Keep up to date with football scores with the Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre app for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 17 Aug 2012 07:58 pm EDT

With the football (soccer) Premiership kicking off this weekend in the UK what better way than to keep tabs on the results than with your BlackBerry. Us British folk are football mad (although I can't see the attraction!) and for millions of fans both at home and abroad the football scores are paramount once the season begins. The Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre is the perfect way to keep up to date with how your team is doing. Free to download in BlackBerry App World it will provide you will extensive coverage of every football match in England and Scotland, Europe's top leagues as well as European Cups and international fixtures.

If only certain matches are of interest then fear not - The 'My Scores' feature will allow you to follow specific matches and in addition you can personalise your your home screen to flag up important information. With built in notifications you will be kept up to date will all the important goings on straight to your BlackBerry inbox. Does it get any better than that?

Features of the app:

  • Live scores
  • Live text commentary
  • Live League tables
  • Live Match stats
  • Results
  • Live match photos
  • Player profiles
  • Team line-ups and formations
  • Vidi-printer
  • ‘My Scores'
  • In game notifications
  • Fixtures to Calendar entries

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Reader comments

Keep up to date with football scores with the Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre app for BlackBerry smartphones


I have a 9930 and it's unavailable for my device. I'm just curious as to who it's available for.. I don't understand why certain apps aren't available on certain devices..

Troy~£€€ I want to see new update from facebook con blackberry beta zone not available for Cambodia....hurry up!!!

I have to say that many of us British folk are not only not football mad, we detest the way foreigners (Murdoch and various American, Russian and Middle Eastern billionaires) have taken over a working class game and made it into profit-driven entertainment. When I grew up, pre-Murdoch, where you were born determined your allegiance. Even though I don't care about football, I am a Tottenham supporter by birth, and it as a sad fact that by accident of birth one of my grandchildren is a Tottenham supporter and the other was born in the Arsenal catchment area. Yet probably 99% of the people who claim to "support" Manchester United have never been to Manchester (just as well, they would probably stick out like a sore thumb and get mugged in five minutes). It was very noticeable during the Olympics how the crowds were a very different (and nastier) class of people from the supporters of the other games.

Nothing to do with Blackberry applications, but a plea to James Richardson not to stereotype us, especially as a simple look at the statistics shows that most of us are not, in fact, interested in football. I don't have a clue how Tottenham are doing nowadays...sailing or rowing, however, very different matter.