Keep Calm and Carry on with a new BlackBerry theme from MMMOOO

Keep Calm and Carry On
By Alicia Erlich on 6 Jun 2012 10:43 am EDT

MMMOOO is no stranger to the blogs and for good reason. They're known for their high quality, creative themes that just seem to dazzle. This time they're at it again with a brand new theme based upon a popular trend that's making a comeback called Keep Calm. Unlike other themes, this one has it's roots in World War II Britain. While it may have started all those years ago to help people get through tough times, it's message still resonates to this day.

Keep Calm

For those of you unfamiliar with the history, the slogan was part of a poster campaign the British goverment used at the beginning of World War II to raise morale. Rediscovered sixty years later, this simple yet powerful slogan remains reassuring even in modern times. If you would like keep the message going, MMMOOO has designed their own version for you to display right on your BlackBerry device. There are six different variations of the slogan included in this theme which can be accessed by pressing a hotkey. You can download more of these wallpapers at their dedicated Keep Calm site.


  • 6 Embed High Quality Wallpaper and Slogan
  • Clean and looks luxurious
  • OS7 icon sets easy to use
  • Wallpaper friendly on OS7
  • Wallpaper Friendly: Press the "Alt+0" to show your customized wallpaper
  • Shortcut: Press the "Alt + 1" ~ "Alt+6" to switch wallpaper
  • Hidden Dock: Move the focus on profile, the bottom dock will be hidden, so you can enjoy a full clean wallpaper
  • For OS7 theme does not support SVG, so there will be no shortcut and hidden dock on OS7 devices

While not all the faeatures are available on OS7 devices I do like the color scheme and the small banner which shows off my wallpapers. While Keep Calm is simplistic, there's virtually no battery drain. It's available for most devices running OS 4.5 and higher for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Keep Calm and 10+ Wallpapers

Reader comments

Keep Calm and Carry on with a new BlackBerry theme from MMMOOO


this is good developer. i bought unlock pro for 9810 and it is great app. they have good customer service as well. they actually write back to your emails !

couldnt you just use same wallpaper for free if you wanted?

Nothing else is unique or different. keep calm while i carry on..

The pictures are very deceiving. The main picture is just the wallpaper (free from their site) while the small screen shots show the theme ($1.99 from app world).

MMMOOO is a real good developer with a friendly customer support... Surely worth the money but the OS7 iconset seems boring to me (since I use a theme with the current playbook-iconset incl. customizeable folders)...:-) How ever- thanks for offering this theme MMMOOO

I always get a kick out of how crackberry fans are so ready and willing to defend the shortcomings of rim. Os7 has been out almost a year, and still no theme builder.. So we get people making these barebones Jimmy rigged themes that are no more than a 2$ wallpaper, yet ppl still deny anything is wrong and pretend these themes are worth the money.

If everything was fine at rim you wouldnt need to spend 2$ for a wallpaper that reminds u "everythings ok".

If anything was even close to ok, wed have theme builder support and bb7 phones that are actually worth sometihng and useful, not a segway to obsolescence as rim bets everything on bb10 and leaves your DOA less than a year old bb7 phone in the dust.

If rim knew anything about customer satisfaction in the US market theyd have gotten their shit together a long time ago, and i assure you people wouldnt be pretending everythings ok as they pretend to not see the competition pass light years ahead.

I know i know, "but bbm is so great!" yeah so is imessage. Only it works on multiple devices. Bbm is ancient, tied to 1 handset, and is absolutely absurd in how it handles media sharing. Why cant i see the pic i sent? Why does it just tell me the arbitrary filename? Why cant rim do anything right?

The only thing that makes a bb worth having is the keyboard and push email. Bb10 on a touchscreen wont take off because if ppl wanted a bb theyd get it for the keyboard, not because its a touch screen. Touch screen phones are synonomous with applications. This is why ppl like them, not because theycan bbm. Rim has such little app support, that i seriously doubt will increase that much with bb10,and have failed to impress so many unhappy customers (like those still locked in their bb7 contracts well beyond the date of bb10s supposed release) that there is literally no marketshare left for them in the us. Its called too little too late rim. Too little too late.

Shhh.. It'll be okay, just lay your head down and take a nap, everything will be okay tomorrow..

RIM will die cause of its incapability to build suitable phones.... BB 10 will help to keep the denomination of RIM on a nearly acceptable level (for the share holders) before Samsung (or who ever with yellow skins -and I dont mean Homer Simpson:-D ) will accede this dinosaur with the best physical keyboard ever!!!! 2015 (may be 2014) RIM wont excists anymore in the known distinctness

There's been a nice "Keep Calm" theme on AppWorld for ages

Have had this since January and users much prefer the layout. Now offering $100 to reviewers in a monthly lottery! Can't be bad... :-)

OS7 in beta with the new layout