Get some free jigsaw action with Kazzo for BlackBerry 10. It's better than it sounds!

By James Richardson on 6 Aug 2013 05:47 am EDT

Anyone fancy a jigsaw puzzle on their BlackBerry 10 smartphone? The thought may not sound that great but you'll be surprised at how good Kazzo actually is - plus it's free to download, so no excuses for not giving it a try.

Kazzo comes pre-loaded with six images that you can use as a jigsaw. You decide how hard to make things as there is the option to have the jigsaw in either just a few pieces (for beginners) or you can really make things harder by having dozens of pieces that you will need to slot together.

That in itself I think makes for a pretty cool app but Kazzo has a secret weapon up its sleeve - you can use the camera to take a photo and use that image as your jigsaw. How cool is that? Depending on what you snap will certainly add some difficulty options to the game. The devs have done a great job with Kazzo and once you're in a puzzle you have a tab on the left of the display which allows you to view the original image if you get stuck.

With a beautiful, bright and colorful user interface Kazzo really is a great little app to have on your BlackBerry. The app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices although I think I'm pretty safe to say that the experience will be better on the Z10 just down to screen size.

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Joya Blain

I love to do things like puzzle. Really thanks


I'll try it out. Looks cool

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Lolling at the title. It means 'd**k' in Italian.

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David in Durham

Yep, first thing I thought of when I saw the title. I guess it's better than "Kazzone".

Moneeb Qureshi

I have a girlfriend, don't need another puzzle..

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Nathan Bael

These are puzzles you can actually solve.


I thought it would involved John Kramer.

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Pay attention at 2:20 in the video :) Lots of laughs! Keep up the good work James! Loving your vids and reviews..Thanks for all!

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It can't be harder than the wife.

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Damped with faint praise: it's not as bad as it sounds.....

Neat idea. I just hate that there are so few new apps that cb has to scrape up stuff like this to post about.

*sigh* I love my z10. But I'm no longer fearing for BlackBerry, I'm seeing the writing on the wall. This will be my last ever BlackBerry device I am sure. Lack of third party support and half assed implementation of some features will kill it.

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nice puzzle, play a lot of games like this, enjoy it!