KBLauncher Easily Launches and Switches Applications

By Adam Zeis on 17 Sep 2009 10:44 am EDT

Ever wish that you could access your applications quickly, without having to scroll through icons or folders to get to them? Well with KBLauncher, running an application is as easy as typing in its name. The app works as a "command line" for your BlackBerry - you simply start typing in the name of an application, and a list will show with matching applications. Select the one you want to run (or switch to) and thats it. KBLauncher requires virtually no setup, works across all devices and has very low memory requirements. I've been playing around with it for a while now, and it is helping me out more and more every day. You can grab it on sale for $2.99 in the CrackBerry App Store through Wednesday.

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KBLauncher Easily Launches and Switches Applications


Not for me. I have the "no Calling from home Screen" setup, so i can get to most applications by hitting one letter on my keyboard. I use the right and left side convenience keys for my two most used programs, and then i have all the other programs that i don't have shortcuts to, and that i use often, on the home screen.

This program seems like a bit of a waist to me.... Making things more complicated than they really are, or could be.

Not for me, but maybe some other peeps would like it.

It seems comparisons to QuickLaunch are inevitable. I am the author of KBLauncher. Let me clarify their complementary places in the BB universe. The main thing is that they have completely different metaphors. QL works on a menu metaphor: it's great for keeping a relatively small number of options in a menu. KBLauncher uses a command line metaphor: it excels in letting you select from a large number of commands very quickly. Even on my memory-challenged Curve 8320, KBLauncher found 44 apps/commands for me to launch.

A number of my most enthusiastic users actually have both QL and KBLauncher. Remember that these are both app launchers: they can launch each other. So they can complement each other on your BlackBerry. Use one or the other depending which metaphor -- menu or command line -- suits your current usage. Or whatever you are in the mood for. I encourage you to grab the free trial and take it out for a spin.

If there is someone out there that can get me a desktop software app. for this asinine peace --:) for all of us who are a little lazy*** how can I help***$$$ there has to be some love out there>

This sounds like Quicksilver for the Mac.
If this works anything like Quicksilver, it will be one of the most used, least noticed apps on your BB.

I'm going to give the KBL app a try & cross my fingers.

I already have Quicklaunch, but I could really refine my use of that app if KBL works like Quicksilver for the Mac.