off in the 'Settings' menu. Turning the Bluetooth on is noted and this will be fixed in the next release.

-HappBerry Team | HapLife Tutorial

Not fan of app like this. It takes to much time for me. Won't let you interact with the app unless you fill out the bmi and target goals. I deleted this app it's not for me. It also changes the wallpaper display. To something so awful. Give it a try you might like it. I did not.

Posted via CB10

Yeah,me too ,who wants a daisy on their screen? Unless you are a girl.I think it's a good app and might try something tomorrow.We'll see how DJ makes out and might have to compare results later.

I appreciate that someone is developing fitness apps, though this type is not for me.

I do hope someone will produce a "Big Lifts" or "Multi-year weight training" type app for bb10.

Posted via CB10