Keep up to Date with EURO2008! Launcher
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jun 2008 09:13 am EDT

Visit on your berry's browser and you'll find a new link has been added to the mobile portal's What's Hot section... Get EURO2008 live-scores with!

That link will take you to where you can download and install the BlackBerry Web Icon. It will install the nice "G" you see above onto your BlackBerry's homescreen, and with a click take you to the site. I had some serious issues with the mobile site (wasn't getting English nomatter what I clicked), so hopefully that'll get fixed up soon.

On the web, you can get your official EURO2008 football ( in North America) news at Anybody catch the Netherlands vs. Italy game yesterday? What an upset! Today we have Spain vs. Russia and Greece vs. Sweden playing.

[ FYI - the theme on the right is the iVista theme. You can get it here.

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Keep up to Date with EURO2008!


I've never heard my girlfriend soooo mad as yesterday after Italy lost 3 - 0 to Netherlands.

Thank goodness she was out of town on business so I only had to "hear" her displeasure over the phone vs. see it in person!


Man, mine came up in english the first time!!
I guess I have the magic touch. And oh boy, isnt it a shame, 3-0, NL over the impeccable azzuri.. We need a eurocup thread

So France is playing the Netherlands on Friday the 13th, I'm not sure if that is good sign especially for those who gamble on these games (go France) and that could also be a bad sign because if Henry doesn't return against the Oranje it could be bad for me and my 50 bucks. But ya this is great little feature I bookmarked it in my opera mini yesterday and I was checking it as I watched the Switzerland loose in the second half today. oh and I didn't get any language when I did it just a bunch of blocks.