Keep up with all the latest movies with Film for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Film for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Alicia Erlich on 17 Dec 2011 12:54 pm EST
If there's one thing my parents passed down to me growing up it was their love of movies. I can't remember a time when we weren't watching movies or reading reviews about movies. So it was no surprise that when the internet was born, my family of cinephiles now had an outlet to discover everything there was to know before we schlepped all the way to theater. If you fit that description then check out Film for BlackBerry PlayBook by Cappow. It's a nifty little IMDB or Wikipedia alternative previously available for BlackBerry devices. It enables you to view movie information and trailers right on your tablet for those currently playing, ones yet to be released, and those that have come and gone.


  • High Quality trailers, with subtitles in your local language
  • Movie information, plot, cast, director
  • Movie reviews (Rank movies, Write short reviews)
  • Featured movies
  • Movies Now In Cinemas (location-based)
  • Upcoming movies (location-based)
  • Newest movies
  • Movie database, search for movies by title
  • Available in the following languages, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and for Switzerland German and French

Film for BlackBerry PlayBook offers quick overviews, links to YouTube for HD trailers, allows you to add your own reviews, and gives the ability to search for new and upcoming films by genre. Cappow let us know they just updated their app and database to include USA/Canada. For a limited time you can grab this app for just $.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Keep up with all the latest movies with Film for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This isn't a bad app. I just picked it up a few days ago. It's no IMDB, not even close, but it gets the job done. Hopefully IMDB releases and app soon though.

When the heck are we going to have a place to download or rent new releases on the playbook?? That's where we are wayy behind we need an itunes type market place for movies and tv series!

I agree with you on this bud. The closest thing I have come across is Amazon. It's not a native app but it does work great through the web browser.

I have tried using the new UltraViolet movies and while I can log in via the PB and even see what is available on my profile (movies I already own) when it comes to the streaming portion it acts like it is about to start then it I get a Java error.

I wonder if anybody appreciates the irony of a movie information app on a device that can't load movies (easily without handbrake conversions)??

I'm with you. I can view the latest clips online on my playbook or just use the apps I already have on my phone. To all that see the use for this app enjoy and I'm not knocking the app itself but the irony is quite humorous.

It's a little annoying that the smartphone version doesn't work in English or the UK. For those in the UK, I am using 'Flixter' which is linked to IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. It's pretty good and has all the same features as the app reviewed, but the interface could do with an update.

I wouldn't pay for this type of app, it is so basic it doesn't offer anything crucial. Also, what is it with RIM and their apps? First off, they're expensive compared to the competition. Second, some of the lamest most basic ones make you pay for them such as this one. Third, where are the essential apps we need/want i.e. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, OoVoO, Google Talk and that's just so we can use the front facing cam. Blackberry Travel, Bible, World Clock, PageOnce, World Mate, Dictionary and Thesaurus, Groupon, BBM Music, ShareBuilder, WordPress, and for goodness sake can somebody make an app for each of the different book companies, like Amazon so that people can stop complaining about the book readers please and finally an app that saves/copies videos to the PB. I know it sounds like alot but that's because most of the most beloved apps haven't been ported to the PlayBook as well. One of the reasons I loved my Blackberry was that the best utility apps were free or had a free version and were cheap. Now it's neither!