Kayak Flight And Hotel Search App For BlackBerry Updated

By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2009 11:02 am EST
Kayak Flight And Hotel Search App For BlackBerry Updated

Back in August we looked at Kayak for BlackBerry. A great application that allows you to search, book and compare pricing on airlines and hotels all from within one application on your BlackBerry. Today, we got word from Ronen that the free application has been updated and is now at version 1.0.14. The update includes a revamped UI, better flight searches and the ability to view trending prices. Kayak remains a free application for all so be sure to check it out.

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Kayak Flight And Hotel Search App For BlackBerry Updated


Some BB Storm installations switch the app to the compatibility mode for older devices.

If the KAYAK application on your phone has a blue border around it, it indicates that compatibility mode is turned on for it. In such a case, please go to Options->Applications->Kayak Flight and Hotel Search and disable the compatibility mode from the settings menu.

This fixes the touch screen issues.

On my 8520 with OS 5.0 my BB would freeze up on reset after installing this app. When I reset I would just get a red blinking light and would have to do a battery pull. Since this was the last app I installed before I had the problem I removed the app. Now the frozen reset problem is fixed. This app is junk as it is doing something weird to the OS and preventing proper resets.

It is very highly unlikely that it is our KAYAK app causing the crash, but the KAYAK engineering team would love to help debug it. Please contact us at our feedback email address.

Its got a flaw -- if you go to Track Flight, and you put in a flight #, it may not show you the flight you're looking for.

Airlines use the same flight # for several legs of a flight, for example -- San Fran to Denver to Chicago to Toronto.

So, the Kayak App doesn't let you see all the legs of the flight, or let you choose which leg you want to see flight status for.

It just shows you one of the legs -- I think it defaults to the first leg.

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