Keep the village fires at bay in Sprinkle for the BlackBerry Z10

A great first app to try out on your new BlackBerry Z10!

By Zach Gilbert on 19 Feb 2013 09:32 am EST

What do you get when you combine a small village, blue droplets of water, fire, and a BlackBerry Z10? Well, you get a very addictive video game. Sprinkle is a game that relies on the physics of water, and the users skills to put out fires. Continue reading for the full rundown of how Sprinkle will flood itself into your home and on to your BlackBerry smartphone.

One of my all time favorite style of games on BlackBerry devices are strategy games. Whether it be a tower defence game like Radiant Defence, Plants Vs Zombies, or a hardcore game like Shadow Gun. They all test your ability to come up with strategies to eliminate the enemy, and sprinkle is no different. Sprinkle is a game that has you guessing every move, because one wrong move will cause you to lose a whole village.

The game starts out very simple, you’ve got one fire, tons of water, and an abundance of time. The completion of that level is filled with self satisfaction, but don’t expect each level to be that easy. The third level is where your skills are beginning to be challenged. On the third level of Sprinkle for the BlackBerry Z10, you are introduced to a new part of the game mechanics, which are buttons. At this stage you will need to use your surroundings to open doors that will allow you to extinguish hard to reach fires.

One thing that is worth a note, is that after the third level you are limited in both time and the amount of water you have at your disposal. So, while you’re attempting to create a well thought out strategy your village is burning to the ground. Don’t hesitate, put out those fires!

Get to work putting out the fires in Sprinkle for the BlackBerry Z10. Sprinkle is available in BlackBerry World and can be bought for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Keep the village fires at bay in Sprinkle for the BlackBerry Z10


Call me a troll, hater, tell me to leave and die....whatever.

But for a site that likes to claim that the Z10 is for people who like to "get things done", I find it odd that you have more game reviews than anything else on this site. It is funny, for years other OSs were laughed at here and called toys for their gaming ability. Now, it just seems this crowd is trying to fit into that mould.

For some reason people try to find something negative without giving it much thought. With all the reviews there have been explaining how the Z10 works, you pick out game reviews as a bad thing?

I think you missed my point. It is not the game review. It goes without saying that games are great for platforms. The thought behind my post is that for years BB owners (and I was one of them) were so proud of their physical keyboards, battery life, and "tools not toys". It seems now they have done a complete 180, and everything that was supposedly taboo for a phone to have (touch keyboards, sub par battery life, and games) is acceptable because it has a BB name on it.

Everything about BB has done a 180 down to naming RIM Blackberry. If that road wasn't taken BB would fade into oblivion. Not appealing to the masses moved their stock price down to where it is right now. I'm not sure if you're suggesting RIM should have stayed the course.

It's really not about RIM/BBRY. I think they made all of the right moves. I was more suggesting what was/is important to the community and how everyone suddenly accepts the onscreen keyboard, less battery life, and "distracting" games because it has "Blackberry" on the front of the phone.

I am stopping very short of calling it hypercritical, but everything that everyone suddenly wants on their phone are things that were made fun of prior to the Z10's release.

Gotcha. Unfortunately I was someone who initially dismissed the iPhone as a toy when it first made its appearance. I used to say it was for teenage kids. I was wrong. Business persons of all types use iPhones and other devices. My better half's parents (own several businesses) never used really their cell phones until she got them both a GS2. Now they can't put the phones down since they discovered just how fun they devices can be.

I believe a communication tool that can let you relax and forget about the daily grind is a good thing. Those of us who used to make fun of iPhones didn't think about the repercussions of what the iPhone actually means to consumers.

I believe most people here would agree that they want a phone that is PRIMARILY a communications tool. It's ok if it can ALSO play games, as long as the games do not come at the expense of productivity.

BTW I still preffer to play most games on my 7" PB screen then a small 4.2" phone screen.

YES! Damn you CrackBerry for covering more games and posting tutorials at the same time. How dare you kill the Z10 coverage!!

I have been playing this on my nephews nabi tablet for a while now this is to awesome that the BlackBerry Z10 has it available. Nice post zach!

These guys are the creators of "Granny Smith" Hopefully they bring that game to BB. It's a great game. 6 months ago I wrote them to ask if they were going to support BB10 & they replied that they had no interest in supporting BB. I'm glad to see that they have changed their minds :)
Got my fingures crossed for "Granny Smith"