Kayak Releases Free Flight, Hotel Search And Booking Application

By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2009 12:20 pm EDT
Kayak Releases Free Flight,Hotel Search And Booking Application!

Kayak.com has released a great application that allows you to search, book and compare pricing on airlines and hotels all from within one application on your BlackBerry. I tested the application out just to see how well it would function and what type of results I would have with it, and I'm pleased to say it works great.

Best part for me was it actually included Canadian listings and recognized all major Canadian airports. The application is very light weight and looks nice considering, now I have nothing against using say--Worldmate, but some features of Worldmate are paid features that also get downloaded when even using the free version so it makes it a heavy application. This is a great alternative with a little bit more functionality added, Kayak supports all BlackBerry devices 81xx series and up.

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Kayak Releases Free Flight, Hotel Search And Booking Application


I'm glad to see an easy-to-use, comprehensive (not to mention FREE) app like this...it'll come in handy for all those last-minute trips or sudden needs for a place to stay while out of town that seem to like to pop up from time to time. Kayak's always been a valuable source when I book at home, so it's good to know they can go with me wherever I am -- it's like having Expedia, Orbitz, and more all rolled into one and stuck in my pocket!

This app looks great - I use the program all the time on my laptop. However, is anyone else having trouble searching for cities? Whether its for an airline or a hotel it just keeps "searching" and never shows me any results.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. Fix that and it looks like an awesome FREE app.

This is a great app, I've been playing with it for a little while. I've been waiting for an app like this. Two things they should do. Make the flight status searchable by route and not just by flight number in case you forget the number. And create an itinerary section to store you're booking info to make it readily accessible on the phone. Other than that, its fast, snappy, and easy to use

I love the idea of this app....but it seems 'buggy'. No landscape view?? My otherwise trouble free Storm lags a lot when I use this app. Anyone else having difficulties?

The program does not work well with the Storm running .148.

I never was able to find a hotel in columbus Oh, it took forever to search and I found it did not support lanscape mode and typing with sure type was not theat great.

I do, but it doesnt work well with .151. No landscape view and difficult to navigate...clearly this was designed for a device with a keyboard - Oh well.

I travel alot, so I thought this app would be great for me. Well, it can't find any airports, just sits there searching constantly. Also, when trying to type in a city for the airport location, it tries to figure out what you are typing, but nothing close to a city name. For instance, I was trying to type Portland, and it kept guessing Portlie, police, political. You would think they would at least search for city names, not the whole dictionary. And it starts guessing after the first letter is typed, so if you type a P it starts guessing and you have to delete and restart. Way too much effort for something so damn easy.

I've been playing around with it for a while. Still has some bugs, but it does the job when you're on the go. Definitely easier than mobile kayak.com.

I haven't seen any other app that searches flights, so I wouldn't start bashing this app just yet.

Works very well and as a frequent business traveler, this is just fantastic. Tip for searching, try airport codes.

The other day I was google'ing and having to call hotels near Atlanta, GA to find out prices and locations...etc... it was a hassle. But this app just made it much easier!

putting the the dates for my flight was impossible! After I managed to do the date, it wouldn't let me enter it. The app was quickly deleted soon afterwards.

If you have a Storm don't bother with this thing crashed it and when it did work would just sit and Stop Watch.

For anyone having problems with the app on the Storm sets, you can disable the "Compatibility Mode" and it should work fine.

To disable compatibility mode:

1. Go to options
2. Advanced options
3. Applications
4. KayakTravelApp
5. Select "Disable Compatibility Mode" from the menu.

Once i disable the compatibility mode, it works just fine on my storm.